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Why book Floriano Productions?

A full service entertainment company, we specialize in murder mysteries throughout Ohio and the country and we do them better than anyone else! We also have problem solving and team building exercises such as, "Survivor", "Corporate Family Feud" and "Movie Mania" where the teams make a commercial or short movie of their company and receive a free DVD of the final product at the end of the exercise!

So whether it's a corporate function, fundraiser for your group, birthday party, or barmitzvah, you've come to the right place! It doesn't matter if your group is right brain or left brain, everyone participates, and everyone has a great time! Give us a call, and find out what dozens of companies and groups have discovered!





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Booking Info

  • Fee: $1000-$5000

Whether you hire Floriano Productions or another Murder Mystery Event for your Cleveland event, we strongly recommend that all communication be kept on the Gig Salad booking platform as you book your Murder Mystery Event. When you do, we’re able to offer numerous benefits that we cannot guarantee if you take communication or deposit payment off the Gig Salad website. Our booking system is easy to use and handles secure deposit payments from you to the Cleveland Murder Mystery Event of your choice.

Be sure that the quote/agreement your Murder Mystery Event sends you outlines performance fees, travel fees, extras, arrival and departure times, cancellation policy, insurance information and other applicable details.

Floriano Productions

Floriano Productions was started by managing partner, Paul Floriano, in 1987, (has it been 22 years?!?), a professional actor and entrepreneur, to offer exciting and different entertainment options to corporate clients, non-profits, even friends and familly. His boss at SeaWorld Cleveland, encouraged him, noting the need for imaginative and different ways of training and entertaining his staff. From these humble beginnings, Floriano Productions now boasts a staff of dozens of the most talented actors, trainers and writers! We are the best in the business!

We offer the best murder mysteries in Ohio and throughout the country! A unique and innovative way for your company or organization to team build and problem solve! If you don't know much about murder mysteries, or have never seen one, read on!

Murder Mysteries are a dynamic, interactive exercise that promote communication and encourage employees to develop the best collective solution to a problem. And we've been doing murder mysteries in Cleveland, and all over Ohio since 1991. By working as teammates your employees will gain valuable insights into how to work together and win! Prizes are given to the team that solves the murder, and all participants grow in their ability to work positively with others.

Whether your murder mystery's right here in Cleveland, or anywhere in the country, our murder mysteries are staffed by the best improvisational actor/trainers. These murder mysteries require a great deal of interaction with the audience and it's impossible to predict what questions the teams are going to ask. The actors have to be quick on their feet -- and they are!

We use only authentic costumes and props from the period, for each mystery. If the story is set in the 1920s, you can bet our costumes are from that period. This helps to guarantee originality and authenticity.

We customize all of our productions to meet your company's needs. If you want more singing and jokes, we give it to you. Likewise, if we can't, we tell you that too. No company is right for every job, but we're right for most!

We have mysteries that deal with substantive workplace issues such as quality of pay, or harassment. If there's one that you want us to write, we'll do that too. Just ask. Originality is a strong suit of ours.

Which leads us to experience. When you contract Floriano Productions, you aren't hiring a company that is learning the ropes. You are hiring people who know the ropes and for whom experience, innovation, and imagination are the cornerstones of their business.

Want more information? Simply call 216.513.5305 to schedule a free consultation. If a mystery isn't what you want, just click here to view the many other exciting entertainment and training options we offer!

Setup Requirements

From a simple chair to full-blown stage and lighting, there are certain configurations and needs that many performers and service providers require in order to provide the best possible experience at your event. Get a free quote request to check with Floriano Productions to find out what their setup requirements are.

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