Carolyn Kramer as Patsy Cline

Why book Carolyn Kramer as Patsy Cline?

Carolyn Kramer possesses a powerful, soulful, contralto voice very similar to that of Patsy Cline.



Awesome performance!

My husband and I went to the Carolyn Kramer show with the attitude of "well, she studied singing in college so she should at least be able to carry a tune..." Well. We were in for a wonderful surprise! We enjoyed her show tremendously, her singing is superb and the remarks between songs very entertaining. We'd love the opportunity of seeing her again. Our only regret was that no cd's were available for sale.

Reviewer: Alberta S.
Event: Fundraiser in Donalsonville, GA
Event Date: Jan 28, 2012

Response from Carolyn Kramer as Patsy Cline:

Wow! Thank you so very much! I thoroughly enjoyed being on stage Saturday night. Every Patsy Cline impersonation performance is magical because the audiences have an extreme appreciation for her music. You are so very kind Ms. Alberta. Would love to come back to the Olive Theater again and will try to have CD's. Humbly yours, Carolyn.

One Word"Fantastic"

Totally enjoyed Carolyn's performance Saturday night. Very professional and talented lady. She ROCKS!

Reviewer: Stella P.
Event: Concert Venue in Donalsonville, GA
Event Date: Jan 28, 2012

Booking Info

  • Fee: $200 and up

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Past Booked Events

12/18/10 100's Club Christmas Party (Tentative)
11/28/10 Heritage Oaks 3pm
11/20/10 Chez Pierre 7pm-11pm
11/14/10 Church Service Patsy Cline singing gospel 6:30-7:30
11/11/10 Chez Pierre 7pm-11pm
11/06/10 Westminster Oaks 7pm to 8pm
10/29/10 Chez Pierre 7pm-11pm
10/23/10 Chez Pierre 7pm-11pm
10/07/10 Chez Pierre 6pm-9pm
09/14/10 Wine Loft Tallahassee
09/09/10 Chez Pierre Tallahassee 6pm-9pm

Carolyn Kramer as Patsy Cline

I first saw Beverly D'Angelo portray Patsy Cline on Cole Miner's Daughter when I was 7 years old. Upon listening to Patsy Cline's record, I immediately fell in love with her beautiful, rich tone. I would serenade the neighbor kids with "Crazy" and "I Fall to Pieces." My mother is just a bit younger than Patsy Cline and taught me to sing and harmonize at a young age so I believe I gravitated to Patsy Cline quite naturally.
I began singing in choirs in middle school then in high school as well as competing in classical solo competitions. I went on to study as an opera singer at Florida State University and hold a bachelor's degree in voice performace. Though I'm classically trained, my niche is pop/country music. Ironically, I have a contralto voice similar to the quality of Patsy Cline's. She has been a huge inspiration to my singing throughout the years. There will never be another Patsy Cline. Her voice remains in a league of it's own.

Setup Requirements

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