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Why book Bill Coleman Entertainment?

Ground acts, strolling acts and attractions including interactive stilt walkers, Dancing Christmas Trees, 18 foot tall Giant Parade Puppets, the 14 foot tall solar powered Bubble Tower Sculpture, and group play activities with the Big Bubble Party, the Bubble Petting Zoo and dozens of old fashioned hand held wood stilts and bucket stilts.

We help build community by entertaining at fairs, festivals, parades, promotions, celebrations and special events of all kinds.
Based in Denver, CO, we bring the fun to you!




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Booking Info

  • Typical Gig: 15 - 120 minutes
  • Fee: $200 and up.
  • Insurance: 3,000,000 - also an additional policy coverage through N.A.M.E.
  • Languages: English


We are a variety entertainment company based in Denver, CO. We provide ground acts, strolling acts and attractions including interactive stilt walkers, 18 foot tall Giant Parade Puppets, the 14 foot tall solar powered Bubble Tower Sculpture, and group play activities with Giant Bubbles , the Bubble Petting Zoo and dozens of old fashioned hand held wood stilts and bucket stilts.

We help build community by entertaining at fairs, festivals, parades, promotions, celebrations and special events of all kinds within 1000 miles of Denver, CO.

We have entertained at the Adams, Douglas, Eagle, Moffatt and Routt County fairs. The 2008 ND State Fair enjoyed our solar powered Bubble Tower and Thirsty, a Giant Parade Puppet. And at Art Festivals including the Peoples Fair, the Peace Paint IN, the Cherry Creek Arts Festivals in Denver, the Golden, Highlands Ranch and Littleton Summerset Arts Festivals in Colorado; the Summerfest Arts Faire in Logan, UT, the Columbia Festival of the Arts in Columbia. MO, the Fort Dodge, Iowa Blanden Memorial Art Museum 75th Anniversary Celebration, and the Surprise Party in Surprise, AZ

Other fun events: the Denver Green Apple Music Festival, the Lone Tree, CO concert in the park series, The Three Ring Weekend in Copper Mountain, Halloween With Horses (Parker, CO), The Parker County Fair, the Banner Bank grand opening in Boise ID, and numerous parades including the Denver St Patrick’s Parade and the Tulsa, OK, Christmas Parades.

Additional Booking Notes

We strive to be a worry free, plug and play experience for you. Our goal is make you a hero! Other than a close up parking space our requirements are minimal. No green M&Ms needed! Stilt performing on nearly any surface including hard packed snow or ice, sod, or pavement. Giant Puppet performance subject to wind. Our solar powered (with battery back up) Bubble Tower and mini Bubble Tower can be set up on any semi level space. The full size BT needs about 15 x 15 feet of space, the mini BT 3 x6. Our Giant Parade Puppets are trained to duck under power lines. Our stilt walkers can fit through a doorway and into an elevator, or climb the stairs when needed. We use reclaimed/recycled materials in a number of our Bubble Tower designs and are always on the lookout for new "green" and sustainable opportunities.

Past Booked Events

06/18/11 Summer Solstice Parade and Festival, Anchorage, Alaska
03/12/11 ST Patrick's Parade in Denver, CO

Bill Coleman Entertainment

I embarked on my second childhood as a nine foot CcKlown in 1996. With my partner, Jerry Williams, we have entertained at festivals, fairs, grand openings, parades and special events from Little Rock to Phoenix, to Boise, and beyond! Have put 100's of miles on my stilts, including two marathons on stilts and dozens of 5 and 10K charity walks and parades. Some of our toys include 18 foot tall Giant Parade Puppets, old fashioned hand held wood stilts, the solar powered Bubble Tower and 10 foot tall dancing Christmas Tree puppet costumes for parades and atmosphere entertainment. Member of the Colorado Clowns, Colorado Festivals and Events, Colorado association of Fairs and Expos, COAI, WCA, IFEA, IAFE.

Signature gags and routines include painting the sky with a 50 foot ribbon and 20 foot fishing pole while dancing on stilts! Free! Ear Cleaning with a four foot jumbo q-tip! Free Weed Whacker Haircuts with a foam rubber weed whacker, and plate stalking with a way oversize jumbo extendo fork! Stilt dancing while making BIG Bubbles!

Comedy usher/doorman/valet parking attendant makes a terrific greeter for black tie, fundraising, after prom, or other event.

Oversize Family Friendly entertainment for concerts, festivals, building dedications, parades, county fairs, art and music festivals, Pride events, and many other venues and celebrations including holiday, patriotic, civic, commercial and religious.

We welcome special requests and can offer custom stilt costumes, Giant Puppets, and solar powered Bubble Towers dressed to meet your theme or color requirement. Your logo, image, or message can be worn on my stilt pants, Giant Parade Puppet or Bubble Tower.

Our goal is to help make you a hero, and your event the best ever!

The team providing the talent:

Bill "Stretch" Coleman

Stretch the nine foot clown, Giant Parade Puppet operator, Bubble Petting Zoo rangler,

Jerry Williams

Giant Parade Puppet, Stilt Party instructor, Dancing Christmas Tree, Penguin, Bubble Tower presenter

others as needed. Up to four Giant Parade Puppets

up to four Dancing Christmas Trees, stilt walkers as needed


"folks don't really like to see their cardiologist advertising, but we have other services to offer. The Bubble Tower gives us a fun way to approach people."

– Shelly Whitmore,Marketing, South Denver Cardiology Assoc

“It was great! Our attendees LOVED it! I would change nothing! Again it was great! I told Eric I wanted one in my backyard!

– Heather Kreider, Program & Event Coordinator, The Meadows at Historic Castle Rock

"The Solar-powered bubble tower is a tradition at the People's Fair! Entertaining kids and adults alike, the family area of the People's Fair would be incomplete without the Bubble Tower!"

– Roger Armstrong, CHUN Executive Director

"The Solar Powered Bubble Tower was an irreplaceable aspect of our Children's Center at the Smart Energy Living Expo. It kept the children entertained for hours and freed up our human resources for other activities."

– Colorado Energy Science Center

“Your entertainment and the bubble tower were definitely a hit last year and we would love to have you back.”
“Hello Bill, We loved the bubble blower. It was a big hit again . . . ”

– Pam Cozard Colorado Walk Now for Autism Speaks Chair

“The Bubble Tower brings the added flair and WOW experience to an event. As sponsors, The Bubble Tower brings the public to us – like a magnet, we don’t have to go searching for them….they are hypnotized.”

– -Keisha Makonese, Bellco Credit Union

“The Bubble Machine was absolutely fabulous! We want the cow print version next year.”

– Nancy Kramer, Steamboat Springs Beaus Arts Festival

“We didn’t realize it was going to be this popular!”

– Kim Evelsizer, Broomfield Days

"The Bubble Tower was way cooler than I ever anticipated." "So many positive comments.''

– Retention Coordinator, Gaynel Tanner, Human Resources, Poudre Valley Health System

Dear Bill, I have to tell you that you were a HUGE hit with everyone during our July 1-2, 2006 event. Even on Wednesday people were still talking about how much they enjoyed you. As the year progresses and we begin putting next year together I'll be in contact so that we can book you again. Thank you so much for all of your hard work and effort that helped make this Central City event one of the best in a long time. Entire Letter on file at

– Greg Moates - Central City Colorado

Your giant puppet added so much to the atmosphere of our festival. It was so fun to be able to see it clear across the site.
Several of the guests remarked how it drew them down to the Main . . . Entire Letter on file at

– Debbie MacDonald, Longmont Rhythm on River

Mr. Coleman was very professional in his manner and was a delight
to have in our service. . . Entire Letter on file at

– Ronnie Brumley , New Creation Church

Thank you so much for your outstanding creativity, your efficiency, your patience and your professionalism. Thanks to you and your team, both Cirque du Soleil staff and our guests were treated to an unforgettable evening. . . Entire Letter on file at

– karina Ruffo Leduc - Varekai - Cirque du Soleil

Your unique brand of entertainment with giant puppets, stiltwalkers, stilts for children of all ages and bubbles floating over the entire event made for a fun filled atmosphere for children of all ages. Entire Letter on file at

– Blanden Memorial Art Museum, 75th Anniversary- 2007

. . . We had our wrap-up meeting on October 3 and the consensus of the 13 member Steering Committee and OCA staff was that your presence just made everything more Fun! . . . Your act will be difficult to replace . . . More than any we have ever had here. . . .
Entire Letter on file at

– Columbia Festival of the Arts, 2007

It is difficult to describe in words what an outstanding creation these puppets are. . . .
"extremely professional and courteous . . . . Letter on file at

– Cindy Bjorklund, Resort Entertainment

Set List

Stilt performing with many different costumes including tux, clown, Uncle Sam, cowboy, mardi gras, comedy umpire, Mountain Troll, and more. Proficient on 30 and 48 inch tall stilts. Comedy by Stretch the nine foot clown: Weed wacker Haircuts, Jumbo q tip ear cleaning, Mistletoe Kiss Fishing, plate stalking and other gags. Sky painting with a 20 foot fishing pole and 50 foot ribbon. Bubble Petting Zoo, big bubble production while on stilts. Giant Parade Puppets, Dancing Christmas Trees, Penguin mascot. Solar powered Bubble Tower, mini Bubble Tower. Group activity with the Big Bubble Party and stilt walking workshops or party with dozens of old fashioned hand held wood stilts. Always adding, call for details. Product or corporate logo, image, or message can be affixed to stilt pant legs, Giant Parade Puppets and the solar powered Bubble Tower for sponsor recognition. call for details. Requests for custom props or costumes to meet your theme or message are welcomed.

Influences & Inspiration

Colorado Clowns, COAI, WCA, Clown Camp Canada, '96?, '98, and ,1999. Instructors included several former Ringling clowns. Student of street buskers in Sydney Australia and elsewhere. Participant in the Great Clown Adventure in Las Vegas, and Motionfest

Setup Requirements

close in parking space. Our truck is our green room and prop storage facility.