Why book Forestpiper?

I am a lady bagpiper and I have been playing the Scottish bagpipes publicly since 2002. I live in Central Mississippi, where most of my events are located, but travel all over the state. I am available to play at your special event with short notice, depending on the event. Funerals, weddings, parades, memorials, golf tournaments, birthday parties and other public or private ceremonies are all a part of the events at which I play. I have even performed on stage on a cruise ship, a free offering most ship board tourists don't expect to receive. If you want to add that special touch to your event, why not consider the soul-stirring sound of the bagpipes?



A very gracious, talented and caring lady.

Zoe played at my wife's funeral on November 4, 2011. I could not have asked for anything more touching!

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: John Y.
Event: Funeral Service in Madison, MS
Event Date: Nov 4, 2012
Hired As: Bagpiper

Booking Info

  • Typical Gig: 10 - 60 minutes
  • Fee: $175 and up depending on event
  • Languages: English


Depending on the age of the audience, they can expect either playing tunes the entire time, or some dialogue between the audience and myself. If it is a performance at a school or library, there will be more monologue explaining the tunes, the instrument and the Scottish attire. If a funeral, the family can expect me to be there 30 minutes ahead of the service, whereby I will tune, locate the ideal place to stand, arrange the order of service with the Color Guard, if present, and map out the exact place I will play when I perform the retreat. I will be dressed in full kilted attire. If a lighter, more jovial event, I will work with the planners to make the tunes and overall experience the most pleasing possible. If a wedding, I will require a small deposit to hold the date on my planner, and will work with the bride/wedding planner to make sure my part of the ceremony goes without flaw. For a party, I can play no more than two hours which will include water breaks. The soul-stirring sound of the pipes will certainly add that special flair to your event.

Additional Booking Notes

Be reminded that weather and room temperature greatly affect the tuning of the instrument, so the timing of the performance in relation to the entire event duration, should be considered. It is possible that a separate area for tuning should be required. If I am asked to play at the beginning and end of a long event, I cannot guarantee that the tuning will hold past 30 minutes, but that is the norm for this instrument.

Upcoming Booked Events

04/20/14 Easter Cantata - Yazoo City
04/26/14 Memorial, Hattiesburg MS
05/03/14 Sontag - Douglas Reunion
05/15/14 Jackson Dept. of Wildlife Memorial

Past Booked Events

04/12/14 Starkville MS, Cotton District Fest.
04/05/14 Tartan Day, Long Beach MS
03/29/14 Celtic Festival, Starkville MS
03/17/14 Natchez St. Patrick's Day parade
03/08/14 Wedding, Wiggins MS
02/08/14 Funeral, Natchez MS
01/16/14 Funeral, Ridgeland MS
12/14/13 Wedding, Oxford MS
11/27/13 Funeral, Magee MS
11/23/13 Funeral, Amite County
11/06/13 Funeral, Jackson MS
10/31/13 Funeral, Flora MS
10/26/13 Dedication-Alabama
10/24/13 Funeral, Louisville MS
10/12/13 Memorial-Magee
10/12/13 Memorial-Jackson
10/08/13 Memorial-Jackson
10/03/13 Funeral, Madison MS
09/11/13 Memorial Svc. Jackson
09/07/13 Celtic Fest-Jackson
08/23/13 Funeral-Lauderdale County
08/19/13 Flowood-Funeral
08/10/13 Laurel - SCV event
07/07/13 Balmoral Piping School, Kansas
06/23/13 Newton, MS - Youth Rally
06/22/13 Newton, MS - Youth Rally
06/21/13 Newton, MS - Youth Rally
06/09/13 Hattiesburg, MS
06/01/13 Natchez Firefighter's Memorial
05/03/13 Brookhaven - Relay for Life event
04/28/13 Shady Grove - Funeral
04/14/13 Columbia, MS - Funeral
03/23/13 Wedding - Ridgeland, MS
03/15/13 St. Paddy's Event - Jackson
02/24/13 Greenville, MS - Funeral
02/22/13 Franklin County, MS - Demonstration
02/09/13 Funeral - Jackson
01/24/13 Funeral - Ethel MS
01/19/13 Wedding - Yazoo City MS
01/06/13 Bahamas - week of Piping Cruise
12/21/12 Funeral - Lake
12/17/12 Funeral - Forest
11/11/12 Gulfport, MS Highlands and Islands
11/10/12 Gulfport, MS Highlands and Islands
11/04/12 Funeral - Madison, MS
10/28/12 Greenwood Presbyterian
10/18/12 Forest Baptist Church
09/29/12 Fairview Inn, Jackson
09/28/12 Waynesboro MS Police Memorial
09/22/12 Vernal Presbyterian Church, Lucedale
09/11/12 St. Andrew's Cathedral, Jackson
09/08/12 Celtic Fest, Jackson MS
08/11/12 Sons of Confederate Veterans, Laurel MS
08/10/12 Forest Presbyterian Church
08/10/12 Canton Country Club
07/06/12 Madison MS - Private Party
07/04/12 Independence Day Gig - Lena
06/02/12 Ellisville MS
04/11/12 Funeral Service - Central MS
03/26/12 Forest MS
03/23/12 Cleveland, MS
03/17/12 St. Paddy Gig - Columbus
03/17/12 Hattiesburg MS
02/27/12 Forest MS
02/25/12 Brandon MS
02/21/12 Funeral - Oxford
01/28/12 Funeral - Jackson MS
12/14/11 Funeral - Jackson MS
11/23/11 Funeral - Newton MS
11/12/11 Gulf Coast
10/22/11 Homecoming Halftime - Jackson MS
10/13/11 Funeral Service - Central MS
09/29/11 Memorial Service - Central MS
09/23/11 Funeral Service - Central MS
09/12/11 9/11 Service - Central MS
09/11/11 9/11 Service - Central MS
09/08/11 Celtic Fest, Jackson MS
08/13/11 Festival - Central MS
08/06/11 Conference - Central MS
07/29/11 Funeral - Central MS
07/23/11 Neshoba Fair - Central MS
07/15/11 Funeral - Central MS
07/15/11 Funeral - Central MS
07/01/11 Funeral - Central MS
06/26/11 Memorial - Central MS
06/09/11 Funeral - Central MS
06/02/11 Funeral - Central MS
05/19/11 Memorial - Central MS
05/14/11 SCV Event - Taylorsville
04/25/11 Central MS - Funeral
04/05/11 Central MS - Funeral
03/30/11 Central MS - Funeral
03/17/11 St. Paddy Gig - N MS
02/11/11 Piping on Cruise
01/19/11 Central MS - Funeral


Great Highland Bagpiper located in Central MS that plays for weddings, funerals, parties, ceremonies, parades and memorials. I play traditional Celtic music as well as sacred and folk tunes.

Set List

I play a number of Scottish, Irish, some American, Sacred, Gospel and contemporary tunes as well as those heard at the various military events. Some children's tunes can also be performed. You can contact me directly for a detailed listing of tune titles.

Influences & Inspiration

Hearing the bagpipes at a young age peaked my interest for this magnificent instrument. Though I did not start playing until many years later, the Scottish music has reached down and grabbed a hold of my heart and spirit. I hope to convey that love in my performances.

Setup Requirements

No special equipment is required for the performance, unless a microphone is needed for the monologue that may be required at certain events.


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