Rec Les

Why book Rec Les?

I have been a part of the Hubba Hubba Revue of San Francisco, CA for almost two years now. During my tenure I've provided such services as: vendor assistant, stagehand (placement, clean-up and strike), actor (small parts for skits and performers), some promotions, venue set-up, performer wrangling, costume commissions and prop commissions.

I am also a musician with the training for 13 separate instruments under my belt. I, also, have a vast costume and formal wardrobe.

SF Bay Area only, unless transportation is provided/reimbursed.



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Booking Info

  • Fee: Contact for rates
  • Languages: English


Ever seen a pirate run on stage, shake twinkies at singing cockroahces and side-dodge said cockroaches before leading them offstage with the twinkie? What if there's a blood-drenched vampire goddess shedding her silken skin on stage, but what she really needs is that blood-filled severed head on a hook handed to her? Ever precisely thrown bananas at a hot pink gorilla on purpose? You know those times when you have a corpse act and that pesky body gets left on stage by the zombies once they were done feeding on the flesh? Have you noticed during a show how before, during, and after every act the stage miraculously stays clean and ready for whatever chaos might be awaiting it?

This is the guy that takes on those endeavors.

He's the intentionally-overlooked back-end of the show. Wrangler, Stagehand, runner, comic relief to stall when time is needed, and the magic behind a smooth show. Every show has one of these guys, because every show NEEDS one of these guys. Never engaging the crowd unless merited, always on top of everything, and in theme to boot. If you don't have someone like this, you're most likely doing too much work to put on your show. Find one of these magic stage monkeys, and your show business life will be that much easier.

Past Booked Events

11/25/11 DNA Lounge, SF

The team providing the talent:


run around on stage doing whatever I'm needed to do


keep track of everything going on in the show and make sure I'm where I am needed, when I am needed


to freak out inside my own head, but never show outward signs, at least until after the show.

Influences & Inspiration

Simply put, the magic that is the comraderie behind closed doors of what we call Show Business.

Setup Requirements

Set list, Performer list, Stage notes, Stage directions (if any), Theme, 1-2 bottles of water, fun atmosphere

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