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Michael Glowacki, Comedy Stage Hypnotist

Michael Glowacki, Comedy Stage Hypnotist

1 review

About Michael Glowacki, Comedy Stage Hypnotist

This is an informational, educational, entertaining demonstration of the powers of the mind. Intelligent, discerning audiences at colleges, high schools and business organizations laugh and learn.

Hypnotist and Mentalist Michael Glowacki entertains audiences across the country. With training under internationally famous hypnotists and entertainers such as Scott McFall, Anthony Jacquin and other greats, you can look good by booking Michael Glowacki as the entertaining speaker.

He provides guaranteed clean language, safe and professional programs by your preferred Comedy Stage Hypnotist with experience in corporate speaking, college entertainment and high school graduation/post prom events.



Review by Kurt S.

By Kurt S. on May 13, 2011

The show was great. Lots of laughs, and a few unexpected things happened. This was very entertaining. Slow at first but, as the show built steam, the harder I laughed. Good memories.

Booking Info

  • Typical Gig: 60 - 120 minutes
  • Fee: Isolated, 3in5, 5in7 rates by request.
  • Insurance: Yes
  • Languages: English


You might be thinking, "Would this show entertain and impress our guests and all the people who evaluate your decisions?"

Audiences of many types want live variety entertainment, and nothing compares to comedy stage hypnosis like the shows you experience from Michael Glowacki. First, these shows are fun, fascinating and have the goal that everyone, on stage and off, enjoyed themselves and were proud they participated.

You can be assured that the show has drama, comedy, action and real imagination. In fact the show is based on the imaginations of the volunteers. Comedy stage hypnosis is no longer confined and tolerated. Instead corporations and colleges are seeking comedy stage hypnotists like Michael Glowacki to provide guaranteed, consensual fun and excitement.

Our services include a complimentary consultation to help you book the appropriate entertainment and proper entertainer for your needs.

Euducational Comedy hypnosis shows are for audiences of 100 to 5000 people. The type and length of show depends only on your budget.

Additional Booking Notes

Normally, the client arranges for and provides a stage or elevated platform at least 16 feet wide by 12 feet deep with a row 10-20 chairs for the volunteers, power and amplified sound equipment that accepts standard XLR and RCA (stereo audio) inputs. For an extra fee discussed at the time of the booking, the entertainer can arrange for and have set up stage lights, the stage itself and the sound equipment. Any and all details can be worked out to your satisfaction.

The entertainer provides the wireless microphone that plugs into a balanced XLR-type input, sound effects equipment that plug into the RCA input for the sound system, any necessary safety equipment and props. Your needs are important, and in order to satisfy you these details must be worked out and agreed to in writing. Any changes can be accommodated, but require time to arrange of course.


Comedy Stage Hypnotist

Corporate Speaker, Trainer and Entertainer

Corporate Events & Programs

Your organization can achieve powerful, real return on investment with the presentations and training series of Michael Glowacki. Whether you are looking for an exciting, motivating and informative speaker on health, performance or communicating, you should choose an experienced speaker such as Michael Glowacki from Madison, Wis.

About Michael Glowacki

Starting as an entrepreneur and founder of a successful internet services company in Madison, Wisconsin, Michael Glowacki has the expertise, training, business and life experience to take your organization to a higher level. A contributing author to The Ultimate Success Secret, training manuals and other association publications, Michael Glowacki has shared useful methods, tools and guides to accomplishing and inspiring motivation, risk management, innovation and strategic leadership. As a speaker and presenter, Michael has been invited to speak and featured at many Wisconsin companies including ABS Global and others.

He has been a seminar and workshop presenter for the National Guild of Hypnotists at its annual convention as well as other hypnotism business training events.

Michael continues to work expanding the hypnosis clinic, teaching students in hypnotism and NLP Weight Loss methods, Smoking Cessation protocols, stress management and habit control techniques.

The team providing the talent:

Michael Glowacki

Hypnotist & Mentalist

Influences & Inspiration

Scott McFall, Comedy Stage Hypnotist

Setup Requirements

10-20 Chairs

Sound System that Accepts Wireless Microphone


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