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10 Tips for Maximizing Your GigSalad PromoKit

By Matt Holland

A GigSalad PromoKit can be a great tool to help you do more of what you love. As with any tool, proper usage is needed to receive the desired results and we want you to be as successful as possible! Here are 10 ways to maximize your profile on GigSalad and increase your gig opportunities.

1. Make a great first impression.  

To look legitimate online, a profile photo is a must. Your profile photo will be the first impression you make on a client. Not having one is like showing up to an important job interview in your pajamas. You wouldn’t get that job and you probably won’t get a gig without a good profile photo. Make sure you have a great image that really shows off your talent as well as your personality!

10 Tips for Maximizing Your GigSalad PromoKit

Prestige Princess Parties tugs at the heart strings with their high-quality profile photo.


2. Display high-quality videos.

Having a great quality video is now more important than ever as media is now displayed at the top of your PromoKit. We find that live performance videos are the perfect addition to your profile. There’s no better way to offer samples of your talent and show potential clients what it would be like to book you for their event.

10 Tips for Maximizing Your GigSalad PromoKit

Magician Mike D’Urzo shows off his talent with great videos.

Although we highly recommend a professional videographer as they provide the best promotional material, some budgets may not allow for this. But don’t worry! It’s now easier than ever to get a high-quality video without breaking the bank. We’ve got a few tips for you here.

3. Let potential clients hear your talent. 

If you’re a musician, music is your commodity and your PromoKit is like your storefront. A potential client is not going to book a band or musician without first hearing what you have to offer. Ensure that potential clients will become your client by adding audio to your profile and allowing them to get lost in your music. Here’s how to easily add audio samples to your PromoKit.

10 Tips to Maximize Your GigSalad PromoKit

Eleanor Dubinsky of NYC displays great audio samples.


4. Build confidence with glowing reviews.

Without reviews in your profile, clients are less likely to book your services. The majority of online consumers consult ratings prior to any purchase. Reviews are a fantastic way to build credibility and separate your PromoKit from the competition.

10 Tips for Maximizing Your GigSalad PromoKit

Happily Ever Parties & Entertainment has a number of wonderful reviews.

You can request reviews from any of your past clients, even those that were not GigSalad bookings. By utilizing the Request a Reviews tool, you can reach out directly from your profile and ask for a review.

5. Advertise in the correct categories. 

Categories are how you’re placed within search results and subsequently, how you’re discovered. Advertising in the wrong categories will guarantee a bad experience and missed opportunities. With over 550 categories, it can be difficult to choose!

10 Tips for Maximizing Your GigSalad PromoKit

A Children’s Party Entertainment group offers a wide variety of services and utilizes all of the applicable categories.

Oftentimes, those seeking entertainment use generic terms to search. A mom seeking a Balloon Twister for her son’s party may actually search for Children’s Party Entertainment. To get the most out of your PromoKit, add all of the categories that are relevant to your services. To avoid confusing your potential clients, always upload media representations for each category.

6. Know where the people are and be there. 

The larger the city, the better your chances are for leads and bookings. If you live in a small town, consider changing your location to the nearest largely populated city to which you would travel. You’re most likely getting local gigs from word-of-mouth bookings, but reaching out to a larger audience may open the door to some great opportunities.

10 Tips for Maximizing Your GigSalad PromoKit

You can change your location at any point in just a few clicks.


7. Ensure you can respond quickly by using text alerts. 

The faster you get that lead, the faster you can contact the potential client and book the gig! If checking your email often is not a strength of yours, text alerts could help you respond faster. Sign up to receive text notifications for leads by going to Account>Notifications>Text Notifications. Responding quickly not only makes you appear professional, but it can also help you become a GigSalad Top Performer!

10 Tips for Maximizing Your GigSalad PromoKit

Text message alerts can help you respond in a timely manner.


8. Check out your PromoKit stats. 

Check out the visitor stats to your page on a regular basis. Located on your dashboard, you can view the number of visitors you receive and even which state they’re coming from. This information will help you decide if and when you need to make serious improvements to your PromoKit.

10 Tips for Maximizing Your GigSalad PromoKit

Visitor stats displays who is viewing your PromoKit and from where.

Outstanding GigSalad members are rewarded with a Top Performer status that is displayed on their PromoKit. Assessments take place at the beginning of each month. We look for bookings, a high overall rating, and a great response rate to leads. By looking at your current activity, you can see where you may need to improve.

10 Tips for Maximizing Your GigSalad PromoKit

View your Top Performer status often to stay ahead. 


9. Send quality responses/quotes.

When you receive a lead, the way you communicate with a potential client can mean landing the gig or not. By including the right information and responding quickly, you can greatly increase your chances of being booked.

In your first response, send Youtube videos, photos, or audio files as well as details about your services. If they have not seen your media, this will give them an opportunity to do so. If they’ve already seen it, this will refresh their memory and may just convince them that you are the right choice! Remeber to give a detailed description of your services while still keeping your message easy to read. Too much information can be overwhelming and could actually turn away a potential client.

10 Tips for Maximizing Your GigSalad PromoKit

Attach a photo, MP3, or PDF file to any message or quote.

We find that those who respond fastest are often the same ones who are booked. Make it easy on yourself by saving message replies in advance. Once you write and save a message, you will be able to select it from a drop down menu when replying to your potential clients. Proper grammar and spelling can help you appear more reliable overall so be sure you double check everything prior to saving a message or clicking send.

10. Contact the Customer Happiness team. 

If you still don’t feel like you’re getting the most out of your GigSalad profile, reach out to the Customer Happiness team for a profile consultation. As their title suggests, they are here to help and ensure you’re happy! Our team will gladly look over your PromoKit and let you know about any changes or improvements that you can make to get more gigs.

At GigSalad, we want you to share your talent often. We’re here to help every step of the way as you take your career in the entertainment industry to the next level.

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