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About 2-R-MORE

Those who've seen this group will testify these folks are for real & anointed. It's not a show or entertainment. Their message of the Gospel & truth is delivered with true heart felt emotions filled with faith, hope, love & joy making it hard for anyone not to be Spiritually moved. You’ll want to clap your hands, tap your toes, maybe feel like dancing & yet at times shed a tear. Many affirm their message with AMEN & shout HALLELUJAH. Many have sought the Lord for Salvation during their services while the altars have been flooded with others for various reasons.
They're on fire with desire & go out to uplift the name of their Lord & Savior Jesus Christ giving Him all glory, honor & praise.




"Awesome Service"

By Ricky M. on November 15, 2012

There are so many things I can say about 2 -R-More. They were prompt in getting us advertising material. Even though they were booked many months ahead Hugh kept in touch with me by email & phone. They were prompt on arrival and when they ministered to us that morning it was a mix of laughter and inspiration . The main thing for us was they took the time to pray with our church people who identified with their message. This was the second time they have been with us and we have already booked them for next year. All around great group of people who the Lord.

Hired as: Singing Group

Booking Info

  • Typical Gig: 30 - 120 minutes
  • Fee: $400-$800 and up
  • Languages: English
  • Unions: None


A mixed trio of Bible believing God fearing Christians using original, hymns & other Christian songs to deliver the Gospel & truth with heart felt emotions that will have your hair tingling & raise the Holy Ghost bumps all over your body. You will know without doubt the Lord has anointed these artists & called them to use their God given talents to be a witness & testament of His love, grace, mercy & gift of Salvation. Delivering words that will encourage faith, hope, love, peace and trust. They have a vocal blend unique to them which will capture your attention as they alternate leads between various songs. You will find it difficult to sit still in your seat, keep from clapping your hands, tapping your toes, hugging somebody, shouting HALLELUJAH and saying AMEN. Some may feel like dancing and at other times even shed a tear. The Holy Spirit will move within you & the presence of the Lord will be felt as blessings will flow. The Lord will be in the midst and His presence will be welcomed. Many will be moved to come to the altar for various reasons & some will seek Salvation. It is truly a time to worship the Lord & fellowship with the Lord & with one another. A time you can truly relax and forget about the trials & tribulations of the world on the outside giving your full attention to worshiping the Lord. A time to forgive & forget. Most will find reviving in their heart & leave the concert/song service changed for the better.

Additional Booking Notes

Where possible and allowed the group will drop a signal line from their mixing board to the venue sound system. With this type of hook up the venues sound system would become a slave to the groups system as the group would use the venues house amps, monitor and speakers but controlling all the mix & mastering through the groups mixing board and processors. This allows the group to mix and master the output sound as needed without really changing the controls on the venues mixing board or sound system. If this arrangement is not acceptable the group always carries a full sound system with them. The group ask that also where possible the pulpit/podium and platform be clear so the group will be visible to the congregation/gathering. The lady in the group is short and many times can be hidden behind a pulpit/podium. It is also ask that there be a a place allowed to set up a ministry item table so the group can display their CD's and other ministry items. In most cases the group would like to have access to the venue at least 2 hours prior to time the service is schedule to start. This allows time to set up equipment, make sound checks, change clothes and prepare for worship.


2 - R - MORE
Gospel Music Ministries
Background Info
Singers: Hugh C. Culbreth, W. Chad Jackson & Pamela Joan Mahaffey)
(Sound: Hiley Mahaffey)

The Word of God tells us in Matthew 18:20 “where two or three are gathered in His name - there He will be.” This verse inspired the naming of this Southern Gospel mixed trio. 2-R-More is comprised of singers, songwriters, evangelists and ministers of the Gospel. The group members come from different denominations with different musical talents which gives them a unique sound of their own. The message delivered through original songs is full of the Gospel and truth and inspired by God. The current group was formed in the spring of 2001 and has continue the same line up of members.

They have shared the stage with many of today’s top Southern Gospel artists including: The Nelons, Karen Peck & New River, Jeff & Sheri Easter, Gold City, The Kingsmen, The Perrys, Dove Brothers, The Crabb Family, The Bradys, The Dixie Melody Boys, The Freemans, The Anchormen and many more. Their Live DVD is currently being aired by Gospel Music Television, Family Friendly Entertainment, Dove Broadcasting, Gospel Music Today and many other Independent TV Stations across the United States, Canada and UK. Their singles are being played on internet, satellite and regular radio airwaves all over the world. Chartings have reached as high as number 6. There is so much energy and excitement in their delivery of the Gospel and truth it’s difficult to sit still in your seat and not clap your hand and tap your feet. The Lord has definitely laid His anointing on these people and their works.

Hugh C. Culbreth - his vocal range is from 2nd Bass to 2nd Tenor. Sometimes he takes the lead and at other times he is singing harmony for the group. He has been singing since he was four years old and has played many instruments including the piano, violin, banjo, flute, bass and continues to play the guitar. Growing up, Hugh was the son of a performer and often times sang on stage along with his siblings during his Father’s shows. Hugh is married to Karen and they have 3 children and 4 grandchildren. Hugh spent three years in the military, serving one year in Vietnam. Hugh’s vision for this group has always been the same, keep Jesus in the forefront, plant the seed of salvation and allow God to use 2-R-More to bring His Message at any opportunity possible. Hugh also has penned many Christian songs. Many of them are recorded and being performed by the group.

Joan Mahaffey - her vocal range is from 1st Alto to 2nd Soprano. Sometimes she sings the lead and at other time she sing harmony for the group. Joan is married to Hiley Mahaffey who operates the sound for the group at all of their concerts. Together, they have three children, four grandchildren and one great-granddaughter. She began singing at only three years old. Joan shares, “I remember at three when my dad put me up in front of the church to sing “Jesus Loves Me!’” She also has penned a beautiful song titled, “Testimony”. Joan’s ultimate goal in life is to plant seeds for Christ for the coming of the Lord is drawing nigh.

W. Chad Jackson - his vocal range is from Baritone to 2nd tenor for the group. He also sometimes sings the lead and at other time sings the harmony. Chad is married to Tanya and they have 3 children. They had been foster parents but now have gone on to adopt two children into their home as their own. One is a child of special need. It takes special people to receive children from another home into their home and treat them as their own. Chad had sung in a solo ministry until joining 2-R-MORE in March of 2001. He has written a couple of songs for the group and has more in his heart to pen. He gives God the praise, honor and glory for all of his talents, gifts and opportunities as He makes the way possible for 2-R-More to share the Gospel through song, witness and testimony.

All praise,honor and gloryare to God

The team providing the talent:

Hugh C. Culbreth


Pamela Joan Mahaffey


W. Chad Jackson


Hiley G. Mahaffery

sound engineer

Set List

The group does not have a preset set list. They will be respectful of time frames but seek the Lord for guidance. Although there is some plan to their set and actions as they pray before each service they continue to be open for change during their delivery. The group seek the direction of the Lord to determine what songs or mix of songs are to be used during any service. They stay open to this throughout the service allowing the Lord to lead the entire service and ready to make changes as lead. They announce that the altar is open at all times and are always prepared to have an altar call as lead.

Influences & Inspiration

Although there are artist that have influenced the members of this group it would be hard to list the specific ones that had a direct impact on their vocals as they are today. Each member came from different backgrounds and had their own preferences in music. Due to these differences their styles in writing and vocal deliver vary somewhat which makes their sound very unique. They don’t try to sound like someone else. They just turn their God given gifts and talents loose and allow the message to flow and it does with power and emotion. With each one of them capable of carrying a lead on a given song and each one picking up the harmony line as needed they deliver a variety of blended vocals.

Setup Requirements

Minimal amount of stage room required. Would like to have around and 8 X 10 or larger but will work with whatever is available. Would like to have pulpit/podium moved if possible.


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