Trumpets of Joy

Why book Trumpets of Joy?

Truthfully, the Trumpets of Joy is a Traditional Gospel Quartet trying to crossover into the Southern Gospel Genre. Why? A fan of Bill Gaither and Jason Crabb, I've heard them on a Gaither Special featuring the Crabb Family while discussing bridging the gap of Traditional Gospel and Southern Gospel music. Bill Gaither and TD Jakes collaberated together and there was a service put together at TD Jakes church, the Potter House.

It would be great for groups such as The Isaacs and the Martins coming into black churches and the Trumpets of Joy and other traditional groups going into white churches. Not saying that it hasn't happened but there should be more of it. What a collaboration!



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Booking Info

  • Typical Gig: 30 - 90 minutes
  • Fee: "$300 and up"
  • Languages: English
  • Unions: None


A group that is not there to entertain but to minister. With God's annointing the Trumpets of Joy come to lift up the name of Jesus on one accord.

Additional Booking Notes

Chordless for lead, monitors for drummer, lead guitar, guitarist, bass, keyboardist, and two background singers. Boom stands for drummer, backgrounds, keyboardist and bass.

Past Booked Events

10/21/12 Gospel Lights 60th Anniversary - Ebenezer Baptist Church, Pgh, PA - 4:00 PM
10/20/12 Church of Christ, Bridgewater, PA - 6:00 PM
09/23/12 TOJ 50th Anniversary, Steubenville, OH - 4:00 PM
09/15/12 NQC, Louisville, KY
09/14/12 NQC, Louisville, KY
09/13/12 NQC, Louisville, KY
09/12/12 NQC Louisville, KY
09/11/12 NQC, Louisville,, KY
09/10/12 NQC, Louisville, KY
09/09/12 NQC, Louisville, KY
09/02/12 One Voice for Christ, Hookstown, PA - TBA
09/01/12 Man Camp, Mingo Jct, OH - 6:00 PM
08/19/12 Macedonia Baptist Church, Wheeling, WV - 4:00 PM
08/18/12 Freak Fest, Salineville, OH - TBA
07/28/12 August Wilson Center, Pgh, PA - TBA
07/14/12 First Baptist Church, Ellwood, PA - 7:00 PM
07/08/12 Gospelfest, Wheeling Park Amphitheater, Wheeling, WV- 6:00 PM
07/07/12 King of Kings Baptist Church, Pgh, PA 2:00 PM
06/23/12 New Holy Temple COGIC, Aliquippa, PA - 6:00 PM

Trumpets of Joy

Mission Statement

The Trumpets of Joy have been called to the ministry of music to praise His name, cry loud, encourage, and proclaim the goodness of the Lord. Their ministry is for those in the body of Christ to remain steadfast and to tell those outside that Jesus saves.


The Trumpets of Joy is a gospel male quartet originated the year of 1952 in the steel working town of Aliquippa, Pennsylvania by William "Shorty" Freeman. At that time the group name was the Golden Bells and in 1962 the name was changed to the Trumpets of Joy. When William Freeman passed the group was passed down to his son Pastor Joe Louis Freeman, Sr. and the group has continued on lifting up the name of Jesus.

The group has three of the original members, which is the following lead singers: Pastor Joe L. Freeman,Sr.(76), Deacon Babe Lott(83), and Deacon Roscoe Peake, Sr(83). Also, the group has third generation members of the Freeman Family (Joe L. Freeman, Jr., A. Glenn Freeman, Minister Dwight Sims, and Kevin Freeman, Sr.) and along with the rest of the members (Vernon Young, Elder Michael Kirkland, and Quentin Newsome).

The group has traveled to Indiana, Ohio, Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, and North Carolina. Throughout this journey many have been called home to live with the Lord and the group has revamped and added some new school flavor with the old school wisdom which has created a vision to record and minister throughout. Leads Deacon Lott (83), Roscoe Peake, Sr. (83), and Pastor Freeman (76) have an everlasting energy to let the world know that Jesus lives. From 244 Spaulding Street to 1010 Irwin Street the group has been in the woodshed practicing parts and making preparations on releasing a live CD. Memories of concerts that William Freeman promoted at the now demolished Jones School still stay in the memoirs of TOJ.

May 2010 the Trumpets of Joy released their first CD entitled, “Come on Here!” With songs such as: “Thank You Jesus”, “He Won’t Leave You Alone”, “Whatsoever You Need”, “Rest For the Weary”, and “On Wings of Love” is just a few that have that quartet flavor which makes you clap your hands and stomp your feet.

TOJ is back in the woodshed in 2012 practicing and preparing for their sophomore project, which will hear them singing with a widespread of harmonies and genres. Look for songs such as: “Sweet Hour of Prayer”, “Love Lifted Me”, “Martin: He Had a Dream”, “Jesus Loves Me”, "One More Time" and “Watcha Gonna Do, When the Horsemen Come.”

TOJ will attend the National Quartet Convention September 9-15 in Louisville, Kentucky. TOJ is trying to build a bridge within the southern gospel music and traditional gospel music ministries and the NQC is a great place with such great artists as Bill Gaither Vocal Band, Jason Crabb, The Crabb Family, Martins, Isaacs, Hoppers, and etc.

Set List

List could vary but certain songs would be ministered such as:

Jordan River, Thank You Jesus, Jesus Loves Me, On WIngs of Love, Sweet Hour of Prayer, Martin: He Had a Dream, Never too Late, Search Me Lord, Oh Lord.....I need You to Help Me, Satisfied with my Jesus, and If I Could Hear My Mother Pray Again.

Influences & Inspiration

Violionaires, Lee Williams and the Spiritual QC's, Gaither Vocal Band, The Hoppers, The Martins, The Isaacs, Mighty Clouds of Joy, Willilam Brothers, Ernie Haase and Signature Sound, Soul Searchers, Dixie Hummingbirds. Darrell McFadden, and Doc McKenzie.

Setup Requirements

boom mic for the back singers, bass guitarist, keyboardist, and drummer (5)

carpeted or rug for drums

Chordless mics for soloist (2 or 3)

drums microphoned

drums on risers, if able......need to see soloists (move around a lot)

monitors for all singers and musicians

tea (green tea) w/honey, peppermint oil, apple cider vinegar, and Halls (honey) before singing

water and gatorade


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