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Presidents Day: Celebrating America’s Greats

By Megan Price

We’ve had some amazing leaders in the past, and Presidents Day is all about remembering those great men. Though it started out being a day that honored George Washington, then Abraham Lincoln and George Washington, now we take the day to honor them all. We’ve got some great ways to bring history to life!



If you’re in a classroom or throwing a Presidents Day party, games are a great way for a mixing history with fun! Compile bits of trivia for several different presidents and have team compete to see who knows the most. Or download a presidents memory game (you can find tons online), cut out the cards, and go! Also try printing out pictures of past presidents and take guesses at their names or years in office. Trivia can also be turned into a bingo game, by putting the presidents faces in the square. Simple and easy!

For something a little more interactive, divide the group into teams and give each some materials to turn one person into a president. Use cotton balls for Washington’s wig, or fake fur for Lincoln’s beard, and construction paper to make hats or other pieces of costume. Give a time limit and let them go! You’ll be sure to end up with some interesting creations, and choose the winner on authenticity.



No party is complete without some tasty treats. Try cherry pie to in remembrance of George Washington and his famous cherry tree. You could also do a “favorites” theme and serve the presidents most-loved dishes. Abraham Lincoln was rumored to love bacon and honey, John F. Kennedy was a big fan of soup, and Richard Nixon couldn’t get enough meatloaf. Get creative and do some research on the presidents’ favorite foods or drinks and whip up a fun menu!


Presidential Visits

Want to bring history to life? Try having a Presidential Impersonator visit! Whether it’s George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, or even Barack Obama, having a real-life visit from a historical figure can be an exciting and educational experience for anyone. They’re fully knowledgeable on the time period, can share interesting anecdotes about the person, and stay in character for the visit. It’s a blast from the past (or present) that everyone will enjoy.


Presidents Day is all about history, so break out your inner history buff and get creative with celebrating this day honoring the great leaders of our country!


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