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Organizing a Seminar

By JoAnna Carpentier

A lot of work goes into organizing a seminar. You’ll want to make sure that your seminar is engaging, time efficient, and accommodates each of the attendees. How do you do this? Well, here are some of the essential elements to a successful seminar.


What is the seminar about?

Obviously your seminar needs to have a purpose, so it’s important to determine what exactly that purpose is. Knowing precisely what you wish your attendees to take away from the seminar will offer a smooth transition into settling the details of your event. What is the topic? What value is there for attendees? What does the timeline of your event look like? These are important questions to ask when you’re planning a seminar.

Tip: Seek the most qualified, relevant speakers possible for your event. Draw in an audience with your speakers’ credentials by aiming for successful professionals from high-profile or trending companies. Even just one head-honcho speaker from a major company is enough to sell a seat!


Get into the event details.

Like any event, you’ll need to determine the exact details to get a crowd. Select the date, time, and location of the event early. Keep your guest list in mind when you’re choosing a venue. If you already know the size of the crowd you’re working with, great. If you don’t have a set number of attendees, but are planning a public seminar, look at your budget and determine how many seats you’d like to fill at $X per pop to cover the costs of your venue, table & chair rentals, speakers, audio/visual equipment, food, and any other expenses.

Tip: Hotel ballrooms or conference centers make great seminar venues.


Spread the word.

Once you’ve secured your venue and speakers, begin spreading the word. Know your attendees’ buyer personas. Who are you targeting? Reach out to local companies or groups who may be interested in attending. Keep track of ticket sales to ensure that you don’t go beyond capacity! Some popular ways to spread the word about your seminar are custom invitations, email campaigns, hanging flyers or other promotional materials, and listing your event on professional websites or social media networks.

Tip: Don’t underestimate social media when it comes to spreading the word about your event.


Break down specifics.

Your venue, rentals, and speakers are booked. But, you’ll want to be sure to hire a qualified A/V technician and Caterer (if you’re offering food) well in advance. Other services that may come in handy are Wait Staff, Photographers, and Videographers. Develop a timeline for your event, allowing a brief cushion time between each speaker, in case of issues. Confirm any outstanding agreements. Have a precise timeline for each aspect of your event. When will the tables and chairs be set up, and by whom? If food is being served, when? What time will the caterer and wait staff arrive? Will you have a seating chart and name tags? Have you secured volunteers or staff to facilitate check-in and hand out name tags? What time is sound check? There are hundreds of small details that are easily looked over and can lead to delays or issues. Go through your event with a fine-toothed comb to be safe.

Tip: Have an event manager present to be the point person for any questions and to ensure that the timeline is running smoothly.

Your seminar is going to be a hit. Just stay organized and engaged, hire some great corporate event entertainment, and your attendees will love it!


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