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Why book Dr. Eminizer?

i am a radio and television personality ("WPLP" in Pinellas Park & "WTMP" Tampa Florida Radio & "T.B.C.N." Tampa T.V.). A magician and psychic entertainer that loves shocking and awing people, performing my skills as a palm reader, mind reader, handwriting analyst, and fortune teller. Like a circus act (as "The Scarlet Gypsy"), i work person to person, face to face & eye to eye with the audience and guests. i am located in Tampa Florida and travel all around the world.


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Booking Info

  • Typical Gig: 120 - 240 minutes
  • Fee: $ 150.00 per/hr. and up.
  • Languages: English
  • Unions: Life Member Of The American Federation Of Astrologers, Association For Research And Enlightenment Inc.


DR. Eminizer is:

This "Magician" shocks and awes people with his ability to tell everyone how they think, speak and act.

His specialty is Handwriting Reading/analysis but his Intuitive ability makes him second to NONE. A smile and a sense of humor to entertain. He considers laughter the 3rd best doctor, any person can have.

Additional Booking Notes

i am also an Astrologer, and i can do THIS act, from a stage or center of a room, (i have my own microphone and loudspeaker, i can bring them, if You think i will need em).

Dr. Eminizer

Mon, May 30, 2011 7:30 pm. Hi Doctor, Just wanted to thank you for making my sister's birthday so special. It is unfortunate that her daughter and husband did not participate, but, she enjoyed the time she spent with you very much (both your performance and your personal chatting). She told me it is a day she will never forget, and, I believe that memory is just what she needs to help her through the rough times she so often experiences. THANKS AGAIN!!! Best Regards, Cindy
He is especially good with children from 7 yrs of age telling them things about themselves that they Love and need to hear but always being considerate of what to and what not to say according to the age appropriateness. Here is an observation of this particular expertise as witnessed by his beloved wife:

Let me relate some of my husband's interactions with children, that I have personally witnessed.

He was booked at the Davis Islands Garden Club as a palm reader, for an event which included children and their parents. I also attended.

He was set up on the back lawn with a table and chair. A lot of adults had their Handwriting read and the kids were running around playing on the lawn.

A couple came over with their son to have their writing read, not expecting their 6-year-old to want a reading; but when they were finished, he held his little hand out for a pen. And after getting the parent's permission, my "People Whisperer" gave him a reading.

The parents were beaming! He told the little boy about his strengths and weaknesses and how to over come the weaknesses, explained how important it was to listen to his parents, and why they sometimes had to say no to his wishes. And then he went over the possible careers that might suit the child when he grew up, based on his personality. As the little boy was getting very excited about all of these possibilities, my husband got very serious and said, "There is only one thing that can prevent these wonderful things from happening." And me, and the parents, and the little boy all held our breath. Then he told him, "None of these things will be possible if you do drugs (and that includes alcohol)." He added, "But you are so smart, I believe that you can avoid those obstacles, that will try to tempt and hold you back."

Needless-to-say, the parents were very grateful for his advice and soon after, all of the other parents were bringing their kids down to get a reading from Scarlet Gypsy. It was just great!

The most amazing interaction I have ever seen between my husband and a child was when he was working at the Hospital at the same time that I was. He and I would meet on the Rehab Deck to have a cigarette on our breaks.

One afternoon, a Rehab nurse had brought an autistic boy (about 7 years old, in a wheel chair) to the deck for some fresh air. They sat at our table and the nurse explained the boy had never said a word in his life.

My husband said, "Hey Buddy," to him. Of course he said nothing in response, but he kept looking at my husband. There was a pack of cigarettes laying on the table and the boy started staring at them. My husband said, "You want those don't you?" The little boy said, "Yes."

At which point, the nurse's jaw dropped open. And my husband explained to the boy how bad cigarettes would be for his health.

The boy looked at my husband as if he totally understood. But he didn't say anything else.

I could tell you about other interactions he has had with children, through parties and personal encounters, that are just as amazing and beautiful.
Regards - Dr. Shane Eminizer's wife, Susi:-)
TV & RADIO SHOW HOST - Dr. Shane has given readings on radio and television shows (both as a guest and on his own 7 yr run tv show on "TBCN" Public access [Tampa Florida], and his own 6 month run radio show on "WPLP" [Pinellas Park, Florida]), in which guests call in and he gives Astrology readings to them live over the air. ****************************************************************************************************************
OTHER VENUES - In addition to being a private reader he can also be found Entertaining at Fund raisers and parties, at a table or on a stage, tv, or radio show. As well as lecturing on the sciences of various "Super Natural" (= Meta-Physics which are subjects beyond the comprehension of modern day scientists who study "Physics" which is that which is perceivable by any of the 5 highly limited senses), subjects such as Religion, UFO's, Psychic readings, Psychic Stuff, etc.
AS TEACHER & TUTOR - He can also tutor students in the art of Meditation to get better scores on tests at school and for employees to be more effective in the work place. As well as to improve every other area of life. Tutoring also in Astrology, Numerology.
AS AN AUTHOR - He wrote a book entitled "CHANGE YOUR LIFE COMPLETELY AND FOREVER" under the pseudonym of *Ang-EL* which teaches his own special fortune telling techniques.

Set List

i have 22 costumed characters, that i can come as, to match Your event's theme, (or to match the season).

Influences & Inspiration

i am a one of a kind, an innovator, doing my own thing, like nobody else.

Setup Requirements

A high top table with a bar stool


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