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Picklewater Circus Center

Why book Picklewater Circus Center?

Picklewater Industries was created in an effort to celebrate and preserve the Bay Area tradition of the New American Circus. We create theatrical circus productions for staged shows, community benefits, corporate clients, parties, conferences and festivals. To name a few of our productions: the annual Picklewater Circus Festival and the Picklewater Clown Cabaret, an ongoing arts benefit program. We produce everything from full traditional one ring circus shows for the public down to individual stage acts and ambient walk around performers for private events, and have been doing so for over a decade.



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Booking Info

  • Typical Gig: 60 - 900 minutes
  • Fee: Service available starting at $250.00 an hour
  • Insurance:
  • Languages: English


* Chinese and Russian acrobatics, Gymnastics, Risleys and the Icarian Games, Partner Acrobatics, Chinese Pole, Teeter Board, Hoop Diving, Chari-Vari ensemble acrobatics, Pyramids, Trampoline, Mini-Tramp

* Mongolian Contortion, Hand Balancing, Chair Balancing and Adagio (Hand to Hand partner Acro-balancing)

* Dance styles including Eccentric Dance, Character Dance, Ethnic Dance, Ballet, Breakdancing

* Circus Apparatus acts such as Slackrope, Hula Hoops, Stilts (2 and 4 legged), Unicyclists, Penny Farthing, Giraffe Unicycle, Free Standing Ladder, Trick Bicycle Acts (sport, acrobatic and clown), Rola-Bola, Rolling Globe, and Cowboy Rope Tricks

* All forms of Clown, Buffon, Classical French Entrees, Mime, Character and Mascot work

* All forms off Juggling, Eccentric Juggling, Diabolo, Foot Juggling and Plate Spinning

* Stage Magic, Close up Magic, and Comedy Magic

* Most forms of Aerial Apparatus including Aerial Dance, Trapeze (flying, swinging, static, single point and doubles), Spanish Web, Tissu (aerial silk), Lyra (aerial Hoop), Straps and Partner Straps, Partner Silk, Doubles Trapeze, Rope (aerial), assuming the venue is set up for and allows aerial rigging. Rigging priced seperately.

* Small Animal Acts, Fire Breathing, Fire Eating, Chapeugraphy

* Music, Dance and Choreographed Presentation acts including Parade Groups in multiple disciplines, One Man Bands, Full Circus Bands and many others.

Additional Booking Notes

Certain acts require a physical stage.
All aerial cts with the exception of the free standing trapeze require pre-event walk troughs to confirm feasibility of rigging. Venua must allow and be cable of supporting aerial rigging. Rigging priced separately from performance.

Picklewater Circus Center

We offer a broad range of ambient "walk around" circus performance for your event, including acrobats, contortionists, stilt walkers, ring masters, jugglers, unicyclists, clowns, mimes, face painters, balloon twisters, costumed characters and much more, all priced between $200 to $500 per hour.

On top of this, we offer many different staged circus performances of varying lengths and production values, which can be customized for your event. These range from small ensemble circus stage shows (starting at around $1200) up to fully produced One Ring Circus Spectaculars (which start at around $10,000).

Here is a small sampling of some of the kinds of entertainers we provide.

Special Costuming requests, travel,room and board and rigging of equipment are not included in these fees
For more information or a quote please mail us at gherkin@picklewater.com

The team providing the talent:

Abraham Dover


Set List

We can do performances of almost any combination of stage acts, fully produced one ring shows, or ambent walk around performers, to suit the needs of each specific event.

Influences & Inspiration

Pickle Family Circus, Cirque Du Soleil, Big Apple Circus,

Setup Requirements

Differs per event and type of performance


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