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Michael L. Walters as Dame Edna!

Michael L. Walters as Dame Edna!

10 reviews

About Michael L. Walters as Dame Edna!

READ MY REVIEWS, POSSUMS! And scroll for testimonials!
Michael L. Walters is the longest-running Dame Edna Impersonator in the US. Not to mention he is the only Dame Edna impersonator in the world who wears replicas of Dame Edna's fabulous shimmering gowns!

Michael's stage production is a loving and critically acclaimed parody of Dame Edna's Broadway extravaganzas, featuring Edna's signature comedy style and a jaw-dropping array of musical numbers. For private bookings, Walters tailors the performance for you! Details you provide about your guests and family will serve as a hilarious surprise as Edna "shares" those details during the show!





smash hit!

By Kyle S. on May 10, 2014

Michael L. Walters as Dame Edna performed for our group, the National Gay Pilots Association, last weekend at our annual event in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. From booking/contract signing to the end of the show, the process was fantastic. Michael and Doug are very professional and easy to work with, and the show itself couldn't have been better. It was nearly all (or at least seemed) custom-tailored to our crowd, and the audience reacted to it accordingly. More than one hour of nonstop laughter, with a standing ovation at the end. What a great night!

Hired as: Dame Edna Impersonator

Michael Walters as Dame Edna is Dead On.

By Mark R. on March 27, 2014

Michael Walters Dame Edna show is the real deal. From the colourful enchanting frocks, perfect makeup and hair ( he looks exactly like the Dame herself) to his perfect impersonation skills. Quick witted. Adjust the show to the surroundings. A laugh a minute. I saw 3 shows and all where different depending on the audience. A true pro. Our club is in mexico and a unique experience for any performer and Micheal made it seem effortless. Lovely to work with and his show is simple to produce. He made it easy for us all. People are still talking about his appearnce months later and we will have him back. This show and man is a 10 in all ways.

Hired as: Dame Edna Impersonator

Thought it was the real "Dame Edna".........

By Marlene S. on October 23, 2011

Had there been aisles (instead of tables), we'd have been
rolling in them. Everyone had a terrific time, thanks to Michael
Walter. A "Must See".

Hired as: Dame Edna Impersonator

He Brought the House Down!

By Jeffrey W. on August 25, 2011

Michael was a total joy to work with and as professional as they come. From setup to sound check to working the crowd post show he couldn't have been a better entertainer. A real "no-drama" kind of guy!

In the end - the proof is in the performance. Michael has a superior ability to read and work the crowd, know just who to play and how far to go. His wit is razor sharp and his vocals brought the house down. We want Michael back in Saratoga in 2012!

Hired as: Dame Edna Impersonator

Response from Michael L. Walters as Dame Edna!:

And I'll be there with bells on! What a pleasure and a joy!

The Highlight of our first pride event!

By Cory H. on July 4, 2011

I booked Michael Walters to perform his show "A Royal Audience as Dame Edna" as the finale to our gay pride event here on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. The show was hilarious, witty and classy! The moment Michael Walters stepped on stage the laughs were nonstop! Michael is a comic wonder and an outstanding singing voice! Only 2 days after his performance and we have already booked him for next years pride! I have lived in Key West and Provincetown and Michael Walters is by far one of the best!

Hired as: Dame Edna Impersonator

Review by Roger S.

By Roger S. on February 3, 2011

We had never seen any version of Dame Edna before and had a wonderful time. The show was funny, biting and a tad delightfully naughty. Absolutely loved the spontaneity of the show and the interaction with the audience.

Tip--if you don't want to interact with Dame Edna (i.e. be picked on) avoid the first few rows. If you want to have a lot of fun--DO SIT in the first few rows! AND DON'T BE LATE!!!!

A very nice bonus--Michael Walters' male singing voice was dynamite!

Review by Jay H.

By Jay H. on January 25, 2011

A review by Jay Handelman for the Sarasota Herald-Tribune newspaper

"I'm not usually a fan of tribute shows, in which one performer impersonates and recreates the act of a more famous star.
But I may have to make an exception for Michael Walters, who does a canny impersonation of Dame Edna Everage in his funny one-man (or is that one-woman) show, "A Royal Audience with Dame Edna Starring Michael Walters," at the Golden Apple Dinner Theatre through Sunday.

There's a lot of impersonating going on here, because Dame Edna is actually the cross-dressing creation of Australian actor Barry Humphries, who has played her for more than 50 years, turning Edna from an average housewife into a glittery, mauve-haired, international megastar.

...Walters makes you believe he is Dame Edna, from the glittery dresses and huge eyeglasses to the screechy, accented voice and curling lip that seems to snarl in reaction to audience comments.

She talks about her celebrity friends and her strange relations with her three children, sings a bit and tries to help audience members with their problems.

Those audience interactions distinguish Walters from other celebrity impersonators, who can spend an evening just telling jokes or singing songs in the style of the original.

But Dame Edna's shows are always filled with improvisational elements built on interviews with audience members. That is where Walters excels with a quick wit, even if he sometimes spends too much time with people trying to be funny themselves...Walters always keeps the laughs coming."

Review by Marie J. K.

By Marie J. K. on January 25, 2011

A review by Marie J. Kilker for

"The closest thing to enjoying Dame Edna Everage’s outrageous comedy on Broadway is to laugh ‘til you cry over Michael L. Walters’ Dame Edna...In the second half, Dame Edna uses actual questions from you -- no canned come-ons or predictable answers. But clever ones. Walters makes you confident s/he has heard it all. Yet, being in a new context, everything’s fresh... Feathery and in flaming red sequins, the purple-haired Royal Dame enters radiating charm as well as abundant rhinestone blazes. Despite her warm glow toward her “possums” (audience), she doesn’t lack discipline... No wonder Michael L. Walters is approved by Barry Humphries, creator of Dame Edna Everage, to portray her."

Review by Donald W. M.

By Donald W. M. on November 26, 2010

Dear Michael,
I just wanted to thank you personally for the wonderful performance at my birthday party. What a surprise it was and a pleasant one. Your performance made the entire party. I have gotten multiple calls from guests that were delighted with your performance. Your singing was wonderful and the personal comments right on. Thank you, thank you, thank you! You truly made my birthday one I will never forget.

Hired as: Dame Edna Impersonator

Review by Ken B.

By Ken B. on September 9, 2010

As the President of the Southeast Regional Gay Men's Health Summit, it was my great pleasure and delight to have Dame Edna be our MC to almost 500 Health Summit participants from all over the US with several other entertainers. We were all laughing and really enjoyed the show she put on. We would like to have her back next year when we have it in Atlanta!

Hired as: Dame Edna Impersonator, Emcee

Booking Info

  • Typical Gig: 20 - 160 minutes
  • Fee: Varies depending upon event type and duration.
  • Languages: English
  • Unions: AEA (Union Has No Bearing On This Impersonation)


"Edna" is the perfect complement to a wide range of venues and occasions! Walters is a world-class stage veteran and can accommodate your needs like a pro! Both Michael and his assistant will work with you before and during the event to ensure the best possible experience.

Additional Booking Notes

Please contact us for a performance rider/ tech list. Very little is required for "Meet and Greet" bookings.


As a multi award-winning and critically acclaimed celebrity impersonator, Michael L. Walters' hilarious portrayal of Comedy Icon Dame Edna Everage has taken him all over the US and Canada to perform his glittering stage show called "Purple Reign" at major entertainment events from Hollywood to New York City.

Michael is honored to have been called "SPECTACULAR!" by Dame Edna's manager/creator Barry Humphries.
He is indeed the longest-running Dame Edna impersonator in the world.

Michael's meticulous attention to Dame Edna's character, voice, outrageous wardrobe and trademark wisteria hair have made him a true hit with audiences far and wide! Add to that Walter's own impressive Broadway vocal stylings, and you've got a loving " theatrical tour-de-force" unlike any other. (Orlando Weekly).

Walters' own extensive musical and theatrical training blends with Dame Edna's outrageous point of view to create a wildly entertaining parody which Provincetown Magazine calls "Loving and Uproarious."

Michael is the only impersonator in the world who wears incredible replicas of Dame Edna's showstopping frocks, and the world-famous glasses Walters wears on stage are indeed an authentic pair originally made for Barry Humphries himself.

Event planners and theatrical producers alike have been thrilled to work with Michael again and again for private events as well as performances of his critically acclaimed stage show.

The team providing the talent:

Michael Walters


Doug Lucas

General Management


The Highlight of our first pride event!
I booked Michael Walters to perform his show "A Royal Audience as Dame Edna" as the finale to our gay pride event here on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. The show was hilarious, witty and classy! The moment Michael Walters stepped on stage the laughs were nonstop! Michael is a comic wonder and an outstanding singing voice! Only 2 days after his performance and we have already booked him for next years pride! I have lived in Key West and Provincetown and Michael Walters is by far one of the best!

– Cory Hemilright

I just returned from two weeks in frozen New England and saw over 10 shows but the most fantastic and funny was called "A Royal Audience" with Michael L. Walters as DAME EDNA. A friend from Provincetown has told me about it, but I never, ever expected to see such professional, hilarious and perfection not only in manners, voice and clothing but the wit, comedy, improvisations, live interactions and antics on any impersonation that honestly I must have to say that this guy "Michael L. Walters" is actually "better and funnier" than the real Dame Edna and I have seen all her shows a few times. Besides that he is a professional trained singer with a voice to die for. So my recommendation is do not walk but RUN FAST to get tickets to see this show anytime is performed in your area. I laugh so much and hard that my ribs and stomach actually hurt.


– Miguel Ranzi

Dame Edna was marvelous...I laughed so hard I think there were tears streaming down my leg! Can't wait to see her next year..will bring a gang with us next time. "★★★★★"

– Brigid Sullivan

Dear Michael,

On behalf of the ladies of the British Women’s Club of Boca Raton, I would like to thank you so very much for coming and entertaining us as Dame Edna last week for our 15th Anniversary!

Your performance was excellent, thoroughly enjoyed by all, and you certainly made it a memorable evening for us!

Thank you, again.


Marie Rose
Past President

– British Women's Club of Boca Raton

Chip and I want to thank you for being soooo wonderful at our wedding. You truly made our event something to talk about and remember for a long time. Our guests were shocked afterwards when they finally learned that you were not the real Dame Edna. Those that had previously seen her were amazed at your impersonation, and said that they would have never know had they not been told. Our guests keep calling us to say what a great time that they had. Also, thank you for the beautiful songs that you sang to Chip and me. They couldn't have been more perfect. I also want to thank you for the ease of booking and working with you, and for your jumping on a plane and coming to New York at the last moment. We can't wait to see your performance again!

With love and affection,
Eric and Chip
October 14, 2012

– Eric Kahn

..His show mixes singing and audience engagement with slightly risqué jokes. One gag in involved Dame Edna’s skills at pedomancy, that’s fortune telling with shoes, another talked about adopting a child “from that African country where Madonna shops.” Notionally, Dame Edna is the confidant of the Royal Family, her photo shopping skills could get her into almost any high end party. The real surprise of this evening is the ending; Mr. Walters in his other life is an astonishing singer and tonight as the show winds down he launches into a Carol Channing rendition of “Hello Dolly”. Then after a few bars he drops down a register and does the Louis Armstrong parts, and pretty soon he’s singing a duet with himself. Then he launches into the deepest basso “Old Man River” I’ve ever heard. This is ovation territory, folks, and I doubt the “other” Dame Edna could hit those lows. You missed a winner if you weren’t in those front seats.

– Carl F Gauz

Dame Edna at the Palm Cabaret in Puerto Vallarta

Just saw Dame Edna here. She is WONDERFUL!!!! We laughed so much. Bar staff were super, Tracy and the folks who run the place are first rate. Can't wait to see some more shows here. Amy did a 'preview' of her show and she has a great voice and is very funny. We were down in front for Dame Edna, and some of our group were 'selected' for some good natured jokes. We were NOT planted(as another review suggests), but bought our tickets, showed up, and enjoyed all of Dame Edna's act. It is amazing how she interacts with the audience. Great voice too, really loved her singing, and humour!!!! Can't wait for more acts at the Palm

– Ken and Doug

Been to the Palms a few times, loved it. Back again last week and we were thrilled to see the Dame Edna performance. What a show Michael Walters puts on. His timing is perfect, had people screaming with laughter. A show that all will enjoy.

– Patrice Wolf

I had never visited the Palm Room located in Zona Romantica. In fact, I usually stay on the other side of town. BUT I am a fan of Dame Edna so when my husband and I saw the advertisements we thought this might be a fun evening, even though it was only an impersonator.
WOW! The show rocketed way above our expectations! When Michael Walter took the stage, I instantly forgot he was an impressionist! I saw the show on January 1, and although he explained in the beginning that he was suffering from a sore throat, I can't see how the show could have been better than what we saw!
He NAILED Dame Edna's hilarious comedy and we were amazed by his quick wit.
If comedy isn't your thing, STILL COME SEE THIS SHOW! Act two features incredible singing by Mr. Walters (still as Dame Edna) and other hilarious vocal impressions. By the end, our sides hurt from laughing and we couldn't believe the amazing night we'd been treated to!

If I could recommend one thing about my trip to Vallarta, it's to COME see this show!

– Terri B.

Highly recommended. Well prepared and quick on his feet. We plan to make him a regular in our offerings.
★★★★★ Expertise
★★★★★ Communication
★★★★★ Professionalism
★★★★★ Priced Fairly
★★★★★ Adaptability

– Bill Collins - CAMP Cabaret St. Paul

Set List

The full performance features Broadway favorites and Dame Edna's original musical numbers!

Influences & Inspiration

Dame Edna Everage! Who else?

Setup Requirements

(A microphone/ sound system is required for performance bookings.)

No technical specs for meet/greets.

Please contact for performance rider/ tech list.


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