Why book Serious?

I was born to make music. I love hip hop and I love God. I have married the two and enjoy showcasing my talents as a Christian Rapper. I am very versatile as I can sing or rap.



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Booking Info

  • Typical Gig: 120 - 240 minutes
  • Fee: $250-2,000
  • Insurance:
  • Languages: English, Spanish


Exciting, Full of energy, spirit-filled, and fun!!

Additional Booking Notes

ability to play cd player with my music or have a usb connector


Serious is a die-hard hip hop lover. She has been in love with the genre since the age of 12, longing to follow the likes of Queen Latifah and MC Lyte. It turns out, she did, but for the GLORY OF GOD. Apart from being a Christian Rapper, Serious is an Ivy League graduate and a reverend! Seems contradictory, but with God there are no contradictions. She is also Executive Producer of an urban inspirational radio show called @theyeshour. She resides in Elmont, New York with her family.

The team providing the talent:


Main Artist

Set List

Normally perform Live, Fitted Cap, Thirsty, Dat Doctor and any new material. My set's usually last about 15-20 minutes and are always particular the event and attendees.

Setup Requirements

Equipment that plays CDs, cordless microphone, working speaker system


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