Iron Mercy

Why book Iron Mercy?

Iron Mercy is not just a Christian rock group, but also a music ministry.
Our #1 focus is Jesus Christ & through music , testimony & interaction with the fans before & after shows, we try to bring Jesus into the hearts to those who may not know him.
We will talk with you, laugh with you & pray with you.
We want people to know that we have "been there" in life & we want you to feel that you can talk to us about it & that you have found a friend in us.
God has given each of us gifts of music, love for the people, understanding, & testimonies & for the Glory of God we will share that with you.



AWESOME! Totally Rocked The House!

Iron Mercy was absolutely phenomenal! They rocked the house, and it was a true blessing to have them part of our event. We look forward to having them in the future. Really enjoyed the music and lyrics in the song. Can't get their songs out of my head! Book these guys! You will not be disappointed. Great men of God!

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Rocky G.
Organization: The Rock Cafe
Event: Concert Venue in Brooklyn, NY
Event Date: May 4, 2013
Hired As: Christian Band

All Glory To GOD!!!!!

This is my third time seeing Iron Mercy live and each time was a great experience!!! They are truly a group of men who are all about praising the Lord and presenting the Gospel. :-) I highly recommend going to.see them live.

Reviewer: Ashley L.
Event: Club/Nightclub in Indianapolis, IN
Event Date: Nov 10, 2012


Iron Mercy attended our outreach event,ALL T.O.G.E.T.H.E.R. Concert, in 2011 in Indianapolis,IN. They arrived early, performed their set, and stayed the WHOLE DAY to support the event and other performers. This group of guys and their family are devoted to God, their music and events/concerts where they perform. Since out first meeting, they have been to the Hip Hop Christian Connection in Indianapolis,IN twice. Their most recent performance was 11/10/12.Each time they have again arrived early, stayed the entire time and supported all other performers and ministries. Iron Mercy is a part of our family now! We love you guys and look forward to seeing you again!
If you are looking for genuine guys, Christians that Love serving the Lord, individuals that have a testimony and don't forget what God has brought them through, AND LOVE PLAYING MUSIC....You need to contact this band!!!!!

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Amber P.
Organization: Dark Servant Enterprise
Event: Concert Venue in Indianapolis, IN
Event Date: Nov 10, 2012
Hired As: Christian Band, Christian Band, Rock Band

It's all about Jesus, Baby!!!

Iron Mercy is an AMAZING band that rocks it for Christ!!! Not only do they use their musical gifts to glorify God, but during their concerts they also share testimony on how God is working in their lives and how they came to write the songs. I absolutely LOVE this group! There is such a Spirit of God that just flows to the audience~The lead singer, Tim Maupin shared the story of his life before Christ and to see this man perform with such a heart for Jesus is just AWESOME!

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Renae S.
Organization: Chapel
Event: Other in Laurel, IN
Event Date: Nov 11, 2012
Hired As: Christian Band

Awesome Band for God

We New Beginnings Christian Fellowship. Asked Iron mercy to come and play for our fall festival. They did awesome His testimony was unbeliavble. To God be the Glory.

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Joshua O.
Organization: New Beginnings Christian Fellowship
Event: Festival in Gibson City, IL
Event Date: Oct 20, 2012
Hired As: Christian Band, Christian Band

On fire for Christ!

Iron Mercy rocks! This band is great in engaging the croud, has great sound, great vocals and a great testimony! The songs were encouraging and uplifting and full of the message of hope.

Reviewer: Angie L.
Event: Holiday Party in Avon, IN
Event Date: Oct 13, 2012

Performed for youth fundraiser

What a great blessing to have been contacted by Tim of Iron Mercy. As the youth leader of our church I had to get groups to come play at our youth outreach programs fundraiser. Iron Mercy responded and with open hearts came to our event. They are amazing christians and have been blessed with talent and wonderful testimonies.They are so easy to work with and so willing to help. They stayed for the whole day and were available to talk, laugh, cry, pray and play music. Their interaction with everyone was the most amazing thing, young or old they held everyones attention. My family and I have been so blessed to hear this group of amazing people. Our church will be forever blessed because we have made new friend with all fo them. I am looking forward to working with them many more times. Thank you Iron Mercy for making our event spectacular.

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Tim H.
Organization: First Christian Church
Event: Fundraiser in Middletown, OH
Event Date: Sep 15, 2012
Hired As: Christian Band, Rock Band

Response from Iron Mercy:

Thank you.
It was a real blessing to meet you all & play at you event.
We hope to work with you again.
Call us anytime you need us.

i ove all you guys this is mikah be safe and play good

i hope you guy progress to get bigger and bigger so every body knows who you are

Reviewer: mikah c. h.
Event: Fair in Indianapolis, IN
Event Date: Aug 31, 2011

Review by Tony D.

I am the youth pastor at Memorial Heights Baptist Church in Cumberland Maryland... We booked Iron Mercy for our two day youth revival over the New Years holiday and I was very impressed. I didnt know what to expect because I havent put together an event like this before, but I would like to list several things that myself and my group of teens and leaders noticed that stood out about this band...
1.Their heart is for the Lord first and foremost!
This was displayed through their transparency and testimonies which they shared during their sets,free time which they interacted and talked with our teens,and the time we spent together apart from this event.
2. Their music is totally unique and personal to them which allows them to freely express it to others! Their music stems from their lives and testimonies and the ability they have to be open about that draws you into the music and not just the music but more importantly the lyrics!
3. Sound these guys have a ton of musical talent! though Iron Mercy is fairly new as a group the members of this band are no stranger to music and their talents are great whether it is the instruments being played or the vocal talents which give them a great sound...
4. Their concert sets have the ability to be engaging as many of the teens we up and active and able to enjoy and sing along with their songs after only hearing them one time.... Also the free give aways they offered showed they had a heart to minister to our group.
5. Tim has the most killer boots I have ever seen any one wear on stage. I feel as though we didnt just have a band come in but rather a group of new friends that ministered their hearts out!!!
May God bless this band and open many new doors for them to be out and about doing what they Love!!!! We will be needing some CD's soon as several people have been asking for them since our event a few weeks ago...

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Tony D.
Organization: Memorial Heights Baptist Church
Event: Holiday Party in Cumberland, MD
Event Date: Dec 30, 2011
Hired As: Christian Band

Review by frank a.

This group played at a fund raising event in Fairborn to help in raising money to support the COG children's home located in TN. They were well received and have a heart for ministry. I would recommend this group.

Pastor Frank Adkins
Covenant Christian Center
Franklin, Ohio

Reviewer: frank a.
Event: Fundraiser in Fairborn, OH
Event Date: Sep 25, 2010

Response from Iron Mercy:

Thanks Frank.
I wish it hadnt rained that day.
It was a blessing to meet everyone.

Review by Jackie T.

I've been fortunate enough to attend a couple of Iron Mercy's band practices and they're awesome. They're sincere in their love for Christ and they have amazing talent. Their own music is great and I believe the younger generations will find their music to be the type that they can really relate to. They're music isn't the traditional old-fashioned hymn type of music, yet it's not thrash metal and their lyrics are easily decipherable. They're able to hold my attention and are definitely a band I'd pay to hear play.

Reviewer: Jackie T.
Event: Private Party in Laurel, IN
Event Date: Oct 21, 2010

Response from Iron Mercy:

Thanks so much for the review.
Its always great to hear feedback from the fans.

Booking Info

  • Typical Gig: 30 - 60 minutes
  • Fee: $300 & up
  • Languages: English


Clean , fun, enjoyable music .
Friendly band members who interract with people before & after a show.
Band members who will talk with you & pray with you.
Band members who love to play music for God but are also human & have sense of humors & love to laugh & have fun.

Additional Booking Notes

We have most all we need to do a show.
If a show is after dark then the venue may need to provide lighting.

Upcoming Booked Events

05/25/14 Laurel, Ind.

Past Booked Events

05/04/13 Brooklyn New York
12/07/12 Deliverance House Of Prayer
11/29/12 New Castle, Ind.
11/11/12 Pastor appreciation. Laurel, Ind.
11/10/12 The Christian Hip Hop connection. Indianapolis, Ind.
10/20/12 Gibson City, Illinois
08/04/12 Teen Revival London, Ohio
08/03/12 Family Concert Indianapolis, Ind.
07/28/12 Bendon Higbie Annual Benefit Connersville, Ind.
05/27/12 Bike Rally Laurel, Ind.
05/26/12 Benefit Doug and Rod Lewis Andersonville, Ind
05/05/12 Laurel, Indiana
04/21/12 The Hip Hop Christian Connect Indianapolis, Ind
04/14/12 Kokomo, Ind. New Hope church os the Nazarene
03/16/12 Indy's Incredible Pizza Worship Night Indianapolis, Ind.
11/05/11 Napier and Smith Benefit Metamora, Ind.
10/22/11 Nehemiah's Ranch Avon, Ind.
10/15/11 Community Outreach Marysville, Ohio
10/09/11 Youth Rally Mt. Pisgah Baptist Church Shelbyville, Ind.
10/08/11 All Together Concert Indianapolis, Ind.
10/02/11 Youth Rally Plumb Creek Christian Church Rushville, Ind.
09/25/11 Cancer Society Fort Wayne, Ind
09/24/11 Nehemiah's Ranch Avon, Ind.
09/17/11 City Anniversary Festival 2 Shows in one day Jonesboro, Ind
09/10/11 Benefit Ride For Killed Veteran Versailles, Ind
09/10/11 Fayette County Cancer Society Connersville, Ind
09/04/11 Upland Festival Upland, Ind
08/28/11 Chapel Missionary Baptist Church Homecoming Laurel, Ind.
08/13/11 Fayette County Cancer Society Benefit Motorcycle ride and concert Connersville, Ind.
08/01/11 Fayette County Fair opening night Connersville, Ind.
07/23/11 Brendon Higbie Second annual Benefit Connersville, Ind.
07/09/11 Kentucky Speedway Ponderosa Campground right before the Nascar Sprint Cup Race
07/08/11 Kentucky Speedway Ponderosa Campgroung
05/14/11 The Battle For Christ Sweetwater Production Theater Fort Wayne, Indiana
05/07/11 Lizzyfest Benefit Noblesville, Indiana
12/31/10 Renew Youth. Cumberland, Maryland
12/30/10 Renew Youth. Cumberland, Maryland
12/04/10 THE 2:10 SHARPSVILLE, IN.
10/02/10 Harvest Music Festival. Fairborn, Oh.
08/22/10 Laurel Music Festival. laurel, Ind.
08/22/10 Chapel Missionary Baptist church homecoming. Laurel, Ind.
08/21/10 Laurel Music Festival. Laurel, Ind.
08/14/10 Elm Grove Baptist Church Homecoming. Elm Grove, Ind.
08/07/10 Rock The Creation Concert. Richmond, Ind.
07/24/10 Brendon Higbie benefit. Andersonville, Ind.
07/17/10 The Awakening. Connersville, Ind.

Iron Mercy

Iron Mercy is a music ministry because we do not just play music.
We will minister to people who want to hear about The Lord.
God is involved in every aspect of what we do.
We are a 3 member group who are not just musicians but most importantly, brothers in Christ.
Tim Maupin- Vocals & rhythm guitar.
Dave Belt-Drums.
Lawrence Steele- Bass.

We "keep it real" in what we do. We have personal testimonies & we share our testimonies at each show so people will know we have "been there" & also to show that we are here today because of the saving grace of Jesus.
We have been "on the other side of the fence" with drugs & alcohol & things of the world.
We have lived it , felt the concequences, & paid the price.
Jesus delivered us from it & we are here today to talk about it, tell you about it & to let you know that we understand & you can talk to us about your situation if you're in one.
Tim Maupin is a published author of a Christian book called Touches Of Grace that was published by Tate Publishing.
Touches Of Grace can be found at Barnes&Noble, or
Before forming Iron Mercy, Tim was also signed on to the Tate music label as a single artist & his Cd "Gifts" can also be found at Barnes&Noble , & & also on the Tate Music Group website.
Iron Mercy's music is original , & the meaning of each song can be backed up biblically.
We take our job for God very seriously.
A few years ago, Tim Maupin felt that God was leading him to do something "more" with the music.
For 8 months Tim & his wife Michelle prayed for God to give them the answer.
After 8 months of prayer it was decided that they were to form not just a Christian band but also a music ministry.
They made a personal promise to God that this is what they would do & if God would open the doors then they would walk through those doors. They promised God that they would do whatever it takes & would give up whatever it takes to do this for Him.
Iron Mercy was formed & "Do whatever it takes" has been our belief since day 1.
To show you our dedication, Tim was at a job making $1,500 a week & gave it up because it got in the way of this ministry.
We have been through the ditches & we have been on the mountains but no matter what comes our way, Iron Mercy WILL go on!!
We take our promise to God VERY seriously.
Before anyone was even officially auditioned for the band, they were all asked the same question " How much are you willing to give up for this music ministry? Because even if we lose everything, Iron Mercy will go on".
Each show is special to us because God opened that door for us & after each show we realize why God put us there.
We have made many friends along the way, we have talked, prayed, laughed & cried with people, & because of our testimonies people have felt a connection with us & talked with us about what they are going through & that gives us a chance to let them know that Jesus is there with them.
We are just people like anyone else who have been through the trials & tribulations in life. We are not ashamed to tell in our testimonies that we have done marijuana, cocaine, pills, & alcahol.
We tell people this so they will understand that we have "been there" but look at us now!!
Because of Jesus we are saved, clean of our addictions & alive!
We keep it real...
That is what Iron Mercy is all about.

The team providing the talent:

Tim Maupin

Vocals & Rhythm guitar

Lawrence Steel


Michelle Maupin

co- manager

Dave Belt


Set List

7 piece Tama drums with 6 Sabian cymbols, Fender mustang 5 amp head with a Behringer 4x12 cabinet, Alvarez electric guitar, Schecter omen 6 guitar, Fender rumble 350 amp head, Treynor cabinet, Jackson 5 string bass, 24 channel Behringer mixer, 16 channel Peavey mixer, Effects processor, 32 channel equalizer, Peavey 3,000 watt power amp, Behringer 4,000 watt amp, Behringer 3,000 watt amp, DBX drive rack system, Peavey TLS 4 speakers, JBL JRX 100 mains, Peavey 18 in. subs, mics, mic stands.

Influences & Inspiration

Kutless, Skillet, Red, Theocrocy, Demon Hunter,

Setup Requirements

lighting. stage. outlets


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