Cannonball James

Why book Cannonball James?

Street-Style Entertainer with 10 years experience. Specialties include:
-Contact Juggling
-Crystal Sticks
-Close-Up Magic
-Table Magic
-Card Magic

Previous gigs include:
Michigan Renaissance Festival
Kansas City Renaissance Festival
Barataria Faire
Rock' N' Ribs Fundraiser
Vagabond Stage Company's Masquerade Ball
Crown Royal Resorts Corporate Meeting
Branson Landing Street Performer
Numerous Private Events & Parties

My act is entertaining, and can be tailored, for any age from 5 to 105. I can also provide beginner lessons if desired. Professional references available upon request.



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Booking Info

  • Typical Gig: 10 - 240 minutes
  • Fee: typically starts at $100, but contact for details
  • Languages: English



Contact Juggling: My style of contact juggling is very fluid and mystical. Audiences will be mesmerized as my glass contact juggling sphere rolls seemingly of it's own will around my hands, arms and body.

Crystal Sticks: I have a very fast playstyle when it comes to stick juggling. A much more fast-paced acrobatically involved appearance to this performance. Though perfectly suitable by itself, I think it gets even greater impact when performed with fast, upbeat music.

Magic/Illusions: My style would fall under the category of close-up, or "street style" magic, specializing in cards, coins and sleight of hand type illusions.

Additional Booking Notes

For an additional fee, I can provide lighting or sound systems for an event, and can operate while I am not performing, if sound or lighting is needed for another aspect of the event, such as a musician or speaker.

Cannonball James

I perform many types of juggling as well as magic illusions, but my specialty is contact juggling. (if you are unfamiliar with that, please search youtube for "sphereplay promo". The top result, by: CannonballJames is me. ) I have been performing this particular art for over 5 years, and have worked with Midwest Concerts and Events on several occasions, as well as performing for various festivals, parades, meetings, parties, etc. I am able to accommodate for themed events with a variety of costuming, especially anything with a renaissance, fantasy, or pirate flair. I have worked with musicians as well, adding to stage presence by performing freestyle along with their music. I can also provide my own music, or work silent, in a 'living statue' type of act.

-Corporate Gatherings
-Private Parties
-Dinner Gatherings
-Public Events
-Children's Events
-Music Concerts

Don't hesitate! Contact juggling is a magical, mystical art that is certain to astound and amaze people of all ages. Again, if you missed it before, you can find a demonstration of my work by searching "sphereplay promo" on youtube. Thanks, and I look forward to performing at your next event!

The team providing the talent:

Cannonball James


Set List

Depends on the type of act desired. Please contact for details.

Influences & Inspiration

Michael Moschen, the entire dot org crew, Try Out Toys, Will Young, Daniel Garcia... to name just a few

Setup Requirements

none, I provide everything.


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