Emilia as Lady Gaga

Why book Emilia as Lady Gaga?

Currently one of the most active Lady Gaga tribute artists, Emilia has impersonated Lady Gaga in feature films, commercials and sang in live concerts with audiences in the multiple thousands. Recent clients and Venues: The Wynn Hotel, Las Vegas (July, 2011), The Beverly Wilshire Hotel, Beverly Hills (Sept, 2011), as Lady Gaga in the Feature Film "Birds of a Feather" shot in May, 2011, Concert for City of Lakewood, CA (July, 2011) The Grammy Museum, Los Angeles (March, 2011)The Music People (2011),The Tiffen Company (CES, 2011), Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandise (Nov, 2010). Emilia has sung privately for the Prince of Saudi Arabia as well as performed for numerous other celebs





Review by Hilary A.

Want to really stop traffic at a busy trade show? We did and discovered that this Lady Gaga impersonator is absolutely a show stopper. It's not often at a major trade show where the talent is able to have people fill your booth and the isles, but this little lady did.

So impressive was her routine, the Las Vegas Sun newspaper featured a photo of our booth with her performing. Equally important, her abilities to keep people involved and wanting to know more about our products proved to be worth every penny to have her there.

What else can we say, but great stuff!

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Hilary A.
Event: Trade Show in Las Vegas, NV
Event Date: Jan 6, 2011
Hired As: Lady Gaga Impersonator

Review by Sean H.

She was great! We had a ton of fun. She's a great dancer and singer and comedienne I might add. That was the best part besides the electric performance that she got my buddy Chris (birthday boy) on stage and put him on the spot. Highly recommended

Reviewer: Sean H.
Event: Birthday Party in Santa Monica, CA
Event Date: Jul 3, 2010

Booking Info

  • Fee: $500-$5,000
  • Languages: English


Emilia performs both on stage and in the audience. She gets up close and personal with the audience upon request. A grand entrance on stage can take place, followed by venturing into the audience and bringing a key person (birthday etc) on to the stage for special participation created to highlight, celebrate (or embarrass!). Feel free to discuss your particular request with Emilia.

Additional Booking Notes

The venue is required to have a sound system.

Past Booked Events

02/02/12 show - The Hilton, Beverly Hills, CA
10/06/11 live performance, The Beverly Wilshire Hotel, Beverly Hills
07/31/11 live performance, Blush Boutique, The Wynn Hotel
07/27/11 Outdoor live concert, City of Lakewood, CA
07/13/11 Lady Gaga impersonator in commercial, vitamin company
06/15/11 Shot music video for "Birds of a Feather" Feature film
06/03/11 recorded sound track for "Birds of a Feather" feature film
02/19/11 live performance, Romanov Restaurant & Lounge, Los Angeles
02/18/11 live performance, Sheraton Universal, Los Angeles
01/15/11 live performance, NAMM convention, the Music People, OC
01/14/11 live performance, NAMM convention, the Music People, OC
01/13/11 live performance, NAMM convention, the Music People, OC
01/09/11 live performance, CES, Las Vegas, The Tiffen company
01/08/11 live performance, CES, Las Vegas, The Tiffen company
01/07/11 live performance, CES, Las Vegas, The Tiffen company
01/06/11 live performance, CES, Las Vegas, The Tiffen company
11/17/10 Sketch model as Lady Gaga, FIDM, Los Angeles

Emilia as Lady Gaga

Emilia moved to Los Angeles from her native Sweden at the age of nineteen to pursue a life in the creative arts.

Here in LA Emilia has performed over 2,000 live shows as an entertainer at birthday parties, corporate events and weddings. She is experienced with a wide range audiences and loves taking an event to the next level by supplying electrifying charisma, talent and fun.

She's been written up in the LA times as "angelic voice" and definitely thrives on stage with a love for singing, dancing, designing costumes, and in her own words "always, always making people happy".

The team providing the talent:

Tom Gusway


Setup Requirements

DJ, stage/dance floor and cordless mich