Silk Sisters

Why book Silk Sisters?

Silk Sisters have been captivating audiences all over the world with their power, graceful athleticism and innovative style. The girls are known for their DOUBLE TISSUE Act, DOUBLE HOOP(L'ocho) Act, Triple Tissue Act, Kabuki Hoop Act, and Cirque Bar (serving drinks while hanging upside down). Silk Sisters also hold an array of talent on IN-SYNC Lyra, Fabric & Cloud swing, Spanish Web, Pole Athletics, Fire and Stilts. Having performed with such companies as the Moscow State Circus, Motley Crue, Cisco, Universal Citywalk, and many other high profile events, they continue to create new ways to express their talent as they perform all around the globe.



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Booking Info

  • Fee: varies
  • Insurance: 5,000,000 Liability - We can have a certificate issued with client listed as an additional insured for no additional charge.
  • Languages: English, French
  • Unions: SAG, AGVA


Please see our website at

Additional Booking Notes

We Have a Portable Rig that can go to 15', 17,' or 20' Foot high for a variety of Venues. Space should be 15 X 20 to set up.
We also have a smaller portable rig to do Cirque bar from that is only 14 feet high and needs a 14 foot base.

Past Booked Events

03/20/10 Hollywood and HighLands Grand Ballroom
03/18/10 See What I'm Saying Opening Egyptian Theatre
03/09/10 Fairmont Hotel Santa Monica
02/19/10 Gold Country casino
02/18/10 Gold Country Casino
12/31/09 New Years at Chichanga Casino
09/26/09 Kids for Cancer Century City with Party Animals
09/19/09 Powder Show Key Club
09/18/09 La Jolla Dirty 30 Party
09/12/09 Qualcomm Stadium performing off Helium Balloons
09/07/09 Bahrain Naval Base Labor day festivities
09/06/09 Bahrain Naval Base
08/29/09 Universal Citywalk
08/28/09 Universal Citywalk
08/22/09 Universal Citywalk
08/21/09 Universal Citywalk
08/15/09 Universal Citywalk
08/14/09 Universal Citywalk
08/08/09 Universal Citywalk
08/07/09 Universal Citywalk
08/01/09 Universal Citywalk
07/31/09 Powder Universal
07/31/09 Universal Citywalk
07/25/09 Universal Citywalk
07/24/09 Universal Citywalk
07/22/09 Beverly Park Private Event
07/18/09 Universal Citywalk
07/17/09 Universal Citywalk
07/11/09 Universal Citywalk
07/10/09 Universal Citywalk
07/04/09 Universal Citywalk
07/04/09 Club Tatou
07/03/09 Club Tatou
07/03/09 Universal Citywalk
06/27/09 Universal Citywalk
06/26/09 Universal Citywalk
06/07/09 Sobar Benefit
05/16/09 San Juan Capistrano Prom
05/16/09 Santa Monica Pier 100th Anniversary Celebration
05/10/09 Momentum Place Topanga
05/07/09 Pete Smalls is Dead Movie Shoot
05/02/09 Powder Show Key Club
04/29/09 Carnival Hollywood
04/19/09 Guantanamo Bay with Party Animals
02/27/09 Rowland Heights Award Show
02/15/09 50th Birthday Party Huntington
02/07/09 Chinese New Year Celebration Universal Hilton
01/31/09 Red Party Life Thru Arts
01/24/09 Powder Key Club

The team providing the talent:

Buffy Hornung

Aerialist / Stilts / Fire

Ninette Terhart

Stilts / Fire

Jaqui Kreisler

Contortionist / Aerialist / Stilts

Sarah Anderson

Aerialist / Stilts / Fire

Lexi Pearl

Aerialist / Stilts

Katia Sereno

Aerialist / Hand Balancing

Setup Requirements

From a simple chair to full-blown stage and lighting, there are certain configurations and needs that many performers and service providers require in order to provide the best possible experience at your event. Get a free quote request to check with Silk Sisters to find out what their setup requirements are.

Free Quote Request


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