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Why book Randy Elvis Walker?

LOVE ELVIS! Get Randy Elvis Walker..."The Voice of Elvis" to perform at your next occasion. His authentic, energetic, exciting and electrifying "HUNK OF BURNING LOVE" along with his interactive shows, serenades all occasions. Treat yourself to be married by Elvis Las Vegas or Hawaiian Style! You can also have your favorite style created just for you. He will legally officiate and perform on your special day. He also performs at Parties, Corporate functions, Dinner Shows, Hawaiian Luaus, you name it... and he will bring the king live to your event. People feel like they're in the room with the one & only when he sings your favorite Elvis hits like, 'Love Me Tender,' 'Heartbreak Hotel,'





Randy Elvis Walker is Absolutely AMAZING !!!

I hired Randy Elvis Walker to officiate and perform at my wedding as a
surprise for my wife. He was absolutely AMAZING!!! He arrived early and was very passionate about every detail being the way I wanted. Mr Walker was very professional in following up with me prior to my wedding. His showmanship, his charisma, moves, voice and stage presence made everyone feel as if they were with Elvis Presley himself. Everyone called the next day to ask where did I find Randy Elvis Walker and that they were mesmerized by his personality and performance. Thank you Randy Elvis Walker for a AWESOME performance. I will recommend and rehire Mr. Walker without hesitation.
> A. Demouy, Bradenton, FL January 21, 2012

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Arthur D.
Event: Wedding Reception in Bradenton, FL
Event Date: Jan 21, 2010
Hired As: Elvis Impersonator

Response from Randy Elvis Walker:

Hello Mr. Demouy,
Congratulations on your very special and beautiful wedding! May you have a lifetime of love and happiness together.
Thank you very much for your comments and for making me a part of your special day. It was my pleasure and a delight to work with you and your wife.
God bless!
Randy Elvis Walker

Randy Elvis provided the most memorable night for my Mom!

I have to tell you, Randy and Alecia provided the most memorable night of my mom, Cora’s life. We were up until 4am that night watching videos and then woke up the next morning re-watching the videos again and again. Everyone at the party said that it was the absolute best birthday party that they have ever been to and Randy's performance was amazing. I truly appreciate you going above and beyond. I’ve never seen my mom as happy as she was that night. My dad said “Cora doesn’t need a doctor to help her move, she just needs Elvis!”. Thank you so much for a memorable evening! - Mark and Aimee

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Aimee A.
Event: Birthday Party in Fleming Island, FL
Event Date: Sep 21, 2013
Hired As: Elvis Impersonator

Response from Randy Elvis Walker:

Thank you Mark & Aimee,
Thank you very much for selecting me to share a part of Cora's memories. It was a pleasure working with you both to make Cora's day very special for her. She made it possible by being a good sport and a fun person to perform for. Cora is a very awesome person, friend and mother who is loved by all who knows her. You are blessed to have her. Thank you very much! Randy Elvis Walker

Aloha show in St Augustine, Fl

I thoroughly enjoyed the show. Randy Elvis Walker was awesome. He has the voice, moves, & chrisma just like Elvis. His interaction with the audiance was great. He was superb. Randy is a warm genuine person. He takes up time with the kids and the elderly. I highly recommend Randy Elvis Walker and his wife Alecia for any show you would like to have. They are very professional and easy to work with.

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Charlotte C.
Event: Fundraiser in St Augustine, FL
Event Date: Apr 20, 2013
Hired As: Elvis Impersonator, Elvis Impersonator, Tribute Artist

Response from Randy Elvis Walker:

Hello Charlotte,
Thank you very much for taking the time to write a review of my performance. Thank you for attending and supporting the event. I am very glad you enjoyed yourself. I do look forward to seeing you at other events.
Thank you! Thank you very much!
Best regards,
Randy Elvis Walker, TCB

Review by Marlene R.

I had the most amazing birthday party ever. No one knew at my party that I had Elvis performing. When the music started one of my friends said Elvis is in the building and then in walks Randy (Elvis) and all my friends stood up and clapped their hands in amazement. He exceeded all my expectations. He was amazing, electrificing and hot. I loved every minute of his performance. He paid attention to me, loved me, and put his energies to me and to everyone in the room. My friends, family joined in
with him and they loved everything about him, his voice, his manorism, how he sounded so much like Elvis. It has been 7 years and my friends and family still talk about the night they met Elvis and how wonderful he was with his voice and the attention he paid to all the people who attended my party. I will be 70 before I know it and Randy (Elvis) will be hosting hat party. I have recommende him to all my friends and they too have hired him to host their parties. There is no other who is so HOT,SEXY, MEMORIZING, BEAUTIFUL, SINCERE, LOVABLE than Randy. I love him to death and want him to sing at all my gatherings and at all my friends gatherings. He is amazing and a must see. GOD BLESS YOU KING

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Marlene R.
Event: Birthday Party in Hollywood, FL
Event Date: Aug 9, 2003
Hired As: Elvis Impersonator, Elvis Impersonator, Sound-Alike

Response from Randy Elvis Walker:

Marlene, Thank you very much for for taking the time to write a review for me. I have to tell you that you are an amazing woman in putting on such a elegant, fun and perfect party. Everything went well and with such details. Thank you for making me a part of your celebration. God bless you and your family. Thank you very much! Randy Elvis Walker.

Review by Christy W.

Hey I saw I had chance to also review you about your concert. That's one reason I hired you for the wedding. You really do him justice! I loved it all . It was so nice of you even during your show to adapt and do an accupella number for the one lady in the audience. It's a shame others started yelling request, I understand , but I know you still had a show to do. SO professional and down to earth. You also don't see many people come out and greet their fans after a concert. Performers usually snub the people that actually buy the tickets that pays them. But you gave us a chance to have a photo with you that made my night thankyou.I will be at your next concert August 16, 2010 in Sanford,Florida

Reviewer: Christy W.
Event: Concert Venue in St Augustine, FL
Event Date: Jan 3, 2010

Response from Randy Elvis Walker:

Thank you Christy for taking the time to write a review for me. I have always loved and admired Elvis and I enjoy bringing him live t his fans. It was a pleasure working with you. I enjoyed officiating and performing at your wedding. Thanks for the referrals and for attending my shows. Best regards, Randy Elvis Walker

Review by Christy . W.

Thank you Thankyou very much Randy ElviS Walker for performing our wedding ceremony, you were so thoughtful and warm and so ELVIS. You made our day also at the reception, when I closed my eyes , Elvis was actually there! I can't belive how you sound and perform so identical to the king. I would DEFINITELY recommend you to all for ANY event. You really keep it alive, Please add me to your fan club and event list. Alicia thankyou for all your input and ideas. Thankyou Randy Elvis Walker.

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Christy . W.
Event: Wedding Ceremony in Jacksonville, FL
Event Date: Jun 4, 2010
Hired As: Elvis Impersonator, Elvis Impersonator, Interactive Performer, Look-Alike, Sound-Alike, Tribute Artist, Wedding Officiant

Review by John . M.

What a eletricfying show!!!Randy Elvis Walker did such an awsome job to where you forgot that your there on such a sad day.Randy what can I say, YOU WERE THE GREATEST, Such a POWERFUL & RICH VOICE, and then you have all the moves,kicks, emotions, etc.... The walls were rattling, there was no better way I can think of to Honor Elvis on the 32nd Annaversary of his Death.You Bring Elvis back to life in our Hearts and Minds. Elvis himself would be totally amazed at all you put in your show. There's no better out there than Randy Elvis Walker. I can't wait till the next show as you put on such a amazing show, Your a total package, what tallent, I can't wait till the next show and get My Randy Elvis fix. Keep up the good work, you do Elvis himself PROUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewer: John . M.
Event: Concert Venue in St Augustine, FL
Event Date: Aug 16, 2009

Response from Randy Elvis Walker:

John, Thank you for taking the time to write a review. You know I am glad it became a celebration of life. Thank you for attending. We did honor him and celebrate his life, music and legacy. Elvis lives in all of us. God bless!

Review by Melodye . O.

We used Randy Elvis Walker before and didn't think twice before asking him to do My Birthday Party. With out a dout he was the life of the Party. He made me feel so very special, He sang anything I asked and everything else that didn't.I had no idea how many songs he knew, every song I asked for he knew. What a voice he has, so powerful and rich.{No other way to explain it, except he's got a GOD GIVEN TALLENT which he use's it to the fullest} He inclued all my guest into his show, everyone just loved him so much, and are still talking about the best party ever {my party}.Randy Elvis Walker is a Whole package,He has the voice, moves, personalty, jump suits.I would highly recommend Randy to anyone who wants a Elvis Show plus more fun than you could dream of, Elvis Randy Walker is your Man!!!!!!!!!!! I personaly cant wait till the next time I see him, as Randy ROCKS THE BUILDING, and he will make your walls SHAKE, RATTLE,ROLL TOO!!!!!!!!!!! Thank You SO MUCH , RANDY ELVIS WALKER & ALECIA for the BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!!! Melodye O

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Melodye . O.
Event: Birthday Party in Hastings, FL
Event Date: May 15, 2010
Hired As: Elvis Impersonator, Elvis Impersonator

Response from Randy Elvis Walker:

Thank you very much Melody! It was my pleasure performing for your special day. I truly appreciate the hospitality you and your family provided me. It was very easy and fun working with you. Thanks for rehiring me and for all the referrals. Thanks for taking the time to write the reviews for me. Best regards, Randy Elvis Walker

Review by Melodye . O.

RANDY Elvis Walker and his wife Alecia were so sweet kind and showed so much Love and Compassion at my Husbands Funeral, and at the same time they were very professional working with the Funeral Director and Pastor. He sang our favorite songs and helped me so much in my time of greif to make sure that everything was covered and aporiate. He sang with SUCH LOVE AND EMOTION that only Elvis himself could compare. Everyone comented that never in their lifetime have they been to such a LOVING and MOVING Funerl as my Husband's. And the only reason I pulled this off , was not me but Randy Elvis Walker and his beautiful wife Alecia!!! RANDY'S voice was so powerful , strong ,and rich , just like "Elvis Himself" all you had to do is close your eyes and you would not know the difference. I can never Thank Randy and Alecia enough for turning such a sad day into a SPECIAL day. I will no dought use Randy Elvis Walker in all my special events to come , and would HIGHLY RECOMEND Randy to anyone who's interested and wants a great party or event!!!!! Thanks again Randy and Alecia.

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Melodye . O.
Event: Funeral Service in West Palm Beach, FL
Event Date: Dec 12, 2009
Hired As: Gospel Singer

Response from Randy Elvis Walker:

Thank you very much Melody for rehiring me repeatedly and for the referrals, and also for attending my shows. Thank you for taking the time to write the reviews. All the best to you and your family. Thank you! Thank you very much! Randy Elvis Walker

Review by Denise K.

Randy Elvis Walker sang at the open house I had following my fathers funeral-he was fantastic and everyone was stunned at his performance-he was great.

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Denise K.
Event: Funeral Service in Jacksonville, FL
Event Date: Jun 25, 2009
Hired As: Elvis Impersonator, Elvis Impersonator

Response from Randy Elvis Walker:

Hello Denise,
Thank you very much for your feedback and for having me to share in the celebration of your father's life. Thanks to you and your family for your hospitality and for making me feel like family.
Thank you very much!
God bless!
Randy Elvis Walker, TCB
Phone: 904-687-1521 or 954-224-5005

Booking Info

  • Typical Gig: 5 - 300 minutes
  • Fee: Varies according to location and clients requests.
  • Languages: English
  • Unions: Other


Elvis lives in Randy Elvis Walker...his Charisma, Charm, Voice, Moves, Illusion, Excitement, and his Energetic, Electrifying and Interactive performance keeps the audience mesmerized and asking for more.

Randy Elvis Walker has performed on TVs & Radios, at Theaters, Performing Arts Centers, Football Games, Las Vegas, Memphis, Hard Rock, Seminole Casinos, Churches, Corporate functions, Officiates and performs at Weddings, Bat & Bar Mitzvahs, you name it!

Audiences are made to feel very special as if they are in the room with the one and only King himself. Experience the King at your event live!

Additional Booking Notes

Randy Elvis Walker will work with you to provide services to meet your needs such as DJ, Band, lighting, staging just for you and your special occasion.

Randy Elvis Walker

Randy Elvis has performed internationally, sharing his energetic, interactive, family-friendly tribute to the King of Rock & Roll with young and old, alike. Unforgettable Moves. The Voice of Elvis. Authentic Outfits. Charismatic. From a Hunk-A-Hunk-A-Burning Love to Love me Tender. From The Wonder of You to All Shook Up. Randy Elvis Walker leads his audience into a time machine when he steps out on stage.

Randy Elvis officiates weddings, appears on TV, conventions, Sports Events, and Fund-raising events at churches and other venues
RandyElvis officiates and performs at weddings, performs at Dinner Shows, Hawaiian Luaus, you name it... and he will bring the king live to your event. He has made several personal appearances on TV & Radio, performed at SOLD OUT Performing Arts Theaters, Seminole Casinos, Hard Rock, he sang the National Anthem at Sports games such as Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Miami Hurricanes & performed at various corporate events. He was the only impersonator to perform on the very same stage Elvis Presley performed in 1957 with Frank Sinatra at the World Famous Club Tropigala, Fontainebleau Hilton on Miami Beach. RandyElvis is a people pleaser who enjoys working with people with the satisfaction of watching them enjoy themselves. He has been an Elvis Presley fan and performer since he was four years old. Has always respected, admired and treasured Elvis' memory. For this reason, during his show, he works very hard at recreating the king's performance. He began his singing career in churches, for friends and neighbors, the community, and singing with his family's Country Western/Blue Grass Band where he would do the 50's, 60's, 70's, and Elvis music. RandyElvis has become a world renowned International entertainer who has devoted a tremendous amount of his time performing for charities such as American Cancer, Breast Cancer, Muscular dystrophy, Jerry's kids, Tony's Kids in Peru, Relay for Life, to name a few. He has sponsored and given his time and talent for shows to benefit the homeless & needy. RandyElvis has received several plaques & certificates in recognition for his outstanding performances, professionalism, caring and support for many charitable organizations. He has had the opportunity to perform with the Jordanaires in Las Vegas, to perform for Elvis' co-star Chris Noel, from the movie "Girl Happy" at the Ft. Lauderdale Film Festival, also for Elvis’s relatives such as Donna Presley in Las Vegas, Rick Stanley (Elvis’ step-brother), and Harold Lloyd at a convention in Orlando. RandyElvis had the privilege of meeting and singing with the performers of Elvis’ as well as his Entourage including the Imperials, The Jordanaires, Kathy Westmoreland, Charlie Hodge, JD Sumner and The Stamps Quartet, and The Blackwood Brothers at Mud Island, Memphis, TN where they were paying tribute to Elvis on the first Memorial Anniversary. He also met and performed for Karl Perkins‘s at the Omni Daisy Theatre.

RandyElvis met, sang, and had lunch with Mr. Sid Tepper at his home. Sid wrote many of Elvis' songs such as "G. I. Blues, "Puppet on a String" and such hits as "I'm Getting Nothing for Christmas" "Red Roses"

RandyElvis Walker’s amazing voice has on many occasions been mistaken as Elvis himself. He sings moves and dresses in authentic outfits like the KING. He was named Florida's top Elvis impersonator, has won many contests & awards. He has performed at various occasions such as weddings, concerts, corporate functions, clubs, Ships, hotels...you name it. Some of RandyElvis’ most meaningful and memorable performances were at Graceland, Blue Suede Shoes Saloon owned by Carl Perkins, Belle Streets, and other hotels and clubs in Memphis after Elvis’ death. In fact, one of the vendors in Memphis was so impressed with his performances that he gave him an authentic “Elvis in Concert” jacket with the signatures of Elvis, all Elvis’ Entourage including the Jordanaires, and Elvis’ girlfriend Ginger Alden who was with Elvis at that time. RandyElvis also performed on the Jerry Lewis Telethon as the feature performer. He was the featured artist at The 9th Annual Elvis Convention held in Orlando and sponsored by EP Continentals. "Don't miss RandyElvis Walker's live performance!"

Getting Married? Get RandyElvis Walker to officiate and perform at your wedding! Give an Elvis party! Celebrate an occasion or an event! RandyElvis looks forward to "Rock the House" with you! Thank you! Thank you very much! . He looks forward to working with you to make your event special and memorable. Secure Randy Elvis Walker NOW! http://www.randyelviswalker.com

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The Legendaires


Backup Singers













Hi Randy. I was at the VFW on Sunday evening with my sister. You sat on my lap and sang Let It Be Me and my favorite song you did 2 x was Burning Love. First I want to Thank you and your wife for such a great show. And second I saw that someone was taping the show, I was wondering how I could get a copy of the Disc. I would be willing to pay for it and do you have any Disc of your singing for sale? I would love to hear you again. What you did was so special for the cancer society. You were fantastic better than others I have scene. I saw Elvis twice and you are the closes to him. I hope to hear from you soon. And please send info on fan club.

– Sincerely, Kimberlee Bailes, Daytona Beach

Awesome! I had to such a good time ad screamed myself hoarse. I could not talk even after the show when you took pictures with me. I loved how you arrived in that long limousine which was donated by Jax Party Limos, I got his card. He was really a generous guy to donate his limo and driver for a ride on the town at the auction. You were just awesome from you got out the limo to the end of the show. Your show was the best ever. You were the best Elvis I have ever seen and I have seen lots of them. That was the best three hours with lots of fun. Looking forward to your next show.

– Dawn W, Daytona Beach, FL

Randy Elvis Walker! What can I say! Your show was just out of this world...like none other impersonator show I have seen. You are the best! You were just awesome and I am so very thrilled that I was able to attend your show and got to meet you. Will be at the 24th show. Thanks for a fun night.

– Sarah J, Daytona Beach.

Guys! All I can say is AMAZING! I have seen Elvis twice and I had to pinch myself you were so much like him in so many ways. You definitely had his mannerism, his VOICE, his movies, the outfits, and his charisma. You have it all. I have seen lots of guys impersonate but you do a true tribute to the king. you guys work very well together and put on a terrific show. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to see you. I think this is a wonderful thing you did for the Cancer Society. You will definitely see me on the 24th at the Relay.

– Janice, St. Augustine, FL

The King was in the building at the VFW. He truly rocked the place. People were coming in from everywhere once he started and they did not want to leave even after the show. People wanted more and wantedd pictures, cd's and videos. Anything to take with them. WOW! I cannot believe the AWESOME! FANTASTIC, ENERGETIC show you put on. Would not have missed the show and I am so glad I made it. Please let me know of your next perfomance. Thank you Elvis! You were just TERRIFIC!

The King was in the building at the VFW. He truly rocked the place. People were coming in from everywhere once he started and they did not want to leave even after the show. People wanted more and wantedd pictures, cd's and videos. Anything to take with them. WOW! I cannot believe the AWESOME! FANTASTIC, ENERGETIC show you put on. Would not have missed the show and I am so glad I made it. Please let me know of your next perfomance. Thank you Elvis! You were just AWESOME! Can't wait for the next show.

– Judy V, Jax Beach, FL

Hey guys! I was just bursting to tell ya! Randy and Alecia, what a team! You guys are just FANTASTIC! Your work together like a hand in a glove complimenting each other and Alecia attentive to every detals for you. I will not miss your next shows for the world. I have seen lots of Elvis impersonators and none can be compared to you. You cover all the Elvis art of moves, the voice was awesome, the charisma, and the people pleaser, teaser. This shows was the best and you even covered the eras of music. ASTONISHING! AWESOME! Thank you! Thank you very much!

– Carole G, Ormond Beach, FL

Randy your Concert was awesome! absolutely fantastic! out of this world! Your voice, your moves, they way you participate with the people, your charisma. WOW! I have seen Elvis three times and I thought I was with Elvis especially when I closed my eyes. Your voice is just awesome. Your wife was a very good asset to you. She was fantastic and worked with such ease, charisma and grace, very patient and cool. You guys make a fantastic team working together.

– Shirley S, Kissimmee, FL

Elvis was in the house at the Daytona Beach VFW last night. He was amazing! He has the voice, the moves, the illusion, and the moves of Elvis. Oh and his costumes were just awesome and fitted him like Elvis. Our Elvis was very charismatic and lots of fun. I almost missed the show since I had to come from Tampa. I am so very excited that I got to attend. When will be your next show Elvis?

– Laura, Tampa, Fl

Randy's performance was great, he entertain an attendance of aprox. 400 and everyone was impress with his singing and etertaining. He was representing our company on this event, and I have been approched by many of the participants, congratulating us because of his performance. He is just wonderfull!!!

-Gloria A

– -Gloria A

Elvis is alive and well. What an exciting night we had, it was so much fun. I would definitely recommend Randy to anybody that loves Elvis. The voice, the moves, and the clothes...Elvis, Elvis, Elvis.

-Marshal W

– Marshal W

I am a student at Florida International University and every year SOC, my organization which over sees over 150 organizations, plans our biggest event called Club Fair during the fall semester and the spring. The theme was Casino. I hired Randy Walker, an Elvis impersonator, to perform for an hour and throughout that hour I was so pleased to see how much the students and faculty alike truly enjoyed "Elvis" performance. From the moment I spoke made contact with his assistant to arrange the event, everything was smooth, professional, and fun, and worthwhile. I also liked how flexible Randy was when I made creative proposals to him prior to his performance. I can go on and on about Randy Walker but I don't have the space for it. I can tell you that aside from getting great responses from the students about Randy's performance, he also made the front page of our school's newspaper called the Beacon. It’s been the best Club Fair we've had in years and Randy presence just placed the icing on the cake as we say. My intentions in hiring a performer was to provide students to have a blast, learn some history, explore new things, dance a little, laugh, and most importantly, interactive. An

– -Kimberly C

He was just great and everybody enjoyed his performance. The way he mingled with the crowd was just great just like Elvis use to do it. We are very happy with his performance and would recommend him %100. He made that night unforgettable and will always be treasured by everybody who was fortunate enough to attend. Great job!!!! Brgds Joseph & Rita Navarro

-Joseph N

– Joseph N

Elvis was definitely alive at our event Friday Night! From the suit to the voice... Randy was amazing...his energy was electrifying. All of our guests were really surprised, especially the birthday boy. Thanks for everything!

-Pauline F

– Pauline F

Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! I have seen many impersonators but Randy Elvis has the voice, the moves, and the charisma of Elvis. He is truly a Tribute Artist because he does it Elvis' way. My husband, friends and family were all in awe. He interacted with everyone and made it fun. He was very accommodating with our request for changes in setup, and an earlier arrival than scheduled. He also took pictures and signed autographs for us. He was especially good with the children and seniors. Thank you very much Gigmasters. I will definitely recommend Randy for future bookings and I will have him at our next event since everyone is still calling to say what a good time they had. Elaine S. Orland, Florida

-Elaine S

– Elaine S

I simply cannot say enough about this performer! If you want an Elvis impersonator, you will not find better! Randy was communicative from the start. Accommodating of our every request. Randy has the look, the moves the costumes and the VOICE of Elvis...I would know, I saw Elvis perform live in Las Vegas many years ago and was a huge fan. He really made our event incredibly special. Our group ranged in ages from 7-65. When he came out, (and I had kept it a secret) people went crazy. Cameras came out, cell phone were texting and sending photos, and the entire time Randy worked the crowd like the true kind hearted professional that he is. I have a sister with Downs syndrome who adores Elvis, has his pictures in her room. Randy paid special attention to her and even danced and sang three numbers just to her. If you had seen the look on her face it was priceless! I will use Randy again in a heartbeat. He is sure to take anyone's event "Over the top". Randy's wife Alecia also deserves mention as she really goes all out to make sure things go smoothly during the performance. Heartfelt thanks to you both! Sincerely, Christine N, Tallahassee FL.

– -Christine N

Awesome show! Elvis was in the house on our set at MEGA TV.
His charisma, his stage presence, his way of working the audience, his Elvis voice and moves were just astonishing.
GREAT job Randy Elvis!
Thank you very much!

– Entertanment Producer & Staff

Randys performance was spectacular to say the least. Me and my family enjoyed every moment of it. He's fantastic charasmatic and so very talented i would most definetly recomend him for anyone in need of an Elvis impersonator.


– Christy D,

I hired Randy Elvis Walker for 5 special songs at my wedding. He was absolutely everything Elvis was and would have been if the true King of Rock and Roll were there himself. I was looking for someone that possessed that “Wow” factor and by gosh he had every bit of it. I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for an Elvis impersonator. He was the real deal, from the perfect pitch, voice, and dance moves all the way through to the smallest details on the out fit. Even my new family, who are anything but Elvis fans, thought he was Awesome. All I can say is Thank You Randy for making Elvis come alive. Truly, Robert Allen

Robert A.

– Robert A

Elvis and Alecia made our event! They were very professional and seemed very excited about performing for us and entertaining our guests. They asked for lots of information beforehand and customized just for us. Our somewhat quiet guests had a great time throughout the evening. Even the Grandmothers were up dancing away!! I truely believe after seeing him in person that Randy Elvis Walker is actually "The King"!! Thank you Elvis and Alecia for a wonderful evening!! We'll definitely do it again sometime.

-Cecilia J

– Cecilia J

We hired Randy for a surprise performance for our parent's special anniversary. My parents (who had seen the real Elvis is 1956) loved him. He put on a great performance, was very accomodating, and had a great voice. We were very happy.

-Leslie G

– Leslie G

WOW! Extremely talented! Incredible! I hired Randy "Elvis" Walker to perform for my birthday party. I had a small gathering of close friends and wanted to do something special for them. I am so glad I chose Randy! He had everyone up dancing having fun and truly enjoying the evening! He was a true gentleman with an incredible voice, showmanship and personality! Good clean fun and entertainment. We haven't stopped talking about it! I would have them back over and over. I am already thinking about my next party. You can't go wrong inviting him to your home for a small gathering or to large function. He will be sure to rock the house! Thank you very much!

-Kathe K

– Kathe K

Dynamite! Randy Elvis was ELVIS at our party. There were guests who had actually seen Elvis in person and were amazed at how much Randy's voice, moves, personality and charisma were perfectly like the King himself. I have received calls the next morning from almost everyone raving about our Elvis and how much fun they had. Randy Elvis will take you down Memory Lane with the King. He was very professional and prompt he even arrived earlier to setup. If you want Elvis and fun, I recommend him without a doubt.
-Vivian J

– Vivian J

Randy performance was GREAT! Sandra, Paola and Roxana can not say enough about how awesome Randy was. We wanted to give our mother a surprise and also something exciting and special. WOW!!!!!!!!we got the right performer. He is a great singer and dancer,and his assistant Alicia was so nice too! They both worked excellent together. We loved his outfits, we loved his moves and of course his voice! Our mother had an unforgettable birthday party thanks to Randy and Alicia. We danced all night and the little ones had fun too! The show was way more than we expected. Thank you gigmasters! Thank you Randy and Alicia we love you! xoxo ELVIS!

-Sandra I

– Sandra I

Randy "Elvis" Walker was truly an amazing performer. The audience was clearly impressed with his vocal ability and stage presence. His performances were full of high energy that drew audience members to dance with him. His wife Alecia did an extraordinary job in stage setup and decorations which provided a "theater" presence. Overall, this event was truly memorable at the South Regional Broward Community College Library.

-Desiree R

– Desiree R

Randy did a great job and was very accommodating. Our group loved him.

Diana S

– Diana S

Randy was a true professional and very compassionate to all the residents. They loved him! I had many, many compliments on his show this Wednesday afternoon. An awesome show!!
Ann G

– Ann G

Randy was wonderful! He prepared a special song list for us, completely engaged our guests and really made our wedding reception special. No one will ever forget him! He truly sounded like Elvis, his voice wonderful and his performance entertaining. We would definitely recommend Randy to anyone looking for a true Elvis experience! Diana and Jason Michel

– Diana D


Louise R

– Louise R

Randy Elvis Walker made the party a huge and smashing success!! He absolutely took the crowd by storm and involved all of the guests in his performance!! I would highly recommend him in the future due to the fact that his voice, enthusiasm and ability to work with the crowd was exceptional. We will most definitely recommend him and utilize him the future. Thanks a million to Randy Elvis Walker for helping to make my brothers 40th Birthday a truly memorable event of a lifetime! Thanks again! Andrew

– Andrew O

Awesome! Fantastic Job! The Best I have ever seen or heard next to Elvis ..2nd to Elvis

Set List

Randy Elvis Walker has created various set lists to satisfy any of your special occasion, theme, wedding and your requests.

Influences & Inspiration

I have been influenced by my love, admiration and respect for the man and his music..Our American Idol, the King of Rock & Roll... Elvis Aaron Presley.

Setup Requirements


DJ, SmallTable, Electrical outlets, variies according to the client and their needs.

Equipment varies according to the needs of the client

Equipment varies according to the needs of the client

Equipment varies according to the needs of the needs of the client