Sangre Del Sol

Why book Sangre Del Sol?

SDS Fire/LED dance troop is an amazingly passionate and dedicated group of performers with a very special mix of talent. Some of them have been performing all over the world for over 10 years. They are fun, mystical, engaging, thrilling, unforgettable, experienced and can be hired for any theme or gathering. Variety is offered with proficiency in over 15 different props, such as staffs, poi, hoops, wings, swords, fans, umbrellas, jump ropes, fire crowns, flags, etc. Their professionalism shines with their choreographed routines and mesmerizing costumes. SDS is very reliable, safe, fully insured and holds all of their legal permit and licenses. They can be hire individually or as a group.




An Enchanting Delight!

I have had the pleasure of seeing this group perform a couple of times: at fund-raising event and I hired them for my husband's birthday party. Very professional and flexible in tailoring to your occasion. Their performance is sure to help create a lively time and burn captivating and witty memories in your guests' minds!

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Anitra R.
Event: Birthday Party in Austin, TX
Event Date: Jan 27, 2013
Hired As: Fire Dancer

An enchanting and eclectic performance!

I have worked with Sangre Del Sol many times and every time I am blown away with the skill of the performers and there connection to fire and dance. I really love that the dancers are all indiviuals and have different styles to offer and yet they all work off each other so well with such good dance chemistry. I am so enchanted by their performing because there is such a passion coming through them and an ease and grace with their fire spinning. I am always hiring Sangre Del Sol for my shows because they not only bring such skilled performers and performances but also very good professionalism. I can rely on having good communication and reliability. I am always very pleased with Sage, the manager. She is a fun woman to work with and truly very humble when it comes to her many talents. I admire them for the many different types of shows they do and people they can reach through their art of fire spinning. I have even hired them to spin at my child's birthday party and the children had found their heros in all of them :) What made it even more magical was when the children were able to learn from the dancers some fire spinning moves and work with the fire.
I definitely promote Sangre Del Sol for any fire performance you are wanting to create. They will be able to deliver and you will be satisfied. They stand out amongst the rest because their hearts are truly connected to the fire and through that are able to create beautiful performances that will leave you excited and inspired!
Thank you Sangre Del Sol for all your hard work, heart, and dedication! I look forward to seeing ya'll next month for our next show!

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Anne M. R.
Event: Private Party in Austin, TX
Event Date: Feb 23, 2013
Hired As: Fire Dancer, Belly Dancer, Children's Party Entertainment, Dancer, Fire Performer

Fire Performance Like No Other *

This Troupe is Magical, Original, and extremely Professional. The show turned out incredible, Sangre Del Sol puts together shows that will blow your socks off. They delivered in every category, and I would hire them again in a Heartbeat! *~

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Lindsay T.
Event: Other in Austin, TX
Event Date: Feb 25, 2011
Hired As: Fire Dancer, Children's Party Entertainment, Circus Entertainment, Dancer, Fire Performer

Great Fun! Great Talent!

Several years ago I hired Sage to perform for a father-child outdoor bonfire event which included some moms and grandparents as well. The adults thought she was fantastic and the kids were mesmerized. It went so well that we have continued the tradition with Sangre Del Sol every year for about 8 years. Sometimes it is one fire dancer, sometimes we get three, but always we get a great show and we're told up-front what to expect. The dancers are very friendly, are great with the kids, and easy to work with. I've never been charged anything but a great price, and I've always got more than my money's worth. The large majority of our program members are Christian and some are sensitive to music or shows that make them uncomfortable. Sangre Del Sol has always taken our requests into consideration when it comes to music, mood, theme, etc. I would recommend them to anyone for any event!

The only issue I've ever had is a tiny one. Some of the dancers can be hard to reach (don't own a cell phone, only check email weekly, etc). Now that it's all under the Sangre Del Sol umbrella, I expect that to be a non-existent issue going forward.

I wouldn't hesitate to hire these folks for any outdoor event. They are awesome! I've never used them indoors, so I can't speak to anything but the outdoor fire dancing.

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Page N.
Organization: YMCA Father/Child Program of Arlington
Event: Other in Arlington, TX
Event Date: Aug 24, 2012
Hired As: Fire Dancer

world class

I have had the privilege to work on multiple shows and events with this troop through the Austin Enchanted Forest and can only express my gratitude for the extra mile they always walk in there presentations and professionalism albert owner operator AEF

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: albert d.
Organization: austin enchanted forest
Event: Festival in Austin, TX
Event Date: Oct 31, 2008
Hired As: Fire Dancer, Belly Dancer, Children's Party Entertainment, Circus Entertainment, Dancer, Fire Performer

Very Entertaining and Professional!

I booked Sangre Del Sol for a family friendly performance for Wurstfest in New Braunfels, Texas. They did an indoor LED light show for us. Sage was very professional and easy to work with and she customized the show to fit our needs. The performance was unique and a big hit with our attendees! It was entertaining and really had that WOW factor! I would definitely recommend this group!

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Erin
Organization: F
Event: Festival in New Braunfels, TX
Event Date: Nov 2, 2012
Hired As: Dancer

Great Show, Great People, Great Value

I am a festival producer based in Houston and I had the pleasure of working with Sangre Del Sol for the first time last year. Not only were they a crowd favorite (had to bring over extra security guards because so many more people came over to watch than I expected), but they put on a great show, were simple to work with, and were very nice people. They didn't need anything from me which is rare and always a plus in my eyes. They knew what they needed to do to keep themselves and the crowd safe and they really seemed to enjoy and take pride in what they do. If you are looking to switch it up from the norm, I highly reccomend Sangre Del Sol.

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Maverick S.
Organization: Spectrum
Event: Festival in The Woodlands, TX
Event Date: Nov 19, 2011
Hired As: Fire Dancer, Fire Performer

What an amazing group of talent

I first worked with Sage back in 1998' when she was starting this beautiful journey. I had a dinner with 25 chefs over and she had brought in her first troupe to perform after dinner. It was a great start to a new relationship. I have continue to use her and her troupe since then for Private parties, corporate events, weddings, fun raisers and more. If your looking for an amazing show this is the troupe for you! Feel free to call Creative Creations Catering for a reference.

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Jonathan S.
Organization: Creative Creations Catering
Event: Corporate Event in Austin, TX
Event Date: Feb 18, 2011
Hired As: Fire Dancer, Circus Entertainment, Dancer, Fire Performer

They were amazing! Just what we were looking for!

Great professionalism, beautiful show, with lots of variety. They were very experienced and costumes were spectacular.

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Robert G.
Event: Birthday Party in San Antonio, TX
Event Date: Feb 13, 2010

Booking Info

  • Typical Gig: 20 - 60 minutes
  • Fee: $250 and up
  • Insurance: 2 million dollars - It covers up to 2 million in loss or damage from fire accidents. Which we never have had to use.
  • Languages: English


Equality Texas Party, TX 2013
Austin Tech. Council ACL Live SXSW - 2013
USAA Holiday Party, San Antonio TX 2012
Bob Bulluck Texas State Museum 2012
Wurstfest New Braunfels, TX - 2012
Formula One Fan Fest TX 2012
Lights All Night Dallas 2012-13
Lighting of The Doves, Woodlands, TX 2011
ZaZa Energy Party, Houston, TX 2011
Art Outside, Rockdale, TX - 2009- 12
Nocturnal Fest, TX - 2010-2012
Texas Ren. Festival - yearly
Play Immersion, TX 2011
Zombie Ball, Austin, TX 2009
Lighting In a Bottle, CA 2009
Dos Equis/Maxim Mag. party, Austin, 2008
Maker Faire, Ausin, TX 2008
12th Houston Grand Taiko Fest., TX 2008
Oliver Rajamani, TX 02-11
Bassnectar at The Copa, Austin, 2006
1st Night Austin, TX, 2005
Mayan Ceremony Tikal, Guatemala
Blue Star Arts & Eats, San Antonio, TX
The Crucible Fire Art Fest, CA 2006
Cique Du Soleil party, Austin, 2003
One World Theater, Austin, 03-10
Tool's bday party, New Zealand, 2002
Fire Drums, CA, 2008, 2009
Pacific Fire Fest, OR 2009
Japan Fire Fest, 2007
Santoka Fire Fest, Japan 2007
Burning Man, Blackrock, NV, many years
Scooby Doo Crew - Houston, TX
Ararat Goddess Parties- Austin, many years
SXSW Frog Design party, Austin, 2008
Mutator - Austin, 2007
Alamo Wrap up party
Miss Congeniality Wrap Up Party 2000
Rabbit in the Moon, Puerto Rico, New Zealand
Zen Fest
Tantra Fest
Electric Daisy Carnival
Miami Music Conference
Red Rocks - CO
Kan'Nal - CO
Coalescence - AK

Additional Booking Notes


Below is an overview of the tools, fuels, safety equipment and safety procedures used by the Sangre Del Sol. Members of the group have been performing with fire since 1998 and are supported by local and state agencies. They have held an Austin City Fire Permit for over 10 years. They are fully insured and have a member that has a Texas State Flame Effects License. While producing a great performance is out goal, ensuring the safety of the audience, performers and venue is the highest priority.

Safe Distances: There must be at least 15 feet from the Performance Area to the audience.
There must be unimpeded passage from the Fuel Station and Spinout Zone to the stage at all
times. The Fuel Station and Spinout Zone must be at least 15 feet from the stage.

Space Requirements: The Sangre Del Sol Fire Show requires three important and distinct areas: Performance Area, Fuel Station and Spinout Zone. All must be isolated from any audience traffic.

*Fuel station – All fuels will be located in a secure 10’ square area which is manned
by a trained fire safety-person. While the fuel station is "hot" (fuel is in place), these areas
must be restricted to Sangre Del Sol fire performers and safety team members only. Fuel
is stored in up to code non-spill metal containers. The fuel used for most fire peformances
Coleman’s Camping Fuel (also known as "white gas" or "naptha") and Lamp Oil (liquid

*Spinout zone – A 10’ square area, located outside in a secure area. Performers will
"spin-off" all excess fuel from their wicks in the Spinout Zone. Coleman’s fuel usually
evaporates with-in 10 seconds and causes no threat to the ground however we can use
tarps if necessary to avoid fuel getting on the ground.

*Performance Area- If performers are performing on a stage they will dance in the
middle of the area and there must not be any fabric, curtains, banners or flammable
decorations hanging on the stage unless they are fire treated. There must be a clearance
of at least 8 to 10 feet above the performer. We mostly perform on the ground in an area
that is at least 15’ X 15’ depending on how many performers are dancing at one time.

Equipment: At the fuel station, the fire team will organize their equipment - fire tools, fuels with metal dipping cans, drip pans and other fueling equipment. Boxes with closing lids will enclose dip cans and after dipping all lids are put back on the metal cans. Also located in the Fuel Station will be orange construction cones, caution tape, fire extinguishers, water bucket wet towels and other safety equipment.

Tools: All tools are inspected prior to every show. Any visible signs of wick decomposition,
loose fasteners or frayed grips disqualifies the use of that tool for that performance.

Wicks: Most of our wicks are made of Kevlar. According to Dupont, Kevlar fiber is 5
times stronger than steel on a pound-for-pound basis. In addition, it is 3 times more
resistant to stretching than "E" glass, is completely non-flammable, and will not melt.

Performance: Immediately prior to taking the stage, a performer will dip fire tools into the
fuel dip cans and enter the spin out zone to spin out all excess fuel until no spray emits from the tool. White gas evaporates very quickly, so the spin out zone is usually dry in under a minute. The performer then goes to the performance area, and prior to performing, they check in with one of the Safety Team to approve the costume and tool. After their performance, they return to the fuel station to store the fire tool.

Safety Protocol: Performers and fire safety team wear only leather, silk, denim,
cotton (natural fibers), vinyl and other materials treated with flame retardant spray. Onstage
fire performers and safety team never wear fur, fake fur, feathers, polyester, etc. Hair and costumes are sprayed down with water prior to performance.

Safeties: There are at minimum one safety at each performance area unless there are many fire dancers at once dancing then we provide 2 to 3 safeties. Each safety has a large wet towel and water bucket and each performance area has one CO2 extinguisher. Fire extinguishers are inspected frequently and are have current tags. All fire performers and fire safety team members have been trained in fire extinguisher usage and basic burn first aid.

Sangre Del Sol

Sangre Del Sol is an Austin, Texas based collective of performance artists/dancers focused on the Art of Fire and Glow/ LED Light Dancing. Some of their members have been working together for over 10 years, and their experience and connection with each other allows them to take their performances to amazing new levels. Beautiful choreographed routines and a special flow in their dance and presentation really sets them apart from others.

Sangre Del Sol inspires people of all ages and walks of life with their diverse range of dance styles, techniques, costumes, characters and music. Most costumes and props are designed and handmade by the dancers, deepening their performances with amazing, one of a kind effects and visuals. The dancers are proficient with such props as; poi, batons, hoops, staffs, swords, fans, fingers, palm torches, veils and glow flags, as well as some more unique props such as fire crowns, horns, wings, flaming hearts, orbs, jump rope, umbrellas and glowing fabric wings. This exciting variety keeps their audiences entranced and engaged.

Safety comes first always for both the crew as well as the audience. They have held permits, insurance and have been supported by their local fire marshal for the last ten years.

They were voted best Fire Dancers in the Austin Chronicle and have been featured in The Austin Statesman, Rare Magazine, The Daily Texan, Austin Daze, The Onion, Feedback Mag., Austin Monthly, Mediabistro and several documentaries.

For Sangre Del Sol, performing is a gift and a service to the community. Their performances are always a ritual that comes from the heart.

The team providing the talent:

Catarina Suttin


Jade Love


Zarah Bauman


Brian Roughton


Ciara Blossom


Echo Higuchi


Sage Jacote


Laura Scarborough


Gianna Twirlwind


Christopher Lee Bevington


Influences & Inspiration

Cique Du Soleil, Mutator, El Circo, Dr. Seuss, Tim Burton, KanNal

Setup Requirements

fire shows - area at least 15 X 15 feet away from entrance or walkway with no overhang of any kind or anything around area that is flamable. We also need a safe area for our fueling station that is no where near where people or flamables are.