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Why Book Hoop Dancers

There are essentially two types of Hoop Dancing: the Native American Hoop Dance and the Hula Hoop Dance. Although these two styles are quite different, each type consists of movements that can astound any crowd! Hoop dancers are great for all kinds of events. Hire a hoop dancer to liven up your wedding reception and encourage your guests to dance the night away. Invite a Native American hoop dancer to your community or school event to show the beauty of cultural traditions. Planning a local festival? Hoop dancers can add the perfect visuals with stunning costumes and LED hoops. No matter what the occasion is, a hoop dance performer will take your event to the next level!

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About Booking Hoop Dancers

Whether you're looking for extraordinary freestyle performances or hoop dances rich in culture and tradition, a hoop dancer can add the energy and movement your event needs.

To begin, decide what kind of hoop dancer you'd like to hire for your event. Are you looking for a performer with hypnotic movements for your electronic dance party? Or does your event need the symbolic rhythm of a tribal show dance? It's good to browse through a performer's website or profile to make sure they can provide the entertainment you're looking for. Look through photos and videos of their past performances. If possible, read their online reviews to see if they have experience in events like yours. When you've found the professional you'd like to hire, make sure to give them as many details about your event as possible. This allows the performer to respond with a quote that's customized just for you. Ask them about specific requirements including performance space, costume changes, or provisions. Once you've discussed the price and event details, confirm the agreement in writing. If you're booking a hoop dancer on GigSalad, the booking process is streamlined and secures you with a Worry-Free Guarantee!