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15 Egg-citing Easter Games for Adults

By Heather Roonan

Traditional Easter parties are often geared toward children, but why should they get to have all the fun? Let the grownups be kids again for a day with some engaging Easter-themed activities. From challenges to competitions to crafts, we’ve got a list of creative Easter games every adult will love.

Ready, Set, Hop! Easter Minute-to-Win-It Challenges

Minute-to-win-it games are a classic for a reason. They’re easy to set up, fast to complete, and a heck of a lot of fun. Add an Easter theme and up the difficulty level, and you’ve got the perfect Easter games for adults to enjoy.

πŸ₯€ Egg Pong

It’s like beer pong, but shorter and with eggs! Fill large plastic cups with beer and set them up at opposite ends of a long table. Take turns throwing plastic eggs into the cups at the other end. If one lands in a cup on your side, drink it. The team with the most empty cups after a minute loses! You can also use water or another non-alcoholic drink if beer isn’t for you.

πŸ₯ Puffy Peeps Cheeks

Write various words and phrases on slips of paper and put them in a bowl. Then split into teams. Have one person from a team stuff as many Peeps in their mouth as they can hold and then pull papers to try and read them for the team to guess. See how many you can get in a minute, then let the other teams go. Play as many rounds as you want!

πŸ‡ Shake Your Cottontail

Fill empty tissue boxes with plastic Easter eggs and attach them to a rope or belt. Fasten the belts around your waists with the tissue boxes above your rumps, facing outward. Then everyone wiggles and shakes and gyrates to make the eggs fall out. Whoever has the least amount of eggs in their box after a minute wins. Get ready for a lot of laughs with this game!

Spring into Action with Easter Yard Games

Spring is the best time of year to be outside enjoying the beautiful weather. Take your Easter party to the front or backyard with some Easter-themed outdoor games. If the games become too easy, add extra challenges like blindfolds or arms tied behind the back.

πŸ‘―β€β™€οΈ Bunny Hop

Use potato sacks or tie people’s legs together so everyone is hopping like the Easter bunny! Add obstacles (“hop around this cone”) and silly challenges (“sing a song while passing this tree”) to make it more difficult and amusing to get across the yard to the finish line. For large parties, break into groups and make it a relay race!

🎯 Egg Darts

Set up a large target at one side of the yard. It can be a dartboard-style target with a bullseye or use a large board marked with different amounts of points all over. Take turns throwing raw eggs at the target to see who can rack up the highest score.

πŸ₯š Egg Bocce Ball

Hard-boiled eggs will be your balls for this game. Leave one white and paint the others different colors. Throw the white one and then take turns seeing who can get their colored eggs closest to the white egg. If you’d rather use plastic eggs, fill them with sand to make them heavier!

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Egg-sperience an Adult Easter Egg Hunt

We firmly believe Easter egg hunts shouldn’t be just for kids. Searching for hidden objects with treasure inside is fun, no matter what your age. We have a few Easter egg hunt ideas that add a few twists to make them more challenging for the grownups.

πŸ”Ž Scavenger Egg Hunt

Send your guests on an epic scavenger hunt around the house, yard, neighborhood, or even a park. Choose your hiding locations first, then create clues that lead people from one location to the next until they find the ultimate Easter basket of treasure. For larger groups, create a couple of different routes of clues so guests can split up into teams to hunt separately.

🚩 Capture the Eggs

Turn your Easter egg hunt into a classic game of tag and capture the flag. Line up 4-5 eggs in two different colors on opposite ends of your playing area. Divide your guests into two teams and assign a color. The object of the game is to capture all the other team’s eggs and bring them back to your side without getting tagged. If you’re tagged, drop any eggs you’re holding and return to your starting position. The first team to capture all the opposing team’s eggs wins!

🍺 Easter Egg Drinking Game

While many of these can be easter games for kids and teens as well, this one is adults-only! Get a bunch of plastic eggs and put slips of paper in them with drinking prompts. It can be “take a drink” instructions, a “never have I ever” prompt, or even a “truth or dare” question. Hide the eggs, get a drink in everyone’s hand, and let the hunt begin!

Hop into the Kitchen for Easter Competitions

No Easter celebration is complete without a full spread of tasty drinks and sweet treats. Take the pressure off the host by having everyone bring something of their own to the party. But to make it more fun, turn it into a competition!

🍸 Cocktail Contest

Put the power of bartending in your guests’ hands with a cocktail-mixing contest. Have each person bring a pitcher of their own homemade drink recipe to share. Or put out an array of liquor bottles, mixers, and garnishes to see what your guests can make from what’s provided. Have everyone vote for a favorite, and the winner gets a prize and bragging rights!

πŸ‘©β€πŸ³ It’s a Bake-Off

Create a smorgasbord of pastries, cookies, and sweets by hosting an Easter bake-off. Guests can bake their own creations in advance to bring to the party. Or, for smaller gatherings, you can do the baking together. Have everyone taste test each to choose a winner. But honestly, with so many delicious treats to eat, everyone will feel like a winner here.

🧁 Easter Cupcake Wars

Put your guests’ creativity to the test! Bake enough cupcakes for each attendee, plus a few extras. Or, do cookies instead, if you’d like. Then put out various colors of icing and different toppings, and let the decorating contest commence! Taste isn’t the point here, so focus solely on presentation when choosing a winner.

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Egg-stra Special Easter Crafts

Not all Easter games have to be competitive. Sometimes it’s just about enjoying a fun activity with your family and friends. The best part about doing crafts is your guests won’t leave empty-handed. They’ll have a memory and a personal creation to keep forever!

🎨 Egg Painting Party

Get the adults in on the egg-painting action with this nostalgic Easter activity. With age comes more talent and nimble fingers (usually), so up the difficulty by encouraging more intricate designs. Create colorful and textured eggs with different techniques and materials. Get some unique ideas from House Beautiful for inspiration.

πŸ’ Blooming Easter Arrangements

Let your guests create a beautiful centerpiece to take home with them. Choose an assortment of popular spring flowers like Easter lilies, tulips, and daffodils. Then add accents like baby’s breath and decorative greens. Display your arrangements in creative, Easter-themed vases like pastel-painted mason jars or colorful egg-filled baskets.

🌿 Hoppy Wreath Creations

Help your guests greet their own guests with a beautiful wreath to hang on their front door. You can create anything from flower wreaths to egg wreaths to bunny wreaths and more. Craftsy Hacks has 20 DIY Easter wreath ideas to get you started. Choose one or two, gather supplies, and get to crafting!

Easter can be a fun holiday for all ages with the right activities. This year, have the adults let loose with some competitive and fun Easter games. Find the ones you like the most and make them a yearly tradition to look forward to! πŸŽ‰

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