Natalie McFancy

Why book Natalie McFancy?

Natalie McFancy is a professional dancer who hula-hoops with FIRE! She has 5-20 minute shows or ambient freestyle for your indoor or outdoor event. Tools include: Hula hoops: Fire, Glow, Blacklight, or Fire Poi; Fire Baton; Fire Levitation wand; Fire Fans; and more. She has a variety of costumes and acts appropriate for many age groups. She can cater performances to your specific needs.



Hoop dancer at a party

Natalie's performance was awesome! She really got the crowd excited. I've seen some hoop dancers but this girl is the best!

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Ken
Event: Club/Nightclub in New York City, NY
Event Date: Jan 13, 2013
Hired As: Hoop Dancer

Booking Info

  • Typical Gig: 5 - 20 minutes
  • Fee: $175 and up
  • Languages: English


Audiences should expect to be mesmerized by the skills, and smile at her light-hearted charisma and charm. A 5-20 minute choreographed fire dance show or glow show. Natalie also facilitates audience participation and photos taken after the show.

Fire skills include: Hoops, Poi, Batons, Staff, Fans, Long String Wand, Fingers, Orb, Fire eating and fleshing (lighting the skin on fire).

Non-fire skills: Glow Hoops, Multi-hoop Circus Routine, Stilt Walking, Glow Poi, Flags, Levitation Wand.

Audience Participation: Hula-hoop contest or workshop/class.

Natalie does all costuming and make-up to the specifications of your event, including music and choreography.

Additional Booking Notes

For fire: Open areas, mostly flat non-slippery surfaces of grass, concrete or wood. No low hanging branches or chandeliers. Safety person to be hired by Natalie or event coordinator. Best time to begin is at dusk.

For glow: Really no restrictions here. maybe a place to charge if the gig is several hours.

Travel Expenses: If outside Manhattan or Astoria travel expenses to be covered.

Natalie McFancy

Natalie is a classically trained dancer and singer and experienced performer. She began performing at a young age and now holds a degree in dance from the University of Missouri at Kansas City. In 2009 she joined fire troupe Vesuvius Tribe, later known as Rhythmic Flames where-in she quickly became an integral piece of the choreographic and creative puzzle. Her versatility and problem solving skills make her an artist much sought after, not to mention her friendly and charismatic personality!

The team providing the talent:

Natalie McFancy

Performer, Choreographer, Artist, Friend.

Set List

Varies by event and venue.

Influences & Inspiration

Dance, hula hoop, vaudeville, circus.

Setup Requirements

Sound System for music. A small portable one can be provided upon request.


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