The Inspiration for the next Generation

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Mike Nelson is a leader/activist and great communicator of leadership and what success looks like in everyday life. He is a leader and communicates the gospel of Jesus Christ to the next generation with a "raw cutting edge". College grduate (first-generation) and licensed minister, he is a fresh breath in communicating the gospel to souls. He has Traveld to New York, Maryland, and all throughout the city of Philadelphia inspiring and motivating people to change, and allowing them to see what God sees in them. His sermons pierce straight to the soul and challenge, equipt, motivate and inspire better ways of living, and how God desires for us to have success in everyday life.



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  • Typical Gig: 30 - 60 minutes
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Something you might experience from me? You might hear somethings you never heard before, in essence it will really challenge you to think outside the box. You can be expect for your imagination to be taken on various journey's. Your expereience will be very rewarding and you will leave feeling refreshed, as you allow yourself to hear from God.

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11/27/11 Philadelphia, PA

The Inspiration for the next Generation

I'm Mike Nelson a devout Christian, who has a heart for people of all ages and all walks of life. What do I do you might ask? I inspire and bring hope to the hurting, the lost, specifically a lost generation. My goal is to reach and touch as many people as I can for Jesus Christ through the gospel using my communication skills I have been blessed with. My sermons are unique they are about real life issues that people are facing today rather it be youth or adults. I use real life expereinces and current events in my preaching so that people can see "it's not my problem, but it's our problem". I was born Febrauary 14th 1989, the 3rd out of 4 children first generation College graduate, and licensed minister of the gospel. My job is to make make sure you have the raw truth about the gospel and how it relates to our lives as believers. I am to make sure that you have the necessary tools to succeed not only in your relationship with God, but success in every day life backed up by biblical principles. From my services you can expect to be motivated and inspired, you can feel empowered, and feel like YOU can make it. You can expect to hear the gospel in a refreshing way, you can expect to learn much and in return motivate others. So much more I can say, but I won't I hope to hear from you soon. Remember "You can do what I can't do, and I can do what you can't do, but together we make a great team. Blessings!

Rev Mike.

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Influences & Inspiration

Eric Thomas has been a great influence in my life. He really is the one who has gotten me to believe in myself and believe I can do whatever I set my mind to. He can be seen on youtube known as "the hip hop preacher".

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