John Wayne Impersonator Jeff Wayne Sutherland

Why book John Wayne Impersonator Jeff Wayne Sutherland?

A Top John Wayne Impersonator for the last 25 years now! I also do about 25 others! Like Clint Eastwood, Zorro, and so many more! I have all the Costumes and Guns hats and many other props. I love doing this work and it show when I am Performing..They all love the way that I put everything that I have into it! I also do Johnny Cash! But my all time best is my John Wayne..I won many awards and have many New Articles in the News Paper including The New York Times as Duke. I have my own TV Talk Show on Cable and did about 12 Movies. I also had my own Radio Show for many Years. I am a top MC and a Pro Speaker..I Love the USA and Show it in all my Shows.




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Booking Info

  • Typical Gig: 20 - 120 minutes
  • Fee: $400-$1,800 or 400 and UP
  • Languages: English
  • Unions: Old Gun Fighter Union


I mix and Mingle with All and MC and Make Sure that all came and had a very good time with me and my Shows...I love all and never have a bad day....I love Life and I Love the Duke and it Shows....If you love John Wayne and see Most of his many Movies you will not be Disappointed I do all that John Wayne Fans love to see the Walk and the Talk and lines from many Movies that we all love and know! You will love my Performance as the "Duke" John Wayne.......Thank you and remember God Bless America......Jeff Wayne Sutherland.

Additional Booking Notes

I can do just about anything that they may have me Do......Talk,Walk,Speak,and Act just like the Duke himself....I also have a TV Talk Show so I have over 4000 Movie and TV Stars Interviews all on Video Tape......I will do my 1st Book This Year. Jeff Wayne Sutherland.

John Wayne Impersonator Jeff Wayne Sutherland

I was born in 1955 name after Actor John Wayne My Dad favorite Movie was the 1952 Classic "The Quiet Man. So I was name Wayne..I was a very big baby just like Wayne himself 12 pounds at birth. I was always a big John Wayne Fan..I do the walk and the Talk and I am the right size and the Costume is exact like the ones that Duke wears in his many many Movies. I have been duke for about 25 years now! I know the Family and some of the Co-Stars that made the Movies with John Wayne.I Interview some of John Wayne Kids on my TV Talk Show Called "Jeff's Star Talk" Now on it 18 year on Cable TV....You can see many of them on my You Tube Channel Under Jeff Sutherland Actor or Under Jeff's Star Talk Show. I have been on Stage,Screen ,Radio and TV...I am 6 foot 3 and have brown Hair and Green Eyes. and I Weigh 235 pounds. Best Always Jeff Wayne Sutherland.

The team providing the talent:

JA Productions


Set List

I have many Costumes and Movie Props and Western Items to have on stage! If they need it! I can outfit many others in the Show with my Costumes and Stage Props........Jeff Wayne Sutherland.

Influences & Inspiration

It Was all of John Wayne Movies over the years....I live next to a Movie Theater in my Small Little Town....I never miss one of the Duke Many Movies..............I was Hooked.

Setup Requirements

A Mike and a CD Player and Stage