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Opera Singers

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Why Book Opera Singers

You’ve all heard the typical saying: “It ain’t over til the fat lady sings.” Well... you and your guests can actually live by that saying at your upcoming event by hiring one of these talented opera singers. The singer doesn’t have to be fat or even a lady... they just gotta have some darn good and powerful pipes. Whether you need someone to play Brünnhilde or Don Giovanni for your upcoming opera production or if you just want some soothing classical music at your wedding, these highly trained vocalists will leave you speechless... and your wine glasses shattered.

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About Booking Opera Singers

For black-tie affairs, gala receptions, wedding ceremonies, holiday parties or other formal occasions, an opera singer can be the perfect entertainment choice. Opera singers are highly refined vocalists, with training in methodology that has remained consistent for centuries. Often accompanied by a classical ensemble or a full orchestra, most professional opera singers who perform on-site at an event such as a party or corporate affair are accompanied by audio tracks that they bring with them, or by a solo classical pianist. Popular choices for a classical singer's songbook include works by Bach, Vivaldi, Haydn, Handel and other legendary classical music composers.

There are a few things you should do when hiring an Opera Singer. First, always listen to audio and watch video samples. This will ensure that you book the best for your special event. Next, be sure to get a contract. Make sure to read this carefully and watch for specifications made by the singer. Last, as with any other purchase you would make, read reviews and get references. Talk to people in the area and previous clients about the performer and get feedback.