Let's Get Rockin'!

Why book Let's Get Rockin'!?

The "Let's Get Rockin'!" band is a totally interactive band. Audience members are encouraged to not only join the band to sing, but also play instruments that are provided. It's like the popular video game Rock Band, but for real! The band members play and sing if needed, which allows participants to be part of the performance, while insuring that the dance floor stays packed and everyone at the event is entertained.



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Booking Info

  • Typical Gig: 60 - 240 minutes
  • Fee: Contact for rates

Additional Booking Notes

We can be self inclusive, needing a minimum 12' x 24' stage.
The giant video screens in the youtube video were already on site, and we just ran them a video line.
If we were self inclusive we would have a large flat screen on a stand behind the drummer for the audience to see, and two flat screens pointing up at the guest singers.

Let's Get Rockin'!

The "Let's Get Rockin'!" act is a five piece band (Drums, bass, keyboards, guitar, and female vocalist) and an interactive DJ. This includes the sound system, a small lighting system for the band, video screens that the on stage singer will use, and a large back video screen that let's the audience see the words also. A sax player can be added for an additional cost, which adds a whole other dimension to the band.
If any audience members want to bring their own real guitar or bass, they are strongly encouraged to do so!
For those who are not so musically proficient, we will have blow up instruments - already tuned up! :-)
In ADDITION to the instruments the band plays on, there is an additional REAL guitar, electronic drum kit, keyboards, and bass guitar for anyone that wants to really play. And of course wireless microphones are ready for the future American Idols in the house!

By spontaneously mixing previously recorded tracks of each individual instrument with the live band and guest performers, "Let's Get Rockin'!" can provide anyone with ANY level of ability the opportunity to sing or jam with the band, while still maintaining a great dance-able sound for the audience to enjoy.

In order to keep the energy up and the event going smoothly, there will be high energy DJ dance music immediately before and after each singer. The exact length of the DJ music will depend on the crowd. We may just use a minute or two to change over, as one singer leaves the stage and another gets up to sing.
Or if the crowd is responding to the dance music, we will play it by ear and basically go with the flow to give the crowd what they want.
The interactive DJ and and singers emcee the event, and we are constantly interacting with the audience to keep them dancing and encourage them to become the main attraction!

The team providing the talent:

Tom Casey


Setup Requirements

We can be self inclusive, needing a minimum 12' x 24' stage