Melody 'Whoopsy Daisy' Newcombe

Why book Melody 'Whoopsy Daisy' Newcombe?

Melody is an award winning multi-talented entertainer with 20 years of performing who is loved by everyone. Her warm, happy smile lights up any party or event. She's funny!

Book a Comedy Magic Show to amaze, astound and feature audience members & their magical abilities.

'Melody's Face Painting Rocks!' whether she does cheek, full face or body artwork, your guests will say, 'Ooh, aah!'

Top off your event with colorful balloons twisted into animals, games, flowers, hearts and so much more. Kids love the cartoon faces Melody draws on each balloon creation.

Melody is a terrific ventriloquism and puppeteer with storytelling, singing and lots of audience interaction.



Kids couldn't take her eyes off of Melody

Melody was a sensation at our event. The kids were transfixed and couldn't take their eyes off her. Her magic and comedy were lots of fun and surprised even the adults. Her face painting rocks and she's so great with the kids. I highly recommend her.

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Edward G.
Event: Public Event in New Paltz, NY
Event Date: Mar 15, 2014
Hired As: Comedy Magician, Comedy Show, Magician, Ventriloquist

Hilarious Family and Kids Entertainer

We couldn't take our eyes off her. She dazzled us with her hilarious style of good clean family fun and amazing magic. Her face painting rocks! I've never seen anything so beautiful in my whole life. As she said, 'My balloon twisting is very 'popular'! LOL was what her show was. She was like the pied piper the kids followed her around like puppies. I highly recommend her.

Reviewer: Evita S.
Event: Private Party in Poughquag, NY
Event Date: Jul 14, 2012

Very funny, highly entertaining and great with the kids

the kids loved her magic show and the balloons and balloon games were a blast for all the kids and there were over 35 kids!

Reviewer: Tina M.
Event: Birthday Party in Albany, NY
Event Date: Feb 4, 2012

Booking Info

  • Fee: $150 to $1000
  • Insurance:
  • Unions: Kidabra International; World Clown Association, Society Of American Magicians; Clowns Of America, International; Red Nose Response


Melody brings joy, laughter and lots of smiles to audiences of any age.

Melody 'Whoopsy Daisy' Newcombe

Melody performs as many characters (you'll love them all): Herself, The Amazing Meldini Magician; Whoopsy Daisy the Clown; Pirate Mel, Luna the Fairy; Baloney Ballooney; Louie Luigi; Mrs. Santa Claus; Mother Goose and Granny Ooops.

Melody's goal is to make your job as a party or event planner a tremendous success. She listens to what you want and delivers! Guaranteed!

As a multi-talented full time professional performer she sings, dances, face paints, twists balloons, draws caricatures, does magic, puppetry, storytelling, ventriloquism, games, arts and crafts, improvisation, stand up comedy and inspires her audiences of any age. She encourages kids starring in her show to have confidence, poise, good manners and to project and show off their talents and abilities AND HAVE FUN !!!!!! :) REMEMBER TO SMILE.....IT WILL IMPROVE YOUR FACE VALUE AND KEEP YOU YOUNG LOOKING AND HEALTHY).

Here’s what people say about Melody Newcombe:

----- "You were awesome! I've never had so many compliments on a party. The kids had a great time and the adults were truly impressed. My daughter had the best time. She had her face painted in Disney World, and you were even better!" - Beth Caputo

-----"Thank you so much for performing at our son's party. All the parents commented on how incredible your face paintings were - and they were awesome! My husband and I were delighted seeing our son have such a tremendous time helping you with the Magic Show. Seeing the twinkle in his eye and his beaming smile during the show were priceless! Thank you! - Fondly,” Mary Hedman

---- "The children are peacefully sleeping with smiles on their faces. Thank you so very much for an amazing birthday party. My daughter is already asking if you can come to next year's party. You were a hit, and I cannot thank you enough for winning over the hearts of all the little ones' (and the big one's). I will be recommending you to everyone I can and I look forward to hiring you again. Many, many thanks! - Maureen Kinch

----- "Thank you. You are truly a talented lady. I enjoyed watching you work with the children. You are a caring, talented professional and a very happy, smiling entertainer." - Andy, Culinary Institute of America

---- "I have been trying to write this email and have been disrupted many times because someone is calling me to tell me how wonderful the party was and how terrific your were. All the children, adults and especially my daughter enjoyed your performance and talents. We are extremely happy and appreciate everything you did to make her 5th birthday party fabulous and out of this world. You have gained a friend and customer for life. In my book, you are the only entertainer who exists. I cannot wait to have you again at another birthday party. Thank you very much for everything!!!! Warm regards and appreciation. - Shamikah Jones and Family

---- "We want you back to perform again for the 4th year in a row for our daughter's birthday. You're terrific!!" - David Bowie and Iman Mohamed Abdulmajid

---- "Many thanks again for your fantastic entertainment." - Peter Van Roden, Sesame Street

---- "The Goodwill Fire Department thanks you for your very entertaining Holiday Show as Mrs. Claus. We had more children than ever before, and your entertainment truly helped to make it a success. I have heard nothing but positive feedback on your show as well as on your professionalism." - Amy Connor

---- "I would like to thank you again for your spectacular performance as Mrs. Claus for our corporate holiday party. You captivated the attention of the children from the moment you arrived. You turned a lot of doubters into believers." - Dayana Nunez and Samantha Ryan, B.G. & C, Attorneys at Law


Melody 'Whoopsy Daisy' Newcombe is a versatile multi-talented performer who offers clean entertainment and lots of fun for any age from tots on up to seniors for any kind of event.

Melody trained with world renowned clown, Glenn 'Frosty' Little of Ringling Brothers, Magicians Duane Laflin, Dave Mitchell, Jimmy Little and many others, as well as Priscilla Mooseburger, Marcel Marceau's protg Jose Rivera and many other top entertainers.

Melody is always honing her skills and adding new innovations to keep her shows fresh, fun and fabulous.

For her lifetime, Melody studied the comedy patter, body language, timing and antics of Red Skelton, Victor Borge, Burns and Allen, the Marks Brothers, Lucille Ball, Charlie Chaplin, Abbott and Costello, and Laurel and Hardy with a passion and love for their comedy.

However, Melody is not a copycat; she has developed her own style guaranteed to delight audiences of any age. As a kid, Melody used to spend countless hours making faces in a mirror. Her Dad would say, "Stop that! Your face will stay like that!" Little did he know, Melody was rehearsing for her life long career!

Melody 'Whoopsy Daisy' Newcombe is a member of Kidadbra, World Clown Association, the American Society of Magicians and Clowns of America, International and was voted 'Top Ten Clown'.

Melody not only performs, but she teaches circus arts and business to other performers and to students and adults at schools, camps, libraries, at her studio and at other venues.

Melody Newcombe is volunteer and President of the Ulster County Women's Network, a social networking organization of over 500 entrepreneurial women in Ulster County, now in her 6th term by unanimous vote.

Melody Newcombe is also a Mentor for women with Project Hope, a project of United Way, and helps women to grow and succeed in both their personal and business lives.

She studied vocal jazz and music at Berklee College of Music and with her mother who performed with Benny Goodman, Tommy Dorsey and Woody Herman. Melody has a 3 octave vocal range and as a ventriloquist sings in numerous voices with her plethora of puppet and holiday tunes as Mrs. Santa Claus.

She's a mimic and does vocal SFX. Melody can sound like a trumpet, birds, insects, mammals as well as imitate accents and dialects.

Melody is a mother of two wonderful daughters of whom she is very proud. She is also an avid gardener, musician, singer, fine artist, outdoors woman, community activist and organizer. She founded a wildlife rescue center, an organic community supported farm, a cancer therapy gardening program and home school education programs and curriculum.

With her background, knowledge, skills and talents, she makes a great comedian, keynote and motivational speaker for any audience.

For more information about Melody Newcombe’s Entertainment and Educational Services, please contact 845-688-5472 or and visit her websites and

The team providing the talent:

Melody Newcombe

The Amazing Meldini, Whoopsy Daisy the Clown, Luna the Fairy, Mrs. Santa Claus, Louie Luigi

Influences & Inspiration

Melody is a blend of Victor Borge, Gracie Allen, Lucielle Ball, Red Skelton, Lou Costello, Stan Laurel, Marcel Marceau, Glen 'Frosty' Little of Ringling Brothers Circus, Charile Chaplin, David 'Mr. Rainbow' Barlett and Duane Lauflin. Her face is extreemly expressive and her sense of timing of perfect. She is great at improv and can work with any audience in any condition. You'll love her!

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