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Hosting a Glitzy Grammys Party

By GigSalad

The Grammys are a perfect occasion for a party, as the award show provides you with all the theme you’ll need. Let’s incorporate a bit of the glitz into a fabulous Grammys party!

The Glitz

What would the Grammys be without the red carpet, the paparazzi, the atmosphere of celebrity? Decorate your party with all the accoutrements of fame. We suggest a gold and black design, punctuated with red highlights. Hire a Wait Staff or a Bartender to treat your guests like stars. Rent some Table & Chairs and festoon them with elegant ornamentation.  The point is to create the right environment, so your guests will feel as special and pampered as the yearly nominees!


The Glamour

Really, it’s the dresses. From J-Lo’s notorious dress in 2000 to Lady Gaga’s entrance encased in an egg, the Grammys have become known for the beautiful and strange outfits gracing the red carpet. Challenge your guests to either show up in one of the fame gowns or just wear their most elegant ensemble. It isn’t every day we get to get decked out in our best, so encourage your friends to go all out! (And if anyone dares to take on J-Lo or Lady Gaga, send us evidence, please.)


The Entertainment

After all, that’s what it’s all about. Your Grammys party needs music! Hire a DJ or an Acoustic Band to play nominated songs during commercials. If you really want to get into the fun, hire an Emcee to entertain throughout and, at the end, to give out awards for Best Dressed! Maybe hire a few Impersonators to mingle with guests to really add to the celebrity vibe.


The Ceremony

Now, we bet you’re wondering how you can fit all of this into one party? Answer: Inflatable Movie Screen. Set up the show outside or rent a large venue big enough for all your party’s needs. Don’t forget to pass around a ballot for the awards. Whoever guesses the most winners can get–that’s right–a Grammy! Another fun idea: create drinking games around multiple nominees. Every time they win, take a drink! (We wouldn’t want to be the one who chose Adele or Beyonce. Or do we?)


The Grammys are a wonderfully elegant night, so make sure you take all these factors into consideration when you’re planning your party. You may not be attending, but that doesn’t mean you can’t feel like a winner!


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