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Naranjita Flamenco Dance

Naranjita Flamenco Dance

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Why book Naranjita Flamenco Dance?

Naranjita Flamenco is a flamenco dance troupe in Southern California. Our dancers perform weekly at local Spanish restaurants in both Orange County & Los Angeles. Each dancer, singer & guitarist has over 10 years experience as professional flamenco artists, including living in Spain and spending time studying with the great flamenco masters of our time.

Our show follows a very traditional set up called a 'cuadro'. Each show includes a guitarist, a singer and at least 2 dancers. It is the perfect combination for creating a great show. For an even bigger show, more dancers, singers and guitarists can be added, but that's up to you!



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Booking Info

  • Typical Gig: 30 - 60 minutes
  • Fee: $1,000


Flamenco is one of the most expressive and exciting art forms to watch. The emotional singing, the sensual dancers, the melodic guitar playing, the rhythmic hand-clapping & footwork all come together to make for a dramatic and fun experience - the audience may even be invited to try it with us! Our clients can relax knowing their guests will have a spectacular time.

Additional Booking Notes

We will be bringing a wood floor as our stage & a sound system to amplify our singer & guitarist. We need you to provide us with ample & level space for our stage and an easily accesable power outlet. If you'd like our performance to be a surprise, you may want to consider preparing a room for us to wait in. We would also need to schedule a time that works for you when we could set up & break down our stage and sound system.


Naranjita Flamenco consists of dancers Richard Chavez, Marcela Aguayo, Lisa Smith, Emily Burgos and Justine Grover. To create the live flamenco experience we always bring a guitarist and singer to perform with us. We are a dedicated group as many of us are full time flamenco professionals and flamenco teachers. Individually we bring our unique style to each performance to create a one-of-a-kind show every time.

You can expect to see castanets in every show. We may also include dances with shawls, fans & canes. We have both group dances as well as solos. Our shows typically range from 30 minutes to a full hour. The dancers will always be fully dressed in the most beautiful traditional flamenco outfits.

Flamenco shows require special floors that allow the percussive footwork to be heard - these floors also protects the clients floors from being damaged - so we bring our own.

We also bring our own sound equipment to amplify both our guitarist and our singer.

The team providing the talent:

Justine Grover


Richard Chavez


Lisa Smith


Anahi Vazquez


Marcela Aguayo


Emily Burgos


Setup Requirements

Adequate & level space for our stage

Easy access to a power outlet

Time to set up & break down