Bil Lepp

Why book Bil Lepp?

Bil Lepp did a program for Comedy Central in March of 2012. Don't miss your chance to book him before he goes viral. An internationally known humorist, five time champ of the West Virginia Liars' contest, award winning author and recording artist, Bil's shows are hilarious examples of how bad ideas can turn into great success. Similar to Bill Cosby and Jeanne Robertson, Lepp’s versatile, clean style gives him the flexibility to present keynotes, concerts, or workshops to a wide variety of people. Bil has worked for The Nature Conservancy, The Cleveland Museum of Art, The Smithsonian and many other organizations. His albums are best sellers and editor's picks on



Review by Kristi W.

Bil provided two shows for us - one for college students and one for local alumni/community members. He adapted his show well for both audiences. He is simply hilarious. One never knows how the anecdotes will tie together, but in the end, they always do and in such a comedic way. Bil's style is low-maintenance and laid-back. He was a pleasure to work with and we all enjoyed his presentations very much. We will definitely invite him back!

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Kristi W.
Organization: West Virginia Wesleyan College
Event: Private Party in Buckhannon, WV
Event Date: Aug 31, 2010
Hired As: Comedian, Arts/Entertainment Speaker

Review by Vickie M.

I had heard about Bil through the Vandalia Gathering. The good things I read about his humor did not prepare me for how funny and entertaining he is. We received great reviews from attendees and would not hesitate to have him come again.

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Vickie M.
Event: Seminar in Walkersville, WV
Event Date: Jun 16, 2010
Hired As: Stand-Up Comedian

Review by Anne G.

Bil was a hit at our Performing Arts Festival last summer. He appeared on our Family Stage and easily drew some of the largest audiences during the Festival. Bil's tales are crafty, witty, hilarious. His style is easy-going and relaxed. After two performances at the Festival I regretted not scheduling two more and I wish we could have him in our line-up annually.

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Anne G.
Organization: Sweet Pea Festival
Event: Festival in Bozeman, MT
Event Date: Aug 7, 2010
Hired As: Arts/Entertainment Speaker

Review by Rev. M. J. D.

Laughter is such a precious gift these days! Bil gave a great gift of joy to our multi-generational gathering. I highly recommend him for gatherings. People's spirits will be lifted.

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Rev. M. J. D.
Organization: Statesville District Superintendent
Event: Christmas Party in Statesville, NC
Event Date: Nov 29, 2010
Hired As: Comedian

Booking Info

  • Typical Gig: 30 - 90 minutes
  • Fee: $3000-5000
  • Languages: English


Audiences will come away from Bil Lepp's performance absolutely pleased. One audience memeber recently commented that Bil's show was better than botox.

People who hire Bil are completely satisfied by his professionalism, programs, and his easy going manner.

Additional Booking Notes

I need a microphone on a stand, and water.

Past Booked Events

03/16/12 Mariposa, CA
03/15/12 Mariposa, CA
03/14/12 Mariposa, CA
03/13/12 Mariposa, CA
03/12/12 Mariposa, CA
03/11/12 Mariposa, CA
03/10/12 Mariposa, CA
03/09/12 Mariposa, CA
03/08/12 Mariposa, CA
03/07/12 Comedy Central Stage at the Hudson
03/04/12 Azelia Festival, La Grange, GA
03/03/12 Azelia Festival, La Grange, GA
03/02/12 Azelia Festival, La Grange, GA
02/25/12 Pocahontas Opry House, Marlinton, WV
02/22/12 Rehobeth Beach, RI
02/12/12 Mid-winter Conference, Orem, UT
02/11/12 Mid-winter Conference, Orem, UT
02/10/12 Mid-winter Conference, Orem, UT
02/09/12 Mid-winter Conference, Orem, UT
02/08/12 Mid-winter Conference, Orem, UT
02/07/12 Mid-winter Conference, Orem, UT
02/06/12 Mid-winter Conference, Orem, UT
02/05/12 Mid-winter Conference, Orem, UT
02/04/12 Mid-winter Conference, Orem, UT
01/31/12 East Georgia College, Swainsboro
01/28/12 Pike Piddler's, Troy, AL
01/27/12 Pike Piddler's, Troy, AL

Bil Lepp

“He’s terrific…fantastic. He’s a good one.” — Michael Feldman, Whad’ya Know

A professional humorist and public speaker for over two decades, Bil Lepp has been compared to Mark Twain, Bill Cosby, Bob Newhart and Jeff Foxworthy. Lepp has the insight, wit and delivery to live up to those comparisons. He was inducted into the National Storytelling Assoc.'s Circle of Excellence in 2011.

Like Bill Cosby or Jeanne Robertson, Bil's presentations are often based on real life experiences that have been exagerated into hilarious narratives about life. I do roughly 200 presentations a year at festivals, conventions, clubs, theaters, schools, colleges, universities, churches and for corperations. I present programs to adults, college students, and in elementary through high schools. Recently I have worked for the Nature Conservancy, The Cleveland Museum of Art, Colonial Williamsburg, and West Virginia University, as well as other organizations.

I have published three books of stories, one novel, nine CDs, and a DVD. My media has won awards from the Public Librarians Assoc., Parents’ Choice Foundation, and the National Parenting Publications Assoc. I am a full voting member of The Recording Academy, and I have a children’s picture book under contract with Peachtree Publishers.

I have been featured on or interviewed for “All Things Considered,” “Michael Feldman’s Whad’ya Know,” “Inside Appalachia,” and Sirius Radio Kid’s Place Live. Magazines as diverse as Guns & Garden, The Christian Century, and Cooking with Paula Dean have seen to mention me in form or another over the two few years.

I am a versatile speaker and do anything from straight entertainment to keynotes to workshops. I can also do children’s programs.


2011 National Storytelling Network Circle of Excellence Award
2010 Parents’ Choice Silver Award – Vampire Santa
2009 Parents’ Choice Approved Award Winner – King of Little Things
2008 NAPPA Honors Award- Mayhem Dressed Like an Eight Point Buck
2008 Storytelling World Award Honors – Teacher & The Divine Bovine
2006 Parents’ Choice Approved Award Winner – Teacher in the Patriotic Bathing Suit
2000 Storytelling World Award – The Monster Stick
2000 PLA/ALLS Best New Books for New Adult Readers – The Monster Stick
Five time champion – WV Liars Contest (1992, 1996-1999)
First Place- National Storytelling Contest, Hillsboro, Ohio 1999
1985 Eagle Scout

Selected Appearances:

National Storytelling Festival, TN
Smithsonian Folk Life Festival, Washington, DC
Indian Summer Storytelling Festival, Vernal, UT
Cave Run Storytelling Festival, Morehead, KY
Southern Ohio Storytelling Festival
Three Rivers Storytelling Festival, Pittsburgh, PA
Ojai Storytelling Festival, CA
Pigeon Forge Storytelling Festival, TN
Kansas Storytelling Festival, KS
Four Corners Storytelling Festival, NM
WV State Parks
Timpanogos Storytelling Festival, Orem, UT
Patchwork Storytelling Festival, SC
Dogwood Festival, Dowagiac, MI
Laurinburg Storytelling Festival, NC
Sierra Storytelling Festival, Nevada City, CA
Selma Storytelling Festival, AL
Athens Storytelling Festival, AL
Brandywine Storytelling Festival, DE
Frisco Storytelling Festival, TX
Stitching Stars Festival, Athens, GA
Mariposa Storytelling Festival, CA
Akron Storytelling Festival, OH
Ocala Storytelling Festival, FL
Louisiana Library Tour, LA
Winter Tales, Oklahoma City, OK
Schaumburg Prairie Center for the Arts Storytelling Festival, IL
St. Louis Storytelling Festival
Buffalo Commons Storytelling Festival, McCook NE
Hoosier Storytelling Festival, Indianapolis, IN
Arkansas Storytelling Festival, Degray Resort, AR
Tapestry of Tales, Portland, OR
Florida Story Camp
Stories by Sea, Malibu, CA
Smithsonian to the Mountains Tour
Smokey River Festival, KS
Storytelling Festival by the Sea, Trinidad, CA
Michigan Storytelling Festival, MI
Bristol Storytelling Festival, IN
Bay Area Storytelling Festival, San Francisco, CA
Washington Storyteller’s Theater, DC
George West Storytelling Festival, TX



■Seeing is Believing, stories by Bil Lepp: Life Stories Productions, Atlanta, GA. 2009

■Claude Dolin – It Never Leaves Me- A True Story of WWII, story performed by Bil Lepp: BuckDog Records, Charleston, WV. 2011.
■Diablo – or How I met My Wife, stories by Bil Lepp: Quarrier Press, Charleston, WV. 2011.
■Vampire Santa, stories by Bil Lepp: Quarrier Press, Charleston, WV. 2010.
■Fire! Fire! Pants on Liar!, stories by Bil Lepp: Quarrier Press, Charleston, WV. 2008.
■The King of Little Things, stories by Bil Lepp: Quarrier Press, Charleston, WV. 2008.
■Punching the Lard, stories by Bil Lepp: Buck-Dog Records, Charleston, WV. 2007.
■The Great Rope Swing Misadventure, stories by Bil Lepp: Quarrier Press, Charleston, WV. 2006.
■The Divine Bovine, stories by Bil Lepp: Quarrier Press, Charleston, WV. 2005.
■The Teacher in the Patriotic Bathing Suit, stories by Bil Lepp: Quarrier Press, Charleston, WV. 2005.
■Mayhem Dressed as an Eight Point Buck, stories by Bil Lepp: Quarrier Press, Charleston, WV. 2003.
■Buck Meets the Monster Stick, stories by Bil and Paul Lepp: August House Publishers, Little Rock, AR. 2001.

■King of Little Things, children’s book under contract with Peachtree Publishers, Atlanta. 2012.
■Halfdollar, a novel, by Bil Lepp: Quarrier Press, Charleston, WV. October, 2008.
■The Armadillo Recon Unit, by Bil Lepp: Quarrier Press, Charleston, WV. 2004.
■Inept: Impaired: Overwhelmed, by Bil Lepp: Quarrier Press, Charleston, WV. 2002. Now in its 3rd printing.
■The Monster Stick and Other Appalachian Tall-Tales, by Paul and Bil Lepp: August House Publishers, Little Rock, AR. 1999. Now in its 4th printing.

“Lepp is a side-splitting fun man.” The Smithsonian Center for Folklife

The team providing the talent:

Paula Lepp


Set List

I can present shows with multiple presentations for up to two hours.

Influences & Inspiration

Bill Cosby, Mark Twain, Jeanne Robertson, Bob Newhart, Jeff Foxworthy, Bill Harley, Donald Davis, Carmen Deedy, Arlo Guthrie, Steve Martin

Setup Requirements

Microphone on a stand


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