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Ten Resolution Solutions for 2017

By Brian Jenkins

2016 is rapidly coming to a close and 2017 is fast approaching. In this past year, GigSalad broke records and helped thousands of performers, entertainers, and service providers discover and book paying gigs. As we reflect on the new year, we’ve got plans to make 2017 an even bigger year for our members.

We all make resolutions each year to try improve on the previous one. Resolutions, however, are powerless without a plan. Diets disappear, old habits die hard, and exercise equipment turns into expensive hangers for laundry.

Everyone here at the GigSalad Community wants you to succeed in 2017, so we’ve put together a few ideas to make this year your best yet.

1. Increase social media impact.

Every successful enterprise in the 21st century engages in social media. From Facebook to Twitter to Instagram, people are communicating digitally every second of the day. Creating a diverse social media portfolio allows you to reach broader audiences, share your talent and trade, and update your fans and friends on performances, new acts, or changes to your schedule. Using social media management platforms like Hootsuite, Sprout Social, or Buffer allow you to post to multiple accounts and track your results.

2. Improve photo and video galleries.

As social media allows us to become more connected, the digital wall also puts an online barrier between you and your prospective clients. People want to see and hear what to expect before they make the final decision to book you. We’ve researched low-cost solutions to get quality media to your site. 2017’s the time to make it happen.

3. Upgrade the website.

Even with the advent of Facebook Pages for businesses and entertainers, it’s still important to have a solid web presence by creating your own website. Our friends over at Bandzoogle offer great website templates and deals for performers. In fact, you’ll find an option in your PromoKit Tools section that allows you to “Build a Website” with Bandzoogle. GigSalad members receive a 30-day free trial, plus 15% off a Bandzoogle membership. Plans start at $10/month, including free registration of your own .COM domain.

4. Accept cashless payments.

One of the great lessons we’ve learned this year is that more and more people are moving away from cash and check payment options. Accepting client payments via credit or debit card is safer, easier to track, and oftentimes more convenient for the client. With our booking platform, clients can pay both deposit and balance in one easy transaction, and their payments are protected by our Worry-Free Guarantee. The business savvy performer knows that offering convenience is a sure way to increase business.

5. Strengthen client relationships.

Here’s a little secret: People who book you once are highly likely to book you again if the experience was positive and memorable. GigSalad member Austin Ellis gave us some great tips on how to create lasting client relationships. Take some of these suggestions to heart and start to see the return gigs stack up.

6. Invest in gear and equipment.

Some years are lean and some years are abundant. If 2016 was a good year, consider taking some of that revenue and putting it back into your business. New gear, more costumes, more staff—these are all ways to increase the quality of your presentation and help you book more gigs! If you need to create more revenue, try renting out your gear.

7. Take reviews seriously.

As the world continues to move towards an online economy, reviews are the primary way of referring and recommending business and services. It’s important to learn how to navigate the review economy and use this powerful tool to your advantage. At GigSalad, we do the heavy lifting and request reviews from event planners who have booked you on GigSalad. Make sure to follow up with every positive and negative review to show potential clients how you engage with your fans.

8. Get creative with gigs.

These days, people are finding new and exciting ways to include performers and entertainers for events and parties. 2016 saw the rise of the house concert as a great social gathering for music enthusiasts. Event hosts are using strolling magicians or mariachis to add flair to their cocktail parties. And on the professional side, Event Planners are using live entertainment to attract crowds to their trade show booths. Be open to performing in new venues and settings, and you might even have more fun yourself.

9. Be more business savvy.

We’re here to help you make money doing what you love, and tightening up your business practices will do that. 2017 could be the year to improve your approach to accepting client payments, proving you’re worth your rates, and even figuring your tax deductions as a freelance artist. This year, put more money in your pocket.

10. Give back.

One of the great business trends of the last several years is the development of socially responsible business practices. Seek out charities in your community that could use your talents once a year—a retirement home that needs performers to entertain their residents, or a not-for-profit that you could feature at your shows to raise awareness for their cause. Having it all can also mean sharing some of the splendor and spreading the Peace, Love, and Gigs!

What are some of your New Year’s resolutions? What is your plan for making them happen? Share in the comments below and Happy New Year! Cheers!

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