Richard Shapiro

Why book Richard Shapiro?

Richard Shapiro is a classical, jazz, and pop pianist.
Performing all types of elegant music. From Chopin to todays popular
music. Richard performs a wide range of repertoire and styles.
He performs as well on the Keytar and Accordion. On the keytar he performs popular favorites such as classical gas, and many Flamenco pieces.
He performs as a solo act in a theatre, or with a band, As an accompanist for singers , acts etc.
Any music that needs to be read can be performed on sight.
He is the Band Leader ,Pianist and Accordionist, with the RS Variety Band.
He has produced his own Piano Latin CD Jazz Album , Piano Swing Classical and Accordion Polka CD, which are available on CDbaby .





Verified Review

Business DINNER

Wonderful opportunity to entretaint our business associates, bossa nova, jazz, Latin and the oldoliest make our night wonderful

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Edgar O.
Organization: PABOT
Event: Private Party in Boca Raton, FL
Event Date: Mar 7, 2014
Hired As: Jazz Pianist
Verified Review

amazing pianist

I am getting nothing but compliments from my wedding guests on how beautifully Richard played. He even took the time to video the song I requested to walk down the aisle to before my wedding! Definitely will use him again for future events!

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Kristina F.
Event: Wedding Ceremony in Coral Gables, FL
Event Date: Feb 23, 2014
Hired As: Pianist

Booking Info

  • Typical Gig: 5 - 720 minutes
  • Fee: Contact for rates
  • Languages: English, Spanish
  • Unions: Independent


A mixture of elegant piano repertoire. All types of music. Repertoire to be performed depends on the theme and mood of
the event.

Additional Booking Notes

If there is not a piano on location then I need an electric outlet to plug in my equipment, If outside a cover needs to be provided in case of rain,
A dry floor is required.

Richard Shapiro

Richard Shapiro Pianist.
Performs all styles of music for all venues.
Richard with the Piano, Keytar and Accordion performs in different theaters throughout the USA.
The show title is....What is the definition of a semi classical pianist and accordionist?
a half to 2 hour show,
consisting of musical comedy, show tunes, classical, semi classical, ragtime,
jazz, popular, Richards Julliard audition piece, boogie chopsticks,
The Hugarian Goolash, The Brooklyn Russian medley,, The chopin mystery,
Music history that they never taught you in school.
Richard is the band leader with the RS Variety Band. He performs on piano, keytar and accordion. The band performs all styles of music. They travel throughout the country and are a crowd favorite where ever they go.
RS Variety Band On Youtube
Richard has added a new instrument to his repertoire. The Keytar. A versatile instrument that all audiences love. Some of his repretoire on the Keytar consists of Classical Gas and flamenco pieces. Which he calls the Flamenco Keytar. Please check in for new videos demonstrating the Keytar.

The team providing the talent:

Jerry Head

Synthesizer performer

Isaac Gutman

Bass player

Marty Fried

Tenor, alto, clarinet, flute

Randy Stevens

Trumpet Drums, vocals,

Eddie Schriebman



Singer, Entertainer, Violinist

Moca Mons


Elie Naim

Classical guitarist,

Dave Brubeck


Mike Gold


Alex Mikolovsky


Paul Shushuk

Bass Player

Eli Kopelman

Sound Tech,

Set List

This is customized to the clients wishes, The client can decide on all or part of the songs to be played or I will choose the repertoire. Otherwise sets are arranged by composer. If playing Gershwin, I will play a medley of Gershwin songs. etc.

Influences & Inspiration

Liberaci, Victor Borga and Joan Castle.

Setup Requirements

Electric, Cover, Dry Floor