Hiral Henna

Why book Hiral Henna?

Hiral Henna consists of a team of henna artists based out of Ann
Arbor, Michigan but also serving the Metro Detroit and Chicago areas. Hiral has been doing henna for over 14 years and her mother, Bani has been doing henna her whole life. Our henna is the perfect addition for any event, party or private appointment!

We use 100% fresh and natural henna to give our customers the
best experience possible.

We do henna for:
* weddings
* bridal showers
* baby showers
* pregnant bellies
* corporate events
* fundraisers
* birthday parties
* graduation parties
* girls' nights
* private appointments

Let us make your henna dreams come true!



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Booking Info

  • Fee: $100/hour. Travel fees may apply.
  • Insurance:
  • Languages: English, Other


The experience of getting henna is a very relaxing one according to most people. It gives you a moment to pause from a busy lifestyle and forces you to relax and hold still while a Hiral Henna artist creates some beautiful art on your skin. If you follow the aftercare instructions given to you by your Hiral Henna artist, then that artwork should last on your skin for two weeks or longer.

Hiral Henna

We provide highly skilled henna artists with decades of experience under their belts. Our henna artists use freshly made all natural henna with ingredients that are safe enough to use on pregnant bellies and chemotherapy patients' heads.

Hiring a Hiral Henna artist at your party will without a doubt be the highlight of your event! Our artists do quick but beautiful work that will leave your guest remembering your event not just the next day, but for the next ten days!

The team providing the talent:

Hiral Shah


Bani Shah

Partner/Secondary Artist

Setup Requirements

Adequate lighting

Away from loud speakers

Small table for each Hiral Henna artist

Two chairs for each Hiral Henna artist