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Teen Birthday Party Ideas

5 Tips for Your Teen’s Birthday

Teens at the party

Teenagers. We know how hard to please they can be. We know they’re going through a lot of awkward development. They’re great kids, of course, but the many transitions of growing up can be difficult. Well, there’s no time like a birthday to put all of that teenage angst aside and celebrate. Let’s throw them a party! We know, we know. Not such an easy task, right? Well, don’t fret, because we’re here to help you find that perfect party for your teen.


Impersonator or Tribute Band

Let’s face it, you’re not going to be able to book Lady Gaga or Justin Bieber for your teen’s party. But you can hire an Impersonator of their favorite singer. Or if it’s a band they dig, find a Tribute Band! If your teen dreams of taking the stage, ask the Impersonator or the Tribute Band to let them come up and belt out their favorite song.


Dance Party

Book a Cover Band or a Dance Band. Rent a Venue. Hire a Bartender to make fun, celebratory mocktails. Go all out! Make it a real dance party. We know you worry about appropriateness, but, as we’re sure they’ve reminded you over and over, your child’s not a child any more. They’re a teen, and granting them a little mature fun is a perfect way to satisfy them. Plus, if the party’s a hit, they’ll gain some cool points with their friends. Bonus!


Themed Party

Be careful with this one. Chances are, your teen does not want a lame dinosaur-themed party. They want something cooler. Pay attention to what they really love, and, more importantly, why they love it. For example, if your teen loves video games, an appropriate themed party would not necessarily be a house decorated in a particular game’s décor. Instead, allow your teen to invite over a bunch of friends for a tournament. Maybe hire a Caterer for finger foods. But don’t bother with much else. They probably wouldn’t have appreciated the decorations anyway. So just let them hang out with their friends. They’ll be happy.


Performance Party

If your teen is a budding performer (a singer, actor, musician, magician, whatever), why not create a party entirely around their passion! Here’s your chance to encourage them to succeed! Rent a Venue, an Emcee and maybe some Concessions. Also, definitely get a Videographer; you want to document your teen’s big debut! Make it like a real performance. Make sure every guest knows how much this means to your teen, so that no one laughs (unless they’re a comedian, of course!) or doesn’t take it seriously. This is their talent, their life dream. It’s important. Many teens don’t feel like they’re being noticed. Of course you notice. Of course you care. Tell them. Show them.


Sports Party

For the athletic or competitive types, set up a some fun, outdoor activities! Depending on your teen’s interest, the party can be a simple game of touch football, or you can create a number of games, Olympics-style. Invite a Sports Expert to educate the party, or hire a Sports Exhibition to truly wow your young sports fan! Make sure to contact some Party Rentals companies for safety gear and equipment. So there you have it. Hopefully, your teen will say under their breath, “Thanks, Mom and Dad.” That doesn’t sound like much of a reward, but any parent knows that, coming from a teen, it is.

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Three magic words... fun, food, and music. These are the key to throwing your teen a birthday party they'll love. Even if your teen insists they're too old for a birthday party, don't let this event slip by without a proper celebration. Their friends will be buzzing about the totally sweet party you threw for months!
Birthday Celebration

Teenagers often have a strong desire for independence, but that doesn't mean that mom and dad can't help plan a fabulous party. Whether you're planning a small teen birthday party for friends to socialize and hang out at your home or a large-scale birthday blast with bands and dancing, GigSalad can help you find the perfect teenage birthday entertainment and services for hire.

You're Invited...

Once you have decided to throw a teen birthday party, the first step is to set a party budget. Parties can be planned on a variety of budgets. Teens' expectations might exceed the budget, so be sure to involve the teenager in the party planning process. Give them your budget, and have them help make decisions about the number of guests, venue, entertainment, and food. By giving teens the opportunity to help plan their own party, you're giving them more responsibility and independence they want while still being involved in their life. Other important decisions to make are if the party will be co-ed and if chaperones will be needed. Depending on your budget, you might choose to purchase all party supplies and hire entertainment or decide to make invitations yourself and plan your own party games. Once you've determined all of these details, it is time to send out party invitations.

Party on!

One of the best ways to bring excitement to your party is by hiring entertainment. In general, guests will love listening to and dancing to music. Hire a band that matches the interest of the teen. Just a few options include hiring a Christian band, country singer, cover band, punk band, rock band, top 40 band, or tribute band. Hiring an event DJ or karaoke DJ is also a good way to add rocking music to your event without paying for a band. There are many other popular types of entertainment to hire for teen birthday parties. Comedians, hypnotists, and impersonators are very popular to have at teen functions. Fire performers and magicians also create a lot of excitement and amazement with teen groups.

Guests might also enjoy playing party games. Have your event DJ play music while guests compete in a game show or photo scavenger hunt event. Games and activities that match your party theme are also a great idea. If you're having a slumber party, make crafts, tie dye, or have a spa makeover at home. If you are planning an outdoor sports party, set up basketball, baseball, football, and a variety of other sports in your yard or at the park.

Down to Details

If you are planning a teen birthday party at a location other than a formal venue, it would be a good idea to add some party decor. You can purchase party decor from local party suppliers or online, or you can use items from around your home and make your own party decorations to match the party theme.

Many options are available for the menu of a teen birthday party. If you're running short on time, consider hiring a caterer and choosing from a list of their specialties and creative party food ideas. If you prefer to make the food yourself consider preparing the teenager's favorite food, or keep it simple by ordering pizza. If you're hosting an outdoor birthday party, grilling on the barbecue is also always a good idea.

Party All Night Long

A few other details you may want consider when planning your party are party favors and event photography. It is always a good idea to give your guests a party favor to thank them for attending your party. You can choose to purchase unique personalized party favors or give general themed favors. If you're feeling creative, consider hiring a video and photo booth company to provide both entertainment and a favor for your guests. Since you also want the memories of your party to last forever, consider hiring an event photographer to capture all of the special moments of the party, giving you the time you need to mingle with guests and with the teen. If you cannot afford a professional, make sure either you have a camera handy or designate a friend or family member to be in charge of photographs.

If all of this still sounds like a lot to take on, you could always hire an event planner to handle it for you. However, with the right resources you can do it yourself and have fun doing it. GigSalad is here to help you every step of the way as your one stop shop for all your party planning needs!