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Knights of Mayhem

Knights of Mayhem

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About Knights of Mayhem

The knights of Mayhem are Real Heavy-Armored Full-Contact Jousters trained in medieval and renaissance warfare. Lead by reigning Jousting Champion Charlie Andrews the group battles head on in order to take the sport away from theatrical stages and into the arena of legitimate athleticism, shining a light on the intense dedication and brutal training needed to survive this bone crushing sport.The Knights of Mayhem is the premier organization for Full-Contact Jousting. This is not a dinner show, these are NOT actors. Hire The Knights of Mayhem for big events for crowd draws!


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Booking Info

  • Typical Gig: 45 - 60 minutes
  • Fee: % of ticket sales, $$$ to travel w/team & horses
  • Insurance: Any injuries to participants in jousting event.
  • Languages: English
  • Unions: UJC

Additional Booking Notes

Stable facilities are needed for the horses.
Lodging for the knights.
Water for horses.
Electricity for the show.
50% of booking fee in advance.


Booking the Knights of Mayhem will add to your event. They are crowd pleasing, crowd drawing blood sport. The Knights of Mayhem was a reality show on National Geographic. They are hired to come to your events, fairs, festivals, big events, to compete for titles with jousters from all over the world. When you book, you pay for the troupe to show with a team, horses and knights. The knights will compete for titles and compete in medieval games. Usually, it is best to spread their competitions over a four day period of time. The Knights of Mayhem have been doing this for ten years and will continue to do this taking down every competitor that challenges Charlie Andrew's title. You can expect large crowds, excitement, history, and lots of ticket sales. The group will take a percentage of tickets sales along with the cost to get them at your event. They dont come cheap, but then again, they sell out venues every time they compete.

The team providing the talent:

Charlie Andrews

International Jousting Champion

Members can vary with each event


Set List

Jousting Tournaments
Medieval Game Competitions
usually spread over four days.

Influences & Inspiration

There are not acts to influence this sport that exist now. These are the only factors that can justify wanting to be part of this sport.
The Medieval Times.
Wanting to be a knight as a kid!
Movies with jousting, knights and armour.

Setup Requirements

electricity, PA system

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