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6 Themes for a Hair-Raising Halloween Party

By Megan Price

A great Halloween party needs a few things to make it unforgettable: tasty snacks, amazing costumes, and killer entertainment. Once you’ve chosen your menu and your ensemble, it’s time to think about something to wow your guests! We have six creative themes to raise the spooky factor at your Halloween party this year.

😷 Things are a little different this year due to COVID-19, but that just means you have to get creative when you’re celebrating special events. There are still ways to party, but you might need to put a “2020 twist” on it. We’ve included some ideas with each theme to make sure you and your party guests have a safe and happy Halloween!

1. Throw a killer dinner party

There’s no place like home for Halloween – and every good horror movie starts with a dinner party where one of the guests meets an untimely end. Book a murder mystery party to lead you and your partygoers through a frightful evening of whodunit! A human statue can add some fun scares to unsuspecting guests as they work their way through the party. Strolling tables adorned in ominous hors d’oeuvres and “potions” serve double-duty as décor and waitstaff. Encourage your guests to dress their parts and get into character for a killer evening!

😷 2020 Twist: Be sure to limit the amount of guests at your party so everyone can stay at least six feet apart.

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2. Dabble in the dark arts

Sometimes magic means pulling scarves out of a hat. Other times it means upping the mystery at your Halloween party! To set the mood, hire a strolling magician to perform mind-boggling illusions for your guests. Designate a table draped in curtains for a tarot reader or psychic entertainment. Book a silhouette artist or caricaturist to create some creepy party favors for everyone. To keep the crowd entertained, hire a belly dancer to perform a mesmerizing routine, complete with props like swords, fans, or even snakes!

😷 2020 Twist: Pass out themed masks for your guests to wear while they’re up close with magicians and psychics!

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3. Bring the sinister circus to town

Let the circus take a dark turn at your Halloween party this year! Forget the cheerful clowns – book a scary one instead. Set up a spooky sideshow where guests can check out acts like sword swallowers or contortionists. The main event needs an eerie emcee, plus a big top act like a fire performer, juggler, or aerialist! Stilt walkers, hoop dancers, and balancing acts are other on-theme choices for dark circus entertainment.

😷 2020 Twist: Set up spaced seating for the show ahead of time so your guests can enjoy it while maintaining a safe distance.

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4. Host a macabre movie night

There’s no easier way to celebrate Halloween than to host a scary movie night! Pick your favorite slasher flick and book an outdoor movie theater to set up in your backyard. A concessions company can provide sweet treats like popcorn and cotton candy for the guests. And if you really want to take things up a notch, hire an actor to don a hockey mask and faux machete to hop out at just the right time!

😷 2020 Twist: Stick to prepackaged refreshments to reduce the spread of germs in common areas.

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5. Set up a spooky stage show

Make it a night of the living dead with a hair-raising stage show! Hire a party band or cover band to don fun zombie costumes and keep your guests dancing until dawn. Book a Michael Jackson impersonator to put on a Thriller performance for your neighborhood. A fabulously frightening drag queen can bring some comedic chills to your Halloween party! There’s no better way to ring in All Hollow’s Eve than celebrating around a spooky stage with your friends and family.

😷 2020 Twist: Mark your audience’s “personal zones” around the stage with circles or squares so everyone can rock out safely!

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6. Keep it kid-friendly

If your Halloween party will include some little ones, it may be best to keep the scares to a minimum. But there are still some great options to add a few goosebumps to your kid-friendly celebration! Book a face painter to apply spooky designs like bats, jack-o-lanterns, and ghosts to the kiddos’ faces. Hire a balloon twister to send them home with a souvenir like a spider, pumpkin, or a black cat. Add just the right amount of intrigue with a children’s party magician. Top off the evening with a storyteller or costumed character to share some spine-tingling stories around a bonfire!

😷 2020 Twist: Have hand sanitizer and disinfecting spray ready to clean up in between each kiddo’s visit with the party’s special guests.

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