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The Nick Russo Group performs an eclectic mix of originals, standards, from Sinatra to Ella, 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, Traditional Jazz, music from New Orleans, Dixieland, bebop, and modern jazz. We perform as an instrumental group as well as with a male or female vocalist. Different configurations of our group perform music of A.C. Jobim, bossa-nova, samba, Brazilian pop music, Latin jazz and other music from Brasil. We also perform music of Stevie Wonder, James Brown, Aretha Franklin, Supremes, Ray Charles and other R & B, Motown, funk and fusion. We also perform singer/song-writer, pop and folk music.





Nick Russo, most accomodating musician to work with!

Nick Russo is the most accomodating musician you could ever hope to work with. He honored every song request we asked for. He went above and beyond when he and his wife helped me compose an original song for my husband as a surprise. He then accompanied me on the song at my wedding. People couldn't stop talking the entire night about how amazing the song was. His talent is phenomenal. The feel his musicianship lent to the cocktail hour & ceremony was one of elegance, sophistication, fun, uplifting, and beautiful. I highly recommend him to any future bride, not just for his talent, but for his warm and inviting personality as well. Thanks Nick! Jessica & Paul Bartels

-Jessica A., Wedding Cocktail Hour in North Bergen, NJ on 6/10/2012

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Jessica &. P. B.
Event: Wedding Reception in North Bergen, NJ
Event Date: Jun 10, 2012
Hired As: 1930s Era Entertainment, Acoustic Band, Dixieland Band, Jazz Band

Booking Info

  • Fee: $300-10000
  • Insurance:
  • Unions: AFM

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Nick Russo

The Nick Russo Group performs across the U.S. and around the world. We perform concerts, events, on movie soundtracks, in theatres, at private parties, weddings, and many other performances.

All the members of the group are full-time professionals. The group has many references and recommendations as we often acquire gigs via word of mouth. We are never too loud or obtrusive and we always professional, reliable and punctual.

Guitarist/Banjoist, Nick Russo leads a life of full-time performing, including performances in New York City at: Carnegie Hall, The U.N., I.A.J.E., Lincoln Center, Blue Note, Birdland, Iridium Jazz Club, The Zinc Bar, 55 Bar, Cape Cod Jazz Festival, N.J.P.A.C. (New Jersey Performing Arts Center), Hot Steamed Jazz Festival in Essex, Barbes, Showmans & Lenox Lounge in Harlem, Main Street Jazz in Virginia, Charles Ives Center, Tilles Center, Cleopatra's Needle, Kavehaz, Merchants, The C-Note, Smiths, Barbes, Moto, WKCR & WUSB radio. Television appears include Manhattan One, Metro Elvis in Manhattan, and numerous local cable access channels. International performances include: Japan, Omsk, Tomsk, Novasibersk, Akademgorodok (Academy City), Moscow, Brasil, St. Kitts in the Caribbean & at the Banff Center in Canada.

Russo is appearing in the new Sam Mendes film "Away We Go" recently in theaters, currently on DVD. If you have a chance to rent the DVD, you'll see him playing guitar in the "bar scene" playing in the quartet.
Nick also composed and performed 2 pieces for the soundtrack of the independent film "King George."

Nick Russo has been the guitarist and/or banjoist with Jimmy McGriff, Vince Giordano and The Night Hawks, The Frank & Joe Show (Frank Vignola & Joe Ascione), and currently with Victor Jones' Cutureversy, Miles Griffith's New Ting, David Pleasant's group, Michelle Waker & others. Nick also has worked with the legendary vibraphonist, Teddy Charles, late legendary bassist, Sony Dallas, saxophonist, Tim Berne, violinist, Jim Nolet (formally with the Jazz Passengers), Tony Moreno, Mike Bisio, Bruce Cox Trio, Dan Levinson, Kim Clarke Quintet and others.

Nick's recent recording "Ro" features Nick Russo + 11: Mark Turner, Miles Griffith, Samir Chatterjee, Ari Hoenig & others. Nick is also the author of 2 books: "Metallica, Legendary Licks series vol. 1 & vol. 2 as well as the editor of the GRP arpeggio book and exercise book (published by Cherry Lane/Hal Leonard). The new self produced album "RO" is getting reviews in Down Beat, Jazz Times, All About Jazz, Jazz Improv magazine, Hot House, ejazz news, Boston Gazette, Vintage Guitar, Cadence, Jazz-iz, Drumhead Magazine & others across the country as well as reviews in Italy, Turkey, Brazil, Greece & other countries. National radio play and internationally radio play include Sweden, Switzerland, France, Canada, across the U.S. & other countries.


A fluid staightahead player with a globalist outlook.,, For a guy with a book of Metalilca transcriptions under his belt, Nick Russo of Queens cultivates a wonderfully pure jazz tone!

– David Adler, Jazz Times

Nick Russo's Ro is not an easy listen, but it sure is rewarding once you able to digest. [His] tone is very near perfect big and bold, but still subtle¦ very full in the line of players like Jim Hall, Kenny Burrell, and Tal Farlow. It will be fun to see where Russo goes next. There are many interesting jazz guys out there these days, and he on the front line.

– Jim Hilmar, Vintage Guitar

Hey Nick,

Thank you for that amazing evening! You are all such wonderful
musicians. The party was a huge success because of the music they
played. You guys are amazing and am I looking forward to listening to
the next gig ;-)


Cecilia, private party, Oct. 17, 2009

[below is the e-mail Cecilia sent out to the guests of her party]

Hey everyone,

Thanks again for coming to the party and making it such a big hit! For those of you who asked about the music, Nick's details can be found below.

He and his band play at various venues in NYC so check it out. I need to speak no more for you saw it for yourself how amazing these guys are!!!

– Cecilia

Nick, Weekenders can't wait to have you back as we thoroughly enjoyed your music and selection of songs. What a great extra to have the lovely voice of your wife, Betina in addition to your own musical accomplishments.
I have and would recommend you to anyone as dealing with you was a pleasurable experience!

Carol, Stratford, CT

– Weekenders in Connecticut

This review is for Nick Russo solo jazz guitarist. He is very good solo, so I am not able to give feedback for the trio. I'm sure the trio would only compliment his wonderful skills. He is a very pleasant gentleman, on time for the party. Great communication and accomodating. Thanks for making the rehearsal dinner in the groove. Highly recommended.

-Jan B, 8/1/2008, Private Party, Manahawkin, NJ

– Jan B

Due to my budget, I hired Nick Russo as a Duo for my cocktail hour. I was completely floored with how good they sounded. My venue was set up in a way that the Duo performed on a balcony overlooking my guests. At first many didn't realize the music was live and thought it was a cd playing in the background! They were that good! He played Brazilian Jazz & Bossa Nova to go with my Latin themed wedding. He was a really nice man, real easy to work with and the vocalist had the voice of an angel. I was 100% satisfied and would recommend this group to ANYONE! Thanks so much Nick, you truly made my cocktail hour the talk of the town. Tammy & Tony - Rockaway NJ 6/27/2009

-Tammy E, 6/27/2009, Wedding, Englewood, NJ

– Tammy E

Nick did a great job and was exactly what i was looking for during my event.

-Cheryl I, 9/5/2009, Bat Mitzvah, Woodbury, NY

– Cheryl I

I loved your music and your reliability. We have some great photos of you & your trio playing at Westminster Cemetery for our beloved Monie's memorial service. At 100 years of age, it was so moving to have your music which she loved, and our family has enjoyed for years. The music and your respectful demeanor was just what we all needed to remind us all of the wonderful little things she taught us to keep us happy.
The ease in making the arrangements for you to appear & play without ever meeting you was so effortless, and took a great deal of worry out of my mind. Our family burial plot in Philadelphia's old & beautiful Westminster Cemetery is so meaningful to us, with so many relatives buried there, of course we needed to maintain some sense of decorum!
Well when your music began after the service with a gentle wail of the trumpet seamlessly coming from heaven the celebration of one's life began. From the horse drawn carriage and the fabulous music we found ourselves gently and joyfully dancing with our ancestors.
Thank you for making what might have been a sad and solemn experience a joyful remembrance. I would recommend you for any of life's celebrations.

– Candy Anderson

Nick Russo of Queens cultivates a wonderfully pure jazz tone on his self-released album Ro. A fluid straight ahead player with a globalist outlook!

– David Adler, Jazztimes

[Nick Russo] gets most inventive when building from disparate materials, especially on “Little Hands, whose Indian flavor proves hospitable to Russo's banjo, and “Please Come Home."

– Robert Doerschuk, DownBeat

Keep and eye out and an ear open for Nick Russo. He is a guitarist with original ideas, which comes as a rarity these days.

– George Harris, All About Jazz

He has a perfect sense of both harmonic and melodic artistry... [he] deals in a realm of strikingly beautiful sonorities and dazzling color as well as glittering shade and delicate tones. Unique!, Singular!, Compelling!

– George W. Carroll, EJazz News

With varied tastes in the field of modern jazz, guitarist Nick Russo covers a wide range. He loves to interject sensual themes into his work, portraying a romantic vision as well as a consonant landscape that both rest on pleasurable experiences. They are Russo's compositions, and they represent deep feelings.

– Jim Santella, All About Jazz

....his approach to improvisation, featuring for the most part a warm Jim Hall-like tone, is flexible enough to feel credible whatever the context. It's no surprise that the likes of Hall, trumpeter Eddie Henderson, and pianist Dave Kikoski all speak highly of him. Nick Russo is clearly a guitarist worth watching.

– John Kelman - All About Jazz

If your tastes are eclectic, you'll probably enjoy Ro. There's a bit of free playing, some Indian raga and a healthy measure of straight-ahead swing. This youthful vet has already played and/or recorded with Jimmy McGriff, Eddie Henderson, Ed Schuller, Teddy Charles, Vince Giordano's Nighthawks, and the Frank & Joe Show

– Hothouse

In sum, Russo is a top-flight artiste who communicates clear-sighted vision and a wide-ranging vernacular throughout this cunningly divergent showcase.

– Glenn Astarita, EJazz News

Led by guitarist and banjo player Russo, this intriguing ensemble covers the gamut from straightahead to avant-garde and North Indian classical.

– Bob Weinberg's “Personal Taste"

Nick Russo is finally strumming his stuff for the larger arena of jazz fandom. It's been worth the wait; his impressive debut recording is broad in scope, deep in concept and eminently listenable, giving evidence that the dues are paid up and earning interest.

– Tom Greenland, All About Jazz

I found Nick Russo to be both very talented and very willing to adapt to the needs of my event. It was extremely easy to work with him and his guitar playing was extraordinary. I highly recommend him.

-Meg Y, 9/13/2009, Corporate Function, Tarrytown, NY

– Meg Y

A wonderful group! On both occasions - our wedding and a 70th birthday party event - gave way beyond what we asked. With a whole array of instruments, they turned themselves into a New Orleans jazz band for the wedding, picked up and moved location without a murmur, filled in awkward gaps caused by late guests ... they were sensitive, helpful, accommodating, generous, and played with enthusiasm and a rare degree of musicianship and inventive genius. Our guests were delighted and very impressed with the music, which created exactly the mood we were hoping for and enhanced the occasion to a memorable degree. They are unbelievably talented, obliging, charming and FUN!

-Peter A, 9/7/2007, Wedding, South Dartmouth, MA

– Peter A

Nick Russo brings us back to Jazz with Ro

– Down Beat Magazine

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