Connie Ruth Christiansen, Author/Speaker

Why book Connie Ruth Christiansen, Author/Speaker?

Connie Ruth Christiansen is a gifted public speaker and an excellent teacher who speaks and writes from the heart. Her stories will delight you! You will laugh, you will cry, you will believe that anything is possible!

Connie offers thought provoking words of wisdom gained from her many years of knowing God and studying His Word; and from lessons learned by fighting life's battles.

Her new book Thank You 1095-Take The Thank You Challenge!, offers readers the opportunity to experience one of those life-lessons; to experience the Power of a Thankful Heart!

Invite Connie to speak at your event. You will be enlightened, uplifted, encouraged, and equipped with powerful spiritual tools.




Confident Speaker

I have had the privilege of hearing Ms. Connie speak on many occasion's and from my personal experience I can say that when she is in front of a group of people the way she present's herself demands your attention. Ms. Connie has a distinct aire of confidence in her mannerisim that you cannot help but respect; she speaks in a way that you feel not only she is speaking to the group but also to you individually. Its been a while since I have heard her speak and I can still recall what she said on several different subject's to me that is the mark of a very talented public speaker.

Reviewer: Eliica H.
Event: Seminar in Portland, OR
Event Date: Oct 7, 2010

Great Mentor

I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Connie for the past two years. During that time, I have had numerous opportunities to observe her teaching. Connie challenges and inspires her students to be strong, compassionate medical assistants, and helps them work through many life challenges.
Connie has been my mentor and a dear friend; and my life has been greatly enriched by knowing her.

Reviewer: Deb L. J.
Event: Workshop in Beaverton, OR
Event Date: Jan 13, 2012

Inspired daily

For eight months I was honored to be a student in Ms. Christiansen class. Daily I was felt inspired and my spirit was uplifted. Ms. Christiansen turned every lecture to inspirational experience. She taught us all of the essential tools we needed to be a outstanding professional. We learned how to stand by our vaules, beliefs and morals. She taught us how our attitude is choice and the importance of adjusting to every environment to be successful. I enrolled in college expecting to learn about the medica field, yet I learned one of lifes most important lessons how to be a passionate, confident, inspiring well rounded professional. I am forever greatful fo all of the lessons I learned daily.

Reviewer: Macque L.
Event: Seminar in Portland, OR
Event Date: Feb 3, 2011

Positive and Personal

I had the privilege of hearing Connie Christiansen speak several years ago at my church. As a confident speaker she delivered a message of encouragement. She shared personal stories and life lessons which were entertaining and relevant to her point. Connie left the audience with a personal challenge to reflect on our own experiences and gave us tools on how to move forward.

Reviewer: Janna M.
Event: Seminar in Clackamas, OR
Event Date: Aug 17, 2008

2010 Speaker at Commencement - Pioneer Pacific College

Connie brings a warm, "one on one" feeling when she speaks to large groups. Before more than 1400 graduates and their family members, Connie encouraged everyone to believe in their hopes and dreams for a brighter future. Her delivery invoked thought with humor, and engaged the entire group of graduates throughout her presentation.

I'm inspired by Connie Ruth Christiansen's enthusiasm. She encourages me reach for a purpose. I'm reminded of what I'm grateful for, and excited to reach for the desires God has placed in my heart. There is not challenge too big. There is no heart ache too deep. And there is always something to laugh about. Connie is a fabulous speaker, that I'm honored to recommend.

Jennifer Schilling,
Medical Program Director
Pioneer Pacific College

Reviewer: Jennifer M. S.
Event: Graduation in Portland, OR
Event Date: May 8, 2010

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Large auditorium or intimate fireside group, men, women and children, Connie relates to her audience in a manner which makes each person feel personally encouraged, challenged, and motivated. She delights her listeners with stories and good natured humor; her words of wisdom stay within the heart and mind long after the event has ended.

Read what students, event attendees, and colleagues are saying about Connie:

"Connie is an inspiration. Her words bring life to those around her. She is a woman full of love for everyone who crosses her path."
~ J. Schilling, Teaching Colleague

"Connie has an exceptional ability to teach.She teaches self-confidence, purpose and direction." ~ J. Huber, Dean of Students

"Connie is a wonderful teacher!!! She makes learning fun." ~ No name given, Former Student

"Connie has a natural ability to relate to her students in a very down to earth manner." ~ D. Hallett, College President

“Connie is a speaker who draws us in immediately. What she shares from her innermost being connects to our own lives, emotions, and circumstances. She shares in such a way that we feel loved, accepted and included in God's purposes.” ~ Marijo M., Conference Attendee

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Connie Ruth Christiansen, Author/Speaker

Read What People Are Saying About Connie:

“Connie is a speaker who draws us in immediately. What she shares from her innermost being connects to our own lives, emotions, and circumstances. She shares in such a way that we feel loved, accepted and included in God's purposes.”
~ Mari M., Conference Attendee

"Connie, you are such an amazing teacher!. You have helped me learn things about myself that no one else has! Thank you for that!" ~ A. K., Former Student

"Connie's words bring life to those around her. She is a woman full of love for everyone who crosses her path."
~ J. Schilling, Teaching Colleague

"I loved this class! Enjoyed your cheery personality." ~ No name given, Lecture Attendee

“Connie is a gifted motivational speaker who uses power, truth and conviction as a cornerstone for captivating an audience. She adds richness of character and good natured humor to build the perfect stage to give the gift of her message to her audience."
~ J. Jacobs, Teaching Colleague

“With clarity and practicality Connie reveals keys for identifying barriers to confidence. She reminds us that we are precious gifts of God to our world, and offers her listeners insight to overcoming obstacles, and to living beyond fear.”
~ R. Sandu, Event Attendee

"Connie knows her stuff, and she is open and honest." ~ No name given, Former Student

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