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Radio DJs

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Why Book Radio DJs

Sick of the radio stations that play the same songs over and over? Want a personality that will get your listeners tuning and calling in to interact with your morning, afternoon, or drive-home show? These great radio DJs can give your station the boost it needs! A Radio DJ is the staple to any radio show. They are not only in charge of selecting appropriate songs for the station, but they also need to be engaging and entertaining to keep the listeners listening when the music isn't playing. Hire one of these Radio DJs for all your DJ-ing needs!

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About Booking Radio DJs

Radio DJs (Deejays) are notable for their personalities. At larger radio stations it is common for the playlist to belong to a predetermined protocol in which program directors generate the playlist, so radio DJs do not typically pick the music to play at stations. Emceeing becomes their primary duty. At smaller stations and independent or college radio stations, playlists are often chosen by the radio DJ and the "personality" him/herself becomes secondary.

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