Saiedah Authentic Egyptian Belly dancer
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Saiedah Authentic Egyptian Belly dancer

Why book Saiedah Authentic Egyptian Belly dancer?

What makes Saiedah's style of Egyptian belly dance so unique is that it is reminiscent of the original Egyptian pioneers of the past. Costumes are glitzy and ornately decorated and fringed. Every performance uses authentic Arabic music that is haunting, earthy and evocative to stir the spirit and uplift the soul.Saiedah never choreographs her performances as she believes Egyptian belly dance comes from the heart. The music plays and Saiedah enters a dance trance, converting every instrument into a stunning display of emotional expression. Top off your NY or NJ wedding/special event with Saiedah's AUTHENTIC EGYPTIAN dancing. Saiedah IS Egypt!



Booking Info

  • Typical Gig: 20 - 60 minutes
  • Fee: $250 and up
  • Languages: English


Glitzy, glamorous and evocative musical interpretations. Saiedah's dancing is dynamic and strong yet controlled. No robotic or overly flamboyant dancing. No westernized stylization or modern electronic sounding music. All music, dancing and costumes are AUTHENTIC while still maintaining Saiedah's uniqueness and personality. She has a style that is nostalgic, earthy and extravagant. Her showcases are for people of all ages!

Past Booked Events

11/03/13 Alf Layla Hafla NJ
10/13/13 Mazika Ladies' Day Event
09/21/13 Villa Borghese-Wedding
09/08/12 Long Island-Brentwood Country Club BDAY
07/27/12 Alaine's Restaurant
05/18/12 Egyptian Wedding-Jersey City
03/23/12 Hamptons- Restaurant Birthday
11/11/11 Fiesta Banquets-Lebanese Wedding
11/06/11 Hyatt Regency
09/16/11 Club Aladdin
08/13/11 Private 50th Birthday-Bay shore, NY
10/10/10 Rakkasah East

Saiedah Authentic Egyptian Belly dancer

Referred to as "The Shimmy Queen", Saiedah is known for her vivacious and lively interpretation of Middle Eastern music. Her style can be described as vintage with a modern twist as she takes her audiences back in time to the Golden Era of belly dance. Growing up in a family of dancers,singers and party promoters has given her the knowledge to handle events of all kinds with detail and professionalism. Her love of belly dance originates from her deep love of Egyptian culture. Saiedah believes that you must love what you do in order to provide the best service possible.

With Saiedah, there is NO WESTERNIZED style belly dancing! Every minute of her performance is pure Arabic style belly dancing with authentic music and authentic props. This is a very rare scene today as the true essence of Raks Sharki is slowly disappearing and being replaced by over counted and over analyzed styles with costumes that leave little to the imagination. Crave that earthy and genuine style of belly dance? Prepare to be whisked away to the Age of the Pharaohs and have your guests talking about your event for 1001 Arabian Nights!

Saiedah stays true to the art of Raks Sharki by utilizing her amazing improvisational skills. Improvisation is at the very heart of Egyptian belly dance and Saiedah does this with ease, leaving her audiences spellbound. The innate ability to pick up on new techniques so quickly is uncanny yet easy for her. She is mainly self taught with accompanying workshops from the highest rated dancers in New York. Saiedah is self motivated and dedicated to belly dance and wants to eliminate all negative stereotypes of this art form. She prefers to perform in upscale venues that are appreciative of this art and understand that it is a dance made for royalty.

Because Saiedah takes so much pride in her dancing, every aspect is managed with detail and care. Her costumes are conventional and traditional with a modern flare and just burst with glamour and charm. Every part of Saiedah's body is decorated in sparkles,coins and beautiful fabrics. Costumes are a very important part of her performances as they accent the beauty of the dancer and the dance itself.Her props are of the highest authenticity! Finger cymbals (zills/sagat), Cane(Raksat Assaya) and veil. No swords, Isis wings or fire trays. Saiedah only uses Egyptian/Arabic props that are native to the culture.

Saiedah is VERY selective about where she performs. She only showcases her talents in the most posh, upscale and high end venues in New York and New Jersey. NO REQUESTS FOR HOUSE, BACKYARD BIRTHDAY PARTIES, HOOKAH BARS OR BACHELOR PARTIES PLEASE.

****Saiedah has been highly recommended by one of the masters of Egyptian Dance, SORAYA -INTERNATIONALLY ACCLAIMED BELLY DANCE SUPERSTAR! Saiedah is one of the very few Oriental dancers to perform the AUTHENTIC, EGYPTIAN style of belly dance. No culturally insignificant props. ONLY RAW, INTENSE TALENT! Dancers like Saiedah are rarely found...she is one of the last of her kind!****

Having an elegant and glitzy soiree or an enchanting affair in New York or New Jersey? Don't hesitate to call and book the most glittering, prestigious and detail oriented Egyptian style dancers in the business! Never skimp on entertainment for your glamorous event. Hire Saiedah to get entertainment of the highest caliber and authenticity!


" Saiedah is the light filling your eyes with a vision of pure Egyptian cabaret in its finest form. Her grace and beauty are the hallmarks of a wonderfilled performance."

– Carl Sermon-Reel Sound and Light Productions

I highly recommend Saiedah Rose to my best clients. Middle Eastern dance is the art of my cultural heritage. I have seen so many belly dancers from all over America, and the world come through my busy booking office with countless press kits, audition reels, pictures and videos. It is a very rare occasion when I see a true artist that stops me in my tracks. As a professional International dancer, producer and visionary for all things Raks Sharki, this is a great moment for me. From the first glimpse, my mind was blown with her sheer artistry, natural raw talent (she is self-taught like all of the greats), seamless ability and Egyptian musicality. I see a lot of dancers mindlessly go through the motions with little connection to what they hear. Then there are some who actually understand the intricate Arabic music. Saiedah Rose is one of those VERY rare dancers that stands out from the crowd. If you are booking a party and want to have your guests buzzing about how excellent the dancer was rather than the opposite, HIRE SAIEDAH. This decision will be the best thing you can do for your event. I guarantee you will be very excited with your choice in belly dance entertainment.

– Soraya, owner and entrepreneur of the Int'l acclaimed, professional Arabic Entertainment Agency

Saiedah Rose displays many unique qualities that is so rare. She internalizes REAL Middle Eastern music from her soul. Her work is highly artistic, finely tuned, passionate, and shows the world exactly what authentic belly dancing is to the core. She is a true entertainer. I search for many facets of art in my company and book talent the world over from fortune 500 companies, to all of the casinos, and other top events for very picky clients. Saiedah's earthy essence and approach to performing is incredible. You will go on a creative exotic journey rather than just a pit-stop that leaves you flat and dissapointed. Instead of overusing culturally insignificant props, she prefers to dance from her heart. This is what my best clients want to see as they crave the real magic of Oriental dance.

– Soraya, owner and entrepreneur of the Int'l acclaimed, professional Arabic Entertainment Agency

Her costuming is always in great taste. She is conservative, family oriented and perfect on the stage from head to toe. When I watch Saiedah perform, I feel I am witnessing great art. Saiedah leaves no stone unturned. She brings forth the true depth of belly dancing in a refreshing, uncontrived way. Her creative spirit honors the Arabic soul of this dance form and never insults it. Her natural shines through. I knew I was witnessing a gem from the moment her show began. Saiedah Rose is wonderful and exactly what this dance form is all about. Her Egyptian costuming is always feminine, glamorous, upscale, and professionally theatrical - Just the way the bedlah (costume) should be.

– Soraya, owner and entrepreneur of the Int'l acclaimed, professional Arabic Entertainment Agency

My global entertainment booking agency is proud to represent her fine work, true dedication and talent. I am very choosey with what shows my agency takes and with whom I will represent. To my clients I am known as a stickler for quality and professionalism. I highly endorse Saiedah and her work. Through her dedication, she will keep the authentic style of belly dancing alive. My carefully selected clients love what I am showing them and I could not be happier!

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Influences & Inspiration

Soraya El Khouby,Nagwa Fouad, Fifi Abdo, Soheir Zaki, Hanan. The original pioneers of Egyptian Dance!

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