Amazing Jeffo: Not Your Typical Blind Magician

Why book Amazing Jeffo: Not Your Typical Blind Magician?

Magic shows, featuring the extraordinary magician, Amazing Jeffo, captures the imagination of all ages. His engaging blend of magic, music and comedy entertains, educates and inspires. Through his performances Amazing Jeffo helps his audience become aware that everyone has a place in the world, and that our talents, abilities and unique perspectives can be offered to others.

Jeffos messages and approach are adaptable to all groups within the church body, including adult, pre-school, school-age, middle and high school.

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Amazing Jeffo: Not Your Typical Blind Magician

Jeffrey Smith is a magician who happens to be blind. He refers to himself as, "not your typical blind magician." It is an unusual combination for an entertainer, yet it has helped him not only excel as a magician, but also to deliver an important message. Amazing Jeffo uses magic, mixed with a healthy dose of comedy, to educate his audiences about the abilities, rather than the disabilities, of blind and physically challenged people, and to promote a respect and appreciation of all of our differences.

Amazing Jeffo has performed 3000 shows throughout the midwest for groups such as, the Marsh, Center for Balance & Fitness, the University of Minnesota, 3M, St. Paul Companies, and the IRS.

Jeff Smith became very intrigued with magic as a child after reading a book about Houdini, and played around with it as a young boy. But the combination of rheumatoid arthritis and iritis that caused his blindness at age 15, also caused him to put his interest in magic aside.

After graduating from the U of M with a degree in advertising journalism, employment opportunities to "do something that really matters" did not present themselves. In 1993, Jeff decided to create his own opportunities and began sharing his insights through magic. He booked 125 performances that first year, and has progressed steadily ever since, doubling his annual bookings. Jeff also teaches classes in magic and harmonica.

Through his magic, music, and humor, Amazing Jeffo demonstrates that one need not possess sight to have vision. He will open your eyes by sharing his vision as well as TEACHING US ABOUT life AND about OURSELVES. Equally important is the lesson he teaches us. His performance reflects his belief that the most disabling thing in our lives, is the thing we can do the most about - our attitude.

Jeffo uses magic, mixed with a healthy dose of comedy to educate and entertain his audiences through many different shows and classes.

School Magic Shows:
Out of his hat, Amazing Jeffo pulls captivating magic and fresh surprises, sure to mesmerize your students!

This blind magician inspires students to see their own abilities. As they laugh their socks off, they'll be learning about disabilities, gaining appreciation for reading, and building respect for themselves and others.

Through magic, music and humor, Amazing Jeffo demonstrates to students how to maximize their talents for greater achievement.

His highly visual magic compliments a message that encourages a positive attitude towards life, leading to good character development.

In addition to stage magic, I offer strolling magic for family nights, carnivals, fairs, open houses, and fund raisers.

Shows are tailored to pre-school, elementary, junior and senior high school ages. Appropriate for all ages!

Magic Shows for Churches:
Audiences are enlightened by not only what they hear but what they see as trick after trick illustrates how we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. All ages are engaged as they see flawless feats of illusion and sleights-of-hand performed by an illusionist with crooked fingers, the result of severe Rheumatoid Arthritis. Moreover, audiences laugh their socks off listening to scores of jokes and funny ad libs from this special illusionist who began his magic career with a chronic speech condition in the form of stuttering, which miraculously disappeared after starting as the Amazing Jeffo. "I learned to rely more on God's strength alone," says Jeffo.

Jeffo's warmth and openness, combined with a lighter style and gentle approach with volunteers, disarms and helps reinforce biblical truths which he weaves throughout the performance. His skill on the harmonica adds color and depth to the show, playing popular worship songs and favorite hymns. Jeffo's inspiring message helps occasional attenders feel comfortable and more

Corporate Entertainment:
Jeffo's corporate shows are motivational as well as entertaining. He has performed for audiences at St. Paul Saints games, the Minnesota Zoo, Deluxe Check Company, FDA, Army corp of Engineers, IRS, USDA, 3M, Metro Council, VA, and many others.

Birthday Parties:
Amazing Jeffo, a magician who happens to be blind, will keep the party-goers attention throughout the show. His special blend of magic, music, stories, stunts, gags and more engage all and leave your audience members wanting more! Not only will they be amazed by the tricks but will be in wonder as to how someone without eyesight can pull the wool over their eyes!

Entertaining an audience comes so easily to Amazing Jeffo; he can do it with his eyes closed. Volunteers are called up throughout the show and help Jeffo do the tricks, including special tricks reserved for the birthday person. All ages naturally relate to Jeffo because of his playful manner and easy-going charisma. "I think kids feel a natural bond with me for many reasons: my modest stature and appearance of vulnerability, my difficulty, of course, with the printed word, my sometimes silly behavior around adults, my inability to drive," says Jeffo.

Create a birthday memory to last a lifetime. Initially, the audience is wowed by the magic and laugh their socks off at the jokes but they also leave with a valuable life lesson: through Jeffo's gentle and disarming approach they'll "accidentally" learn about the ability of people to overcome challenges in their lives. Their eyes will be opened to the concept of people's differences - all done in an entertaining style.

Special Events:
Jeffo provides great entertainment at parties and special events for both adults and children. He is able to customize his shows to fit any and all types of events.

Magic Classes:
Students will develop public speaking skills and self-confidence as well as learn some really cool magic tricks in "Discover the Secrets of Magic I & II".

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