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Why book Fire Dancers

Watch out, these guys and girls are HOT! We’re not referring to their looks, although that may be true, too. No, we mean these dancers are ON FIRE! And not just in the sense that they are immensely talented, although again, that is true. What we mean is... there is literally fire and a lot of hot-ness involved in these performances. Hiring a fire dancer is a great way to turn your party into the scorching hot social event of the year! From flame throwing to poi dancing, fire dancers are a great way to light up any event.

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About Booking Fire Dancers

When hiring fire dancers and entertainers, a variety of options are available to astound and astonish the guests at your festival, fair, corporate party, or special event. Fire dancers are an especially great choice for beach parties and Hawaiian themed events. Gig Salad will help connect you with local fire performers and fire dancers to help add that special spark to make your event a success.

There are a few things you should keep in mind as you hire a fire dancer. First, find a fire dancer who specializes in the area of dance you want for your event. Do you want someone that performs poi dancing or someone that does tricks like fire eating or flame throwing? Please note: Fire tricks are dangerous, and there is always the risk of an accident. Another very important thing is to pay attention to detail in the contract. Inquire about liability and insurance. Ask about specifics: Will the fire dancers need a special type of floor to dance or perform on? How much area is needed? Last, be sure to ask for pictures and video of the fire performer's past performances. Also, read reviews and get references from past clients. You want to be sure you book the best for your special event.