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Children's Theatres

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Why Book Children's Theatres

I never would have guessed that little Red’s granny was a scary wolf! I’m so happy that Prince Charming found Cinderella’s slipper so they can live happily ever after! This is what you’ll hear from your kiddos when you treat them if you hire one of these children’s theatre groups for their upcoming party, assembly, or fair. All you’ll have to do is watch your kids’ eyes widen and jaws drop as they become enthralled by these talented characters acting out timeless, beloved children’s stories or special original plays.

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About Booking Children's Theatres

For school assemblies, public performances, private parties, and daycare centers, a children's theatre troupe can be the perfect choice. Keep your kiddos entertained for the entire event with these talented theatre groups specializing in children's entertainment. Many groups perform plays, skits and sketches to keep the lil' tikes entertained for hours! Whether you want a well known production or an original, these traveling theatre troupes will be the perfect ticket for your event.

Here's some easy tips for you to follow while hiring a children's theatre for your upcoming event. First, find a children's theatre that specializes in the type of show you want for your event. For example, is there a certain show you want to see? Or do you want the actors to interact with the kids? Next, you should ask to view video of their past performances and ask for references you can contact. This will help you make sure you're booking the best. Lastly, you should inquire about specifics. Like will the traveling theatre entertainment need a special type of floor or stage? Will you have to provide any props, make-up, etc. for the performers? Follow these tips, and you'll be ready to host a show-stopping event that your kids will never forget!