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Why book Kane Magic Entertainment?

Kendal Kane is one of the top leading and busiest entertainment magicians in Dallas, TX. It is because of his dedication and determination he has created the first of its kind magic shows with an original concept combining a unique blend of magic, music, and mystery, with an enchanting mix of theater, art, drama, audience participation, and fun. Take your event or party to the next level for your kid's birthday, adult birthday parties, corporate party events, and more. He is without a doubt your magic party magician, and able to make it a success!




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Booking Info

  • Typical Gig: 60 - 90 minutes
  • Fee: $275 and up
  • Languages: English, Spanish


Kane Magic Entertainment is proud to customize our magic shows to fit your needs.

Since we have many clients with different requests and requirements, we are able to put together a unique and entertaining show filled with comedy magic, music, audience interaction, theater, and art.

We combine magic with music to create an enchanting and magical event. You'l be thrilled to hear all the gaps of laughter and see the smiles on everyone's face!

Whether you are planning a corporate party, special birthday, quinceanera,
church event, trade show, etc. we have an entertainment package designed just for you!

We work closely with our clients to plan and achieve a successful party or special entertainment event. This may include setting up meetings and discussions about your event.

Kane Magic Entertainment

Take Your Next Party Or Event To A Whole New Level And Make It One People Can't Stop Talking About In An Action Packed Non-Stop Roller Coaster Ride Full Of Magic, Music, And Mystery!

We're off to a GREAT year full of magic and entertainment with NEW magic shows everyone will love! From the producers o Kane Magic Entertainment, we have been putting together ONE-OF-A-KIND party magic that people can't stop raving about. We'll create that WOW FACTOR you desire for your next party, convention, or event! Give us a call TODAY to find out the SECRET of hosting the most popular magic party that results in amazing and captivate your guests.

Now you can enjoy fun family magic show set to music presented by Dallas' coolest magician Kendal Kane. With a unique style of magical performance, you can get ready for a show like you have never seen before and won’t ever forget! Its not the "Generic Magician" briefcase magic show, we bring the stage magic of Las Vegas to you! Kendal Kane comes in with his own backdrop, sound system and trunks full of surprises!

Music plays a major role in our show's production which is played throughout the entire show and adds texture, mood, and makes a party or event more theatrical like an interactive movie or television program which makes our show unique and the first of its kind!


As a special bonus feature, you get party DJ action during our set up time and tear down time. You'll hear music that everyone is listening to now days, and it really gets the party going and sets the mood for a fun time for both kids ad adults. All the music that is played during that time is only the clean and edited versions of the songs lyrics, ensuring NO ONE gets offended in any way.

Turn Any Birthday Party Into An Action-Packed Non-Stop Roller Coaster Ride The Easy Way Featuring Dallas' Coolest Celebrity Magician Kendal Kane!

Imagine a birthday party so filled with laughter and joy that your child remembers it forever. Impossible? Dallas Birthday Party Magician for kids Kendal Kane GUARANTEES it. Your child is the star in 2 entertainment packages of the new “Magic Zone” show!

Give your child a unique magical experience they will remember for the rest of their life in a spellbinding show that puts the focus on your child's special day.!


Sidesplitting Comedy and Unbelievable Feats of Magic For Your Child's Birthday Party!

Children and adults will enjoy the magic show as Kendal presents a rapid-fire blend of sidesplitting comedy and unbelievable feats of magic that’ll have eyes bulging, jaws dropping and leave you clamoring for more! The laughter and applause will ring in memory for a very long time indeed.

Lots of Fun and Audience Participation

Children don't want to sit and watch during the birthday party. They want to get involved! Adults are equally involved in the magic show making it a Clean Family Fun Environment. Dallas Birthday Party Magician Kendal Kane selects volunteers to help out with the magic and every volunteer is treated with respect making sure everyone is having a good time. Of course the true star of the magic show is the birthday child which magic happens right in their own hands! We transform the birthday kid into a magician, and they will perform their own feat of magic truly making them a star!

I make sure every kid gets to be a magician too! I give every child a magic booklet chock-full of 102 magic tricks and party tricks they can try out at home! This is a great way Kendal Kane likes to help encourage reading in all of his shows, and the kids love it because they get to take home a special gift from the magician! And it's something that is going to last!

In fact, I guarantee that every kid there will give you a huge THANK YOU!!! ovation for throwing a GREAT birthday party!


Your birthday party child will also receive magic man Kendal Kane’s customized MAGIC SET with tricks that your child can easily do and put on their own magic show for their friends and family absolutely FREE!

Your child will feel extra special when he or she receives a Magic Set from magician Kendal Kane right in front of all their friends!

PACKAGE # 2: SUPER DELUXE BIRTHDAY PARTY PACKAGE is the most popular package kids and parents enjoy. Check this out.

You get everything the DELUXE BIRTHDAY PARTY PACKAGE has to offer.

1. FREE magic booklet for all the kids.

2. FREE BOX OF MAGIC TRICKS for your child from Kendal Kane.

3. DJ action with music the kids will enjoy.

4. You won’t believe your eyes when Kendal Kane FLOATS THE BIRTHDAY CHILD! Many people dream of floating in air, and since your child is the star of the show, Kendal Kane will actually make your child float on a magical carpet. The illusion looks GREAT and is a photo opportunity!

Adult Birthday Parties and Corporate Entertainment Shows

Here's How This Works...

You tell me exactly what kind of event you're planning to hold... school show, corporate entertainer, birthday party, wedding reception, company picnic, trade show, whatever... I ask you a few simple questions about location, who's coming, key results you want to see happen, maybe a few "inside jokes" that everyone who's coming can relate to... And I will create a totally customized program for your event just for YOU!

Check out some of our programs:

Walk Around Magic: Intimate Entertainment That Makes Events Unforgettable!

Imagine... your guests arriving to the event that’s instantly charged with an atmosphere of mystery. They’re greeted by Dallas’ sleight-of-hand Grand Master Kendal Kane – a brilliant, award-winning performer that captivates the audience with charming delight and places emphases on ENTERTAINMENT and LAUGHTER with a light hearted approach.

People love to experience magic, especially up close, and in their own hands. You’ll be delighted to hear the gasps of amazement and laughter as your guests are mesmerized with their own mini magic shows that will make a lasting, positive impression you desire.

It’s during this cocktail hour that the magic happens one-on-one, right under your guest’s noses and even right in their hands, setting the stage for an entire evening of fun and amazement. (If you’ve ever seen David Blaine or Cris Angel’s magic on TV, you already know how powerful an experience this type of “close-up” magic can be!).

Magic, Music, And Mystery:An Enchanting After Dinner Show That Leaves You Spellbound!

If you are looking for a more formal show, this package is for you! This 45-minute magic show has a unique blend of magic with pure sleight of hand, mystery, and music to create an enchanted evening of mystery appropriate for all ages.


“You did an outstanding job! Not only did the kids enjoy it, but the adults as well. My family and I thank you very much for taking the time to do this for us. It was better than expected. Thanks again.”

– Anita Mungia Temple, TX

“Great job! Very appropriate for all age groups.”

– Courtney Melkus

“I wish I had been looking over your shoulder the whole evening, to see the delight and amazement on everyone’s face!”

– Genny White, Tiger Club

“Everyone enjoyed your comic magic show! My husband and I are still getting a laugh from your hilarious show. Thanks again for such an entertaining evening.”

– Libby Crowley, Blue and Gold Banquet

“Everyone loved your combination of music. Your magic went right along with the music which was the highlight of our party!”

– Randy Smile, GM, Walmart.

“Everyone raved about your performance. I received many compliments about your show, amazing and funny were the most popular. “

– June Wilson, Fortis

“It has been such a joy to work with someone as talented as Kendal Kane. We heard so many complimentary comments about you. You were everything I expected you to be – and even more! You delighted both the young and old with your incredible magic tricks. Everyone was charmed!

– Sandy Moore H.R. – 1st Clinic.

“Thank you so much for providing the entertainment last night for our family. Everyone is still talking about it. You did a great job, and I just wanted to tell you how much we appreciated you coming.”

– Jann Cox

“All I can say is it was WONDERFUL and PERFECT for my event! Everyone enjoyed it, ages 4- 70!!!

– Ashely DuLaney

"Words alone cannot express just how thankful I am for the job well done. You are indeed an expert in what you do. Once again, thank you sooo much!"

– Miriam Makina

“Never having had a performer as this, we were so delighted with the performance. I had a very pleasant experience as well all the children. What surprised me the most was the 20 or so kids at the party, ages ranging from 3 - 17, all eyes were on the magician and he amazed and astonished even the adults. I will tell all of my friends with children to book Kendal Kane.”

– Jelaine Bates

"We had a Blast! All of the parents were calling me this morning telling me thier kids were crying because they wanted you at thier party! lol.. So alot of Referals were made this morning!

Your Performance was AWESOME Your ATTITUDE was GREAT and INTERACTION with the Kids and Adults was the BEST! Thank You Again! "

– Jay Rojas

Setup Requirements

From a simple chair to full-blown stage and lighting, there are certain configurations and needs that many performers and service providers require in order to provide the best possible experience at your event. Get a free quote request to check with Kane Magic Entertainment to find out what their setup requirements are.

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