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Linda Lou

Linda Lou

8 reviews

About Linda Lou

Linda Lou is baby-boomer comedian, author, and humorous public speaker who has performed on stages and spoken to groups nationwide. Her observational humor ranges from corporate and family-friendly to adults only. Linda Lou is also skilled emcee/host with a keen sense of timing.

A corporate trainer with over 20 years of experience, Linda Lou is a consummate professional. In addition to performing stand-up comedy, she speaks regularly about writing and topics relating to business and self-empowerment.


Verified Review

Great for all ages

By Anita R. on December 11, 2016

Many entertainers shy away from a mixed age audiance. Linda made her act perfect for us. Ages from 6 to over 70 and everyone laughed. Stand up comedy is tough and she pulled it off.

Hired as: Stand-Up Comedian

Response from Linda Lou:

Thanks so much, Anita! I figured it would work well having three comedians--including an 11-year-old! Lynn Yafchak, Gabby, and I all enjoyed performing for your group. What a nice bunch of people! I sincerely appreciate your taking the time to write such a nice review.

Cube Theater June 2, 2013

By Tena T. on June 23, 2013

Linda’s great story telling drew me in. I listened with anticipation. Then, Bam, the punch line and I burst into laughter. As soon as Linda finished the man sitting behind me said, “She was terrific.” His wife responded, “She was definitely the best of the four, she’s really funny.”

Great job and thanks for a memorable evening.

A perfect fit!

By Lori B. on June 16, 2013

I organized a fundraiser for a non-for-profit agency in Albany, NY. where Linda Lou packed the house! The venue was sold out and everyone had a blast! She selected material that was appropriate for this function and to represent the agency. We were extremely pleased with her performance and still hear people raving about it! All she needs is a mic and a table with a glass of water on it. Her style and personality grab the audience and make them want more. She is a successful author who has training and speaking experience and really would be an excellent choice for a variety of events! I know I will be hiring her again!

Hired as: Stand-Up Comedian

Laughing with Linda not at Me

By Todd I. on June 15, 2013

Linda captures moments we all have.....a nod turns into a thing I know, im laughing so hard I can't catch my breath hardly....great fun every time.. Thanks Linda

Hired as: Stand-Up Comedian

Listening to Linda perform at The Linda in Albany, NY in August 2012 was like reliving my own childhood. The stories she told were so real and funny. She is able to make you laugh at little things. Life things. Things that happen to us all. But when Linda tells it, it is just so funny. I laughed until I cried at many of her jokes. I can't wait to be able to be in attendance for another of her shows!

Hired as: Stand-Up Comedian

I saw her June 2, 2013 show in Vegas. Makes people laugh and features an unusual blend of intelligence, fearlessness, and accessibility. I brought some out of town people and they enjoyed the show.

Hired as: Stand-Up Comedian

Cube Theater June 2, 2013

By Lisa G. on June 15, 2013

Every time I watch Linda Lou perform I am amazed by her hilarity, spontaneity and ability to make the audience relate to her stories. The audience loves her and I could watch her performance over and over! This comedian is ready for the big time!

Hired as: Stand-Up Comedian

Linda Lou is smart, witty and extremely funny!

By Donna K. on March 19, 2013

Linda Lou's performance at the St. Anne Institute benefit at The Linda in Albany, NY in August 2012 was great. She is the funniest lady I know. She knows how to work with the audience and keep them interested and laughing. Linda knows how to keep a sold out show in their seats laughing throughout the entire performance. I have and would see her again in a heartbeat!

Hired as: Stand-Up Comedian

Booking Info

  • Typical Gig: 30 - 90 minutes
  • Fee: Contact for rates


For comedy gigs, audience members can expect to laugh a lot! For speaking gigs, they can expect to laugh and be inspired. My goal is for everyone to leave feeling good about themselves and like they've made a new best friend.

Clients can expect utmost professionalism. Before the appearance, I communicate regularly to ensure I will provide the type of services you want. I show up early and am gracious to everyone I meet. I make sure that the content and tone of my comedy/speaking topic is always appropriate for the identified audience.


Hmmm… Who is Linda Lou? I'm an author, speaker, motivational humorist and comedian, as well as wife, mother, stepmother, and grandmother. I'm 55 years old and damn proud of it!

Originally from Albany, NY, I moved to Las Vegas in 2003. Most people come to Sin City buoyant with anticipation. I, however, arrived feeling depressed, deflated and alone. I had just blown out the last flicker of hope for my marriage to my second husband, a charming Kiwi eight years my junior. He was perfect and I loved everything about him. Until his thirteenth drink.

Though I would have preferred to sulk at home weeping over my video of Princess Di's funeral, I forced myself to explore the Vegas nightlife. After several weeks of watching comics perform at an open mic venue, a voice in my head told me to go ahead and sign up for stage time. Since that voice rarely turns out to be the voice of reason, I ignored it until it persisted to the point where I thought, why not? No one in Las Vegas knew me, so what was there to lose?

Despite excruciating anxiety, I did well my first time on stage. I performed quite regularly, and though my neck would predictably blotch up, I never developed a sudden case of Tourette's or lost control of bowel functions as I had feared. I’ve been making people laugh ever since.

One of my biggest accomplishments came though the local writing community. Although I'd worked as a technical writer/corporate trainer for many years, I hadn't explored creative expression until I joined the Henderson Writers Group, a critique group for writers in the Las Vegas Valley. With their help, I crafted my journal entries from my first year alone into a memoir, "Bastard Husband: A Love Story," which has become an Amazon bestseller and was mentioned in the Wall Street Journal. It was also the basis for my one-woman show, “Dating, Divorce and Other Delights,” which ran for 25 performances in the spring of 2010. Since then, I've also had several personal essays published in anthologies including Chicken Soup for the Soul and I've recorded humorous essays for Northeast Public Radio.

Yes, the little cheerleader from Albany has come a long way. I will be forever grateful to my ex for leading me to my new life. Over the years, we've maintained a friendly connection (living in separate hemispheres helps!) and he's very supportive of my book. At the risk of sounding like the Pollyanna I can sometimes be, I believe everything really does happen for a reason. Most importantly, I've learned that in the end, your heart beats only for yourself.

Sometimes when I'm speaking to groups or I'm walking off stage after a comedy set, I catch myself marveling at the life I’ve created. And that’s the message I wish to share with others—that’s it’s never too late to identify your talents and share them with the rest of the world. When you believe in yourself and are willing to put forth some effort, anything is possible!

Past Booked Events

Dec 10, 2016 Holiday Party (Christmas)

Set List

Comedy: I have a lot of female-centric and baby boomer material, but can tailor my performance to any type of audience.

Speaking: I have spoken on the following topics and more

• Creating the life you love
• Being the best you can be--for yourself, and your customers
• Invisible no more! How to get noticed at any age
• How to project self-confidence
• Starting over after divorce
• Public speaking for people who would rather die

Setup Requirements

From a simple chair to full-blown stage and lighting, there are certain configurations and needs that many performers and service providers require in order to provide the best possible experience at your event. Get a free quote request to check with Linda Lou to find out what their setup requirements are.

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