Head Over Heels

Why book Head Over Heels?

Add a little sizzle and spice to your next event with the Head Over Heels Performance Troupe! We feature exciting, jaw-dropping and empowering forms of dance & movement specializing in aerial dance and partner acrobatics. Give your event attendees an experience they will be talking about for years to come with your customized Head Over Heels performance booking!



Looking for wow factor? Look no further.

A remarkable display of athleticism and grace. Dakota and team brought outstanding entertainment to my event, and were wonderful to work with from start to finish: great communicators and self-sufficient set-up. Their artistry went beyond my expectations... incorporating multiple pole performers at once, and even initiating extra dancing (on top of agreed-upon hours). Talented, professional, and fun. What more could you want at your next party?

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Christina G.
Organization: Yelp
Event: Fundraiser in Raleigh, NC
Event Date: May 19, 2013
Hired As: Cabaret Entertainment, Dance Troupe, Dancer, Las Vegas Style Entertainment

Erotic Pole-etry Hired head over heels

This past year I contracted with Head over hills to be apart of my event "The Original Erotic Pole-etry" Poetry and Pole dancing event. They were a pleasure to work with. Talented, very helpful in getting things done. Love their enthusiam and go get it attitude. They will be apart EROTIC POLE-ETRY FOREVER...

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Church d.
Organization: Jablaze Enterprise
Event: Corporate Event in Raleigh, NC
Event Date: Sep 28, 2012
Hired As: Dance Troupe

Professional, Entertaining, Creative

I own a fine dining restaurant/piano bar on the coast of NC. Wanted to bring a new, fresh act for my patrons. I have been doing pole fitness for a couple of years & really wanted a professional troupe in to perform. I think I googled pole fitness in NC & HOH came up...I contacted Heather Fox & the rest is history. In Nov., it will be there 3rd performance this year...My guests asked me to have them back & to let them know so I have an e-mail list to notify them...Everyone was so impressed...They take the "stigma" away from the "pole." So glad I we found these amazing women athletes/performers/professionals!!!!

Reviewer: Libby E.
Event: Restaurant in Morehead City, NC
Event Date: Aug 11, 2012

Very Professional, Entertaining

HOH performed at my festival in Asheville, NC, in summer of 2012. Head Over Heels was very professional and entertaining. They had a great attitude, which in a festival with many artists and multiple venues is very important. They were flexible about their staging and placement in the show, and the material they presented was socially relevant, comedic, and athletically inspiring. I recommend their act highly for anyone needing aerials and pole arts entertainment!

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Onca L. O.
Organization: Future of Tradition Productions
Event: Festival in Asheville, NC
Event Date: May 27, 2012
Hired As: Aerialist

Booking Info

  • Typical Gig: 3 - 240 minutes
  • Fee: Contact for rates
  • Insurance:


Head Over Heels performances can be customized to your events' needs - from upbeat & athletic to classy & sultry or even cirque du soleil style performances! Audience members are always awed by the sheer athleticism of aerial dance & partner acrobatics... as well as the various artistic interpretations fused with it.

Additional Booking Notes

Below is a list of available performing apparatus' which Head Over Heels can bring to your event & utilize... additional equipment/set-up fees apply for all pole & aerial appartus'.

** Please provide specific venue performance space specs with booking request (ie: height, stage size, rigging points, etc)

Aerial Hammock or Sling (suspended from rigging point)
Aerial Silks or Fabric (suspended from rigging point)
Aerial Hoop or Lyra (suspended from rigging point)
Pole Dance (portable permanent dance stages)
"Lollipop" or Freestanding Lyra (portable freestanding stage)
Partner Acrobatics
Chair/Cabaret Dance
Shadow Screen (size 8ft x 8ft shadow screen)

Past Booked Events

11/16/13 Bistro By The Sea | Morehead City, NC
10/19/13 The Forbidden Retreat | Durham, NC
09/06/13 Pole Expo 2013 | Las Vegas, NV
08/03/13 Bistro by the Sea | Morehead City, NC
06/08/13 International Pole Fitness Convention | West Palm Beach, FL
05/19/13 Yelp!'s Billionaire Ball | Raleigh, NC
05/16/13 Odd Ones Out Showcase | Charlotte, NC
05/11/13 Atlantic Pole Sport Championship | Herndon, VA
05/04/13 Bistro by the Sea | Morehead City, NC
04/07/13 National Aerial Pole Art | Los Angeles, CA
02/23/13 Flight Club Dance Showcase | New York City, NC
02/16/13 Pole Fitness Showcase | Annapolis, MD
01/06/13 Pole Fitness Championship | Cary, NC
11/17/12 Bistro By the Sea | Morehead City, NC
10/13/12 Breast Cancer Fundraiser | Knoxville, TN

Head Over Heels

Head Over Heels seeks to have aerial dance & partner acrobatics brought mainstream as a fun, inspiring & creative performance art form. Head Over Heels is comprised of three principal members & a cast of supporting members who perform solo, group and doubles acts. HOH members have performed across the country including RAWArtists Showcase, ABSfest Asheville, Michigan Aerial Arts Showcase, International Pole Fitness Convention and America's Got Talent. We also perform locally in a variety of events including fashion shows, upscale restaurant entertainment, burlesque & variety shows, poetry events and more.

Our performances are customized to your events' specific needs ranging from featured solo and/or group performances... as dinner ambiance for an up-scale "taste of Vegas" experience... to a sexy backdrop to your fashion show with our shadow box dancing. Head Over Heels only accepts gigs from venues/events seeking to highlight our passion & vision for pole dance fitness - we are not strippers/exotic dancers for hire... we won't do it, so please don't ask.

The team providing the talent:

Dakota Fox

Principal Member / Manager

Set List

Solo performances, Group dance acts and Partner pole and acrobatic acts - featured performances or ambient entertainment

Sensual Cirque Theatre (featuring mix of pole dance, chair dance, aerial appartus, partner acro)

Setup Requirements

See equipment/apparatus available