Reggie Brown #1 Obama Impressionist

Why book Reggie Brown #1 Obama Impressionist?

You've seen him all over television, now bring him to your next event!

Reggie Brown is the #1 Barack Obama impersonator in the world!

Reggie goes where no presidential impersonator has gone before.
It doesn't matter what side of the aisle your on, his bipartisan comedy transcends politics and this "Comedian in Chief" will have your audience in stitches!

Whether it's his 1/2 hour comedy show or a simple meet and greet, make your next event unforgettable.

His impression has been described as "Spot on" by Bill Maher and Mike Huckabee says Reggie is"A great Obama Impersonator and always a great guy to work with".



Reggie Brown... an incredible talent and even better man

On behalf of Pediatric Oncology at Johns Hopkins, I thank Reggie for the smiles and laughs he created, along with his sincere generosity. Entertainment of his caliber is unique to our division and brightened the day of those who most needed it. We’re looking forward to the next collaboration! Book him!

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Jessica M.
Organization: Johns Hopkins
Event: Corporate Event in Baltimore, MD
Event Date: Oct 8, 2012
Hired As: Barack Obama Impersonator

Booking Info

  • Typical Gig: 5 - 60 minutes
  • Fee: Contact for rates
  • Languages: English, Spanish
  • Unions: SAG


Reggie has performed his comedy show all over the world and on countless stages across the US.

His show not only touches on up to the minute politics and pop culture, but can include customized material perfect for any audience.

Additional Booking Notes

For AV requirements regarding Multimedia presentation please see rider.

Past Booked Events

02/22/13 Grand Junction, CO
02/12/13 Hollywood, CA
02/10/13 Las Vegas, NV
02/02/13 Las Vegas, NV
02/01/13 Washington DC
01/24/13 Hollywood, CA
01/21/13 Washington DC
01/20/13 Washington DC
12/18/12 Chicago, IL
12/10/12 San Diego, CA
12/04/12 Tokyo, Japan
12/01/12 Kenosha, WI
11/22/12 Studio City, CA
11/21/12 Studio City, CA
11/15/12 Hollywood, CA
10/21/12 Anaheim, CA
10/18/12 San Diego, CA
10/17/12 New Orleans, LA
10/09/12 Orange County, CA
10/08/12 Los Angeles, CA
10/06/12 Orlando, FL
10/05/12 Orlando, FL
09/04/12 Los Angeles, CA
08/28/12 Los Angeles, CA
05/19/12 NYC, NY-Huckabee
05/11/12 Pasadena, CA
05/08/12 Washington DC
05/03/12 Bell Gardens, CA
04/24/12 Washington DC
04/21/12 Chicago, IL
04/17/12 Albany, NY
04/15/12 Washington
04/12/12 Los Ageles
04/10/12 Lawrenceville, PA
03/24/12 Cambridge, MA
03/12/12 National Harbor, MD
02/28/12 Gainesville, GA
01/27/12 San Francisco, CA
01/25/12 Las Vegas, NV
01/24/12 Miami, FL
11/22/11 Tanzania, Africa
07/14/11 Chicago, IL
07/13/11 New York, NY
05/26/11 San Diego, CA
05/20/11 Pasadena, CA
04/30/11 New York, NY

The team providing the talent:

Reggie Brown

Barack Obama-Comedian in Chief

Set List

Bipartisan comedy that draws laughs from both sides of the aisle and all spaces in between!

Influences & Inspiration

Steve Bridges as George W. Bush

Setup Requirements

Rider can be found on my website


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