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Why book Simply Fajr?

Simply Fajr is an inspiration of positive change for young and adult women everywhere. Simply Fajr motivates females to make good, healthy, and more productive decisions when it comes to schooling, careers, relationships, family, self respect and body image just to name a few.

By using her own life experiences along with stories from other women, Simply Fajr is an example of how to make the correct choices for our life's mission, and understanding that making, what is considered, the wrong decision does not stop our mission, it only redirects it.

A native of Detroit, Mi. and resident of Nashville, Tn., Simply Fajr has learned that adversity does not limit the possibility of change.



Fajr is a Queen!!!

I love this page. Liberation!!

Reviewer: Kay B.
Event: Religious Celebration in Cleveland, OH
Event Date: Dec 28, 2011

Awe Striking!

This young lady has the ability to put people into the right shoes! We had her speak to the young ladies in our youth organization, and she held nothing back from them. As they say, "she kept it real!" allowing the group to see the error of her ways, and how she was able to turn herself around, offered them a great sense of hope.

If you are looking for a speaker who can relate to any group, Simply Fajr is the one.

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Lena T.
Event: Workshop in Cleveland, OH
Event Date: Apr 29, 2011
Hired As: Motivational Speaker, Leadership/Success Speaker, Spoken Word Artist

youthful Inspiration

having hear Fajr for the first time on a radio program I knew she was blessed I cant even remember what she said but i do remembering thinking this younglady knows what shes talking about. We dont know each other very well at all but from what I have seen from you all I can say is, youuu gooo girrrl (since i cant use caps)lol

Reviewer: darlene e.
Event: Grand Opening in Cleveland, OH
Event Date: Sep 10, 2011

Booking Info

  • Typical Gig: 60 - 180 minutes
  • Fee: $350 and UP
  • Languages: English


Simply Fajr will make you laugh at times with her real life events, and make you cry at times from some of them. She will do some Spoken Word Poetry to keep the crowd enthused while engaging the crowd into conversations that promote cognitive thinking skills, respect, understanding of self and positive reinforcement. She brings gifts for groups of young girls, depending on the size of the crowd and she never lets anyone leave with out answering their questions. She will definitely give personal accounts to relate to the audience and ask that confidentiality be entrusted when the audience reveals their personal stories.

Additional Booking Notes

A microphone and a stage is all I need to perform. At times I will need a house band, but depending on the event, a CD player and someone to control it will work as well. On the other hand, if you want my Vocalist to sing, or me to bring a band, the proper equipment would be expected (i.e.: microphones with stands, speakers, stage area, 2 amps, cords, 4-5 stools or seats, water, electricity, proper lighting and et cetera.)

Past Booked Events

06/30/13 Oakland, California
03/23/13 San Francisco, California
03/09/13 Oakland, California
12/09/12 Styled The Host of an upcoming internet show
12/02/12 Styled the host of an upcoming internet show
11/18/12 Styled the host of an upcoming internet show
06/10/12 Styled Hair for Models @ The Sister's Summit Fashion Show, Oakland, Ca.
06/10/12 Styled Looks for Models @ The Sister's Summit Fashion Show, Oakland, Ca
06/07/12 Hosted Brown Sugar Serenades, Oakley California
05/23/12 Featured Spoken Word @ the Xecutive Lounge, Cleveland, Ohio
04/19/12 Old Stone Church, GED Class
03/22/12 Time Management Workshop, Cleveland Hts, Ohio
02/16/12 Time Management Workshop, Cleveland, Ohio
01/30/12 Gallagher Middle School, Cleveland, Ohio
01/19/12 Old Stone Church, GED class
12/20/11 John Hay High School, 9th Grade Class
12/18/11 Mentoring Session, We Are Hair 4 You, Cleveland, Ohio
11/11/11 Motivational Speaking @ Urbean Joe's Cafe', Cleveland, OH
11/08/11 Spoken Word @ the B Side Liquor Lounge, Cleveland Hts, Ohio
11/04/11 Touch of Elegance, 1633 Lee Rd, near Mayfield
11/02/11 Kurt's Getaway Bar & Grille, 8909 Garfield Blvd, Cleveland, Ohio 44125
10/23/11 Mentoring Session, We Are Hair 4 You, Cleveland, Ohio
10/19/11 Spoken Word @ the Xecutive Lounge, Cleveland, Ohio
10/18/11 Spoken Word @ the B Side Liquor Lounge, Cleveland Hts, Ohio

Simply Fajr

Raised by a single mother in the most down trodden areas of Cleveland, Ohio. Dawn learned early on about the importance of belief in a Higher Power, and that adversity and struggle, both, build character.

Her mother did the best she could, on public assistance, from time to time picking up a job, living in low income housing and ending up in St. Catherine's Homeless Shelter for Women before moving in with her mothers sister in Youngstown, Ohio, but Dawn understood that everything happens for a reason.

Not to be mistaken as a statistic, she ultimately takes control of any situation that may seem to be unraveling. Now as a single mother, Spoken Word Artist, Motivational Speaker, mentor, Fashion and jewelry designer Dawn has come to grips with the things that have haunted her since childhood through her artistic abilities.

In 2000, Dawn embraced the coming of her first child, which ended in tragedy on April 29, 2001 when the infant, Gary Rakwon Keaton Jr., died from complications due to Gestational Diabetes and was still born.

Once again, she had to come to grips with the reality that the Creator does not make mistakes. She began writing poetry on a consistent basis, filling up journals with thoughts, emotions and ideas. Her first poetry slam was when she was in Community College and she met up with long time, inspiration and friend, Nolana "Liberty" Price, who is also a performance poet. Her love for writing, expression and inspiring continues to grow as she realizes that her words change hearts and minds. For years, flashbacks would haunt her from things that had happened to her, and things that she had done, but as an adult, she uses the stage and platform as an opportunity to heal herself as well as others.

Finally gaining her diploma in 1995 from John Hay High School, a year later than what was expected of her, she began her college career. She moved from David N. Myers, to Cuyahoga Community College, to online college and Fashion Design school learning enough to understand the gift of a higher education. However, she completed a Cosmetology Program and became a licensed, Managing Cosmetologist, as well as, a Cosmetology Instructor and completed a course in Medical Assisting with Honors. She is also the CEO/Lead Designer for Artistik Revolution ( established in 08/2007, Program Developer/Coordinator of We Are Hair for You: Soul Sisters Mentoring Program, Developer of The Attractive Ones, (The Attractive Talent Management) and author of P.U.M.A Girl pt. 1 (

The team providing the talent:

Tee Tee So Pretty


The Attractive Ones

Management Agency

Set List

Golden-Jill Scott (Instrumental)
Everybody Loves the Sunshine-Roy Ayers (Instrumental)
What's Going On-Marvin Gaye (Instrumental)

Influences & Inspiration

Rene' Godefroy, Pamela Hubbard, Queen Lady Gilmore, Maya Angelou, Bono, Erykah Badu,Yasiin Bey a.k.a Mos Def, Janelle Monae', Nikki Giovanni, Amiri Baraka and so many more. I enjoy watching and listening to people who are who they pretend to be.

Setup Requirements

1-2 quality speakers

1-5 quality microphones with stands

1-5 stools or chairs

2 quality amps with cords

2-10 Deer Park Waters


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